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  1. I agree, no change. But the clock is ticking for Petty and McAdam. Petty looked to have turned the corner in the second half v Geelong but has barely touched the footy since. He clunked one about 5 minutes in yesterday and I thought he might be on, sadly not. Re McAdam I agree he needs a block of games but it's a big ask to carry two forwards who not only don't hit the scoreboard but barely touch the leather.
  2. Definitely feels like a trend. Though in 2022 we'd do the opposite. Jump out of the blocks, lead at half time and then try to grind out the second half. Of course it all grinded to a halt eventually
  3. Can someone ask the Saints to trial him at CHF for the rest of the season please?
  4. Looking at the stats and highlights of the Casey v Sandy game, we should bring in Mitch White...oh wait!
  5. Cam Pedersen, 10 years too soon, where are you when we need you most? Only 37 and working for a university. Bring him back too! 😇
  6. Clarrie is improving slowly but I completely agree with your observation regarding metres gained and 'not using his legs'. Although not overly quick, a key aspect of Clayton's game has always been very powerful first 3-4 steps to burst away from a would be tackler and clear his arms for an attacking handball or driving kick. I don't feel like we've seen that sudden burst and drive from his legs as yet this year.
  7. Umpires umpiring Max properly vs Saints, a game we're likely to win anyway, to minimise derision when he get's no sympathy vs Freo and Pies 😏
  8. 6. Gawn 5. Neal-Bullen 4. McDonald 3. May 2. Salem 1. Viney
  9. Great to get the four points but areas of concern may outweigh the aspects to celebrate. Positives: Max, ANB, May, Tmac Midfield mix change ups Tommo slotted in ok Hunter exceeded expectations Better game from Sparrow Negatives: Petty couldn't get a kick for 3 qtrs and then injured (& the cupboard is bare) Concerned for McAdam, spilled a lot of chances, pressure just ok Windsor couldn't get into the game, fatigued? Fritsch mostly quiet 67 inside 50s for 14.16 Coughed up 3 goals in junk time, costing us ~3%
  10. Top 5 in my time (born '81, following with some appreciation from '87...) 1. Max Gawn 2. David Neitz 3. Clayton Oliver 4. Christian Petracca 5. Steve May Honourable mentions: Jim Stynes Garry Lyon David Shwarz Allen Jakovich Nathan Jones Robbie F only left out because I just didn't see enough of him at an age where I could properly appreciate him, but the highlights and reading is amazing!
  11. With Lever out for a month the selection needs to consider filling that role for at least the next three weeks. Based on that and the fact that the coach has said Petty will be staying forward (we really have no one else to play key forward anyway), Tomlinson has to come in. As does JVR (for Brown) and Langdon. The swap for Langdon is tough though. Woey's form is better than Billings, but tough to drop Billings against his old club. Windsor could probably use a rest but I am not sure we can afford to lose his pace. Other options that would necessitate a reshuffle might be Howes (not practical?) or Sparrow (harsh, but may send a message?).
  12. I always thought the maximum distance before bouncing was 15m, essentially counted as 15 steps? I counted Harley at 13 watching that video
  13. If we are not looking like contenders come the bye, I think it would be time to trial a couple more kids trial some more positional moves play Petty in a role that will maximise his value for trading Avoid running Max and May into early retirements
  14. Outside of a key forward we've got enough kids in the team that haven't fully matured yet (Windsor, McVee, JVR, Howes, Woewodin) and a couple at Casey (Kolt, Sestan, Verrall) that should still come on. Unfortunately losing Brayshaw has hurt a lot, exacerbated by not retaining Jordon. Plus Smith. Both were not replaced. And for whatever reason we've not been able to lure a key forward which hurts us now. The two straight set exits were supremely disappointing (2022 more disappointing than 2023 IMV) but, we easily could have won both those finals last year with a touch more luck and Angus not in hospital.
  15. It was horrible to watch but the Eagles have clearly improved, were/are motivated at home and have two legitimate jets who were easily better than all of our players in Waterman and Reid. Lever's injury severely depleted our ability to negate the former and I suspect we will plan better for Reid in future. Viney was excellent for the first month, playing injured in my view. Oliver not what he was 12 months ago but still young enough that he can get back to that level. Limited prep and mentally disintegrated by the media (unfairly) for 6 months. It's May so we should be picking a team that can beat the Saints, not blooding kids (not yet at least). Langdon and JVR make us better & Verrall couldn't make us worse based on what we saw from Brown. We should persist with McAdam for a week or two more, or at least until Melksham returns or Sestan/Tholstrup bang the door down. In the interest of beating the Saints I agree with the poster about putting Petty in Lever's role and letting JVR stay forward. Verrall and Max to spend some time forward as well as Tracc. Also agree we should trial Bowey & Rivers in the midfield. Out: Lever, Billings, Brown In: JVR, Langdon, Verrall & 4 points (please!) After the Saints we've got Freo at home then Collingwood then the bye. After that we'll have a better view at whether it's time to blood the kids.
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