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  1. Scomo wants 80 percent Ozzie lab rats to be vax twice . The non vax 20 per cent wouldn't be allowed to visit the footy, hence 20 percent less attendance , 20 percent less members and 20 percent less revenue. These lockdowns are going to go on for a long time with each state playing silly buggars. We may end cancelling the footy this year. As a Dee supporter I feel gutted , we our reserve team has more byes than not taking into consideration the VFL start 3 later than the AFL. Next thing will happen Victorian TAB online punters won't be able to bet on QLD and NSW races in fear of catching the Virus. I also heard that the Delta variant came from Greece. (Delta is a Greek letter)
  2. Gut feeling , Hunt forward . Brayshaw to fill Hunt's position . Bowie / Johnson wing ( probably Johnson getting dropped) Melkham in. Not sure who is out .
  3. In Daw( forward pocket) . Declase(wing) ,AVB(mid) and Melksham(forward). out Viney , Brayshaw , Spargo, ANB
  4. New name for the Pfizer vax. is Comirnaty. New name for Astozeneca is Vaxzeria. Post something negative against the vax. on f.book , what happens is the fact checkers close you down. Were are your democratic rights?
  5. Harmes for Viney. Bowie for Brayshaw. If we were playing a p.ss weak side then we should make a mandatory five changes.
  6. By getting the Weid to do more than being just a forward is going to give him more confidence . His current lack of form is in his head. I could see him making a recall in 3 weeks time.
  7. I really don't like the use of Joel Smith as a defender ,seem to get injured a lot as a defender (perhaps it is only an assumption). Perhaps Petty will play forward and J.S will play defence. Hopefully Vanders comes in for Sparrow or Viney or Brayshaw. Must make 3-5 changes as a wake up call to the rest.
  8. I am leaning to possibly we are not pretenders. I have seen form slumps before that make one chunder. Under Skilton we were 9 win 2 loss half way thru the season (12 teams) comp. then the wheels fell off 1 win 1 draw and 9 losses no finals. In 1965 we were going well then the wheels fell off. We were going well one year then loss 6 straight plus much more. I am turning white typing this. We have in the past 3 players constantly injured Vanders , J.Smith and Viney. We should have flogged Viney off to Geelong , to win flags forget loyalty. We picked up Daw as a back up ruckman surely we should be trying him as a forward as well as J.Smith in the reserves as we are getting nothing out of Weid and B.Brown. We also offer N.Jones a one year contract, no other club wanted his services. We have to make 3-4 changes for the Port clash as we have flat lined.
  9. In B.Brown (nervous selection ) ,Vanderberg , Melksham, Jones Out Pickett, Viney, Brayshaw and Jordan We just have weid the axe before it is too late ....... 3 to 5 changes.
  10. We have been holding out for some to kick goals in the seniors.Cannot understand why B.Brown didn't get a call up. Between Brown and Weid neither of them are up to scratch. Why didn't we try Daw or J.Smith up forward. We seem to be back to making dumb decisions.
  11. We are going to thrash the pants off the Dee players and win by a trillion goals . When we are finished with you all it will be a case of say me name . GWS will belt out of the blocks first 5 minutes 5 goals, end of the matches GWS will 8 th. God be with you Dees.
  12. Who is on top of the ladder via vfl flashscore Bulldogs 1st followed by Southport, Casey then Box Hill . SCOREPRO 1st Bulldogs followed BH Hawks, Southport then Casey . 2021 Vfl mens Casey 1st Casey fpllowed by Bulldogs, Southport then Willamstown. At end end of the year being 2-3 games down is that going to cost us top spot? (assuming we are undefeated). Perhaps at the end of the season the VFL staff are waiting for another covid lockdown. The reserves comp. is a joke. Casey didn't need a bye last week , they could have played another team with a bye. Perhaps that doesn't make sense to the Vfl. Senior teams need to give there listed players a run and the players need run to prove they are worthy of senior selection sometime soon.
  13. Dreadful first half but I can understand why Casey played the way they did....... lack of matches due to lock downs. B.Brown was o.k without setting the world on fire but he needs to play seniors . Jones was good. Vanders played well in patches. I would like to see Daw and J.Smith play forward with the Weid playing wing/ruck.
  14. Someone stated we can't select BB because he has not had a great deal of game time . Yet we select Viney after 8 weeks (approx.) what is the real difference ?
  15. If Daw kicks 12 goals in the reserves he shouldn't get a game in the seniors unless Gawn is injured. You need forwards kicking goals and defenders saving goals, the latter we have.
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