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  1. Nothing will ever make up for the injustice that Gus and our club was served over the Maynard incident. Kosi deserves a week in the current climate and it takes nothing away from the rage that still burns inside all of us for Maynard, Collingwood and the AFL. Kosi has missed too many games for too many poor choices. He is a match winner and his absence from games is incredibly costly. I hope he learns and I hope he doesn’t ever have to meet the MRO again.
  2. You can do what you want but if you make contact to the head you are [censored]
  3. Turner is more likely to replace Lever or Howes if either are injured or need a break
  4. He was a very disinterested Richmond supporter when we met, but now he's definitely a Dees man (it was my dad's only condition for marriage haha). You know he gets it though when ANB is his favourite player, and has been since 2021! But to be fair, hating Essendon and Collingwood (and Carlton) was ingrained in him from childhood by his Richmond mad dad and his Hawthorn mad mum.
  5. I also cannot see how we downgrade Kosi’s charge in the current environment and I’m comfortable with him missing a week, independently of what else has happened this year. He has to know that he’s now going to be looked at closely as someone with a history and he needs to be exceptionally careful.
  6. Do they know how old George is? He appears the same size as Lever’s son who is a good two years older. That kid is gonna be a giant. Fear not.
  7. Yeah and they scored 112 points against North. Our average points for are still higher than theirs without playing one of the worst sides in the history of football.
  8. We’ve kicked 100 more points than them this season and we are apparently boring? What does that say about them?
  9. I’m convinced Shane McAdams is growing a new hamstring in a lab What sort of shocking condition did he come in from Adelaide where he was managed by Burgess?
  10. My husband got offered free corporate box seats for the ANZAC game through a client, and was like “there’s not enough free alcohol in the world that will make me want to go to watch Essendon and Collingwood play on my day off” 😂
  11. And then we wonder how in 2024 Kosi and other Indigenous players are still being racially targeted. This is how. I want to see the article that this so called footy website wrote about Maynard. Sick and tired of our club being dragged through the mud at every chance by every god damn halfwit in the media.
  12. If Fogarty only got a week Kosi should get downgraded to a fine. But we know that won’t happen.
  13. Pies have a bye then Port and Essendon on ANZAC day. Hope they get smashed by both.
  14. I want to watch Pies lose, but I can’t bring myself to watch the game because they’ll probably win. There is a total Magpie ban in this household. Even the dog hates the bastards.
  15. Collingwood: “DON’T BOO GINNI HE’S FRAGILE” Also Collingwood
  16. Yep. I saw and reported a few comments on Instagram Humanity is trash
  17. There is no team that is more St Kilda than St Kilda
  18. He also said Kosi was gone. He says a lot of [censored].
  19. Mods please remove this post before Peter Bell reads it
  20. 19 clearances? [censored] that is insane
  21. Can those old legs carry them through such a long season? I pray to god it’s a no.
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