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  1. Never again will i refer to a team as full of pensioners i.e Geelong . Anyone who suggest Grundy's age will be a problem is kidding themselves.
  2. I would take a chance on an Irish "stab in the dark player". Imagine if you ended up with another Shaun Wright.
  3. We might be able to get a second rounder for Bedford plus our 3Rd rounder. Whereby we wouldn't get anything for Chandler. That's not to say Chandler won't become a decent player.
  4. Would like to see Rivers trained up as a mid.
  5. The Dees were bad for so long , half decent players want success . Winning one flag doesn't change peoples perception of the club.We need to become a dynasty by winning flag after flag . Goody's inability to change or game style and players position i.e Petty forward after r11 and r12 losses to Freo and Swans. The club had plenty of time to find/manufacture another T.Mac via Casey.Jackson could have been tried as a wingwan, other clubs have worked us out. Rewarding Casey players was few and far between.
  6. Goody wouldn't think about putting Salem to the wing , preference would be forward . If Jackson stays he should play wing. Schwarz became a winger and he was 196 cm tall. I think the re-signing of Brayshaw might have been a mistake as we have plenty of players like him , besides he would be good trade value . Sometimes you have to let good players go , the Hawks did it with Buddy and they won 3 premierships in a row.
  7. If Jackson stays, I would like to see him play as a winger opposite side to Langdon. Schwarz ended up as a winger, he was 196 cm from memory. Perhaps Weid could become a ruck/forward type of player only if we don't get Grundy otherwise we should delist. Players who hold out on contact signing should be dropped. Petty needs to play as a forward next year along side JVR which includes T.Mac. Players who lose form need to be dropped no matter who they are ! Players doing well for Casey need to be rewarded not overlooked.
  8. What ever the changes are , we need to find away to win matches on the MCG .
  9. We should have blooded via Casey another T.Mac , we have several candidates . We stuffed around play the Weid as a forward for a long time only to find that he was a failure , couldn't understand why we re-signed him . Melksham selection was weird , he reached his use by date end of 2020. Jackson should have been dropped at the end of the season due to his lack of commitment to the club i.e not resigning . Goody has been or trying to ride on the success of 2021 , other clubs have worked us out . Winning 6 out the last 14 matches is not good coaching. Why didn't we play Dunstan, we seem to reward out of form players. I am so [censored] off with the Dees and especially Goody because he lack foresight/vision.
  10. I cannot see us winning this time around against Brisbane . We another tall to forward to back up B.Brown. Some how the MCG has become a bogey ground for us and it is certainly one for Brisbane yet they would have learnt something from their past two encounters against us . We the the other hand lack flair , we have bottomed out , we are frighten to make decent changes to the team .
  11. What does Dean Kent got do with Teams R23 team v Brisbane ? Get on the St.Kilda website you people . News report we are adding grunt to our team by including Harmes. Have I missed something we didn't need grunt because Harmes played for Casey !!!! This team is more vanilla than vanilla (poor comparison I suppose ) , we don't have any aces up or sleeve i.e Joel Smith or JVR . We will get done . Maybe we should offer Hird a an assistant coach position, actually Hird has more of a footy brain than Goody.
  12. I think Grundy is still a good player , however we need to know if Jackson wants to leave. The Pies would need to prop up his wage. Then we will need to recruit a younger player for ruck/forward duties.
  13. We need another tall to complement B.Brown in the forward line .
  14. Will Joel Smith be ready for AFL footy next week ? Any comments people ?
  15. IF the Pies win , Dees and Lions Draw , Freo win and the Swans lose. The top six would be Cats,Pies,Demons,Lions,Freo then Swans. This would be great for us .
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