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  1. C'mon you have to be joking, can't get DC's clue? What the f does one wear around a head, say a young beauty tripping through a field? Oh and i assume the LG reference is another misdirection
  2. For what its worth: http://video.heraldsun.com.au/2227632625/Dees-do-it-tough
  3. Yes and he hasn't really had the sort of start to a new career that would leave him in the best of humor
  4. One thing about Neeldy is he can't tell a joke - at least not in a presser. In the interview posted above he has about his fourth crack at the "can't say anything about team selection or will cop a $10, 000 fine" line. Perhaps next time he'll nail the delivery (by the way before anyone gets all red faced and upset this is not some veiled dig - i'm a Neeld fan)
  5. I reckon its time Blease steps up and has a game good enough to pressure for a recall to the seniors. We're crying out for outside run and he's in the magoos (as he should be BTW). Without being too dramatic, if he's not at the crossroads with the dess he's approaching it. Always been a fan and he had a really bad break in his leg to overcome but he's had a full pre season and a month or so of footy so i think we can now start to to expect some good footy from yet another high draft pick.
  6. Apologies if this has been raised (haven't read the thread) but what is up with Frawley. He was woeful yesterday and does not not looked switched on , in fact looks a little disinterested. The kick in the 3rd from full back that didn't make to McDonald on the full (and was then smashed over the boundary line) was inexcusable - for gods sake he was only 20 metres away.
  7. You do actually, at least in the sense that fatigue impacts on capacity to make decisions and execute under pressure and the less fit a side the earlier a fatigue kicks in
  8. Watts has so much more upside than Natanui its not funny (it's a given Watts will be alot more damaging than he is now once he puts 5-10 kgs on wheras NN will perhaps develop a better game sense but is hardly going to get more athletic) Darling is a terrific competitor and will never lose that aspect. I wish he was a dee Cameron Bruce looks funny bald I reckon the Hawks will win the GF
  9. I 100% agree with this. Yes he is super frustrating sometimes (often?) with his decision making and ball use but he commits every game he plays, which is exactly what a senior player needs to model. He obviously trains well as well or else he wouldn't be considered. I thought Morton was weak last week but i think he needs to be given 4-5 games in a row. I really believe he is confidence player and i still feel he might come good
  10. Dr, your logic is like the anti tardis. It looks very small from the outside but once you get inside the door you realise it is infinitely smaller. Though credit where credit is due, if you are a troll you are a remarkably persistent one.
  11. AAAAARGHHHHH! That's the sound of me poking my eyes out with a pencil! Ok to clarify it was really unfortunate that we allowed Carlton to head hunt BP, he will do a swell job there, as if Carlton (an AFL club after all) would be so silly to trumpet his vital role all over their website, he has a fantastic skill set (know all the gun 18 year olds, can analyse every other AFL list etc etc) and losing BP circa 2012 is a huge loss for the MFC. Now for the love of god desist!
  12. Thanks RB for the update. I know it's very difficult to say but in terms of the troubles in Alice Spring do you have any confidence that the resolution will be a positive one?
  13. Just a thought. Pleeaaaasssse Stop! We get it. BP is a great pick up for the blues and will play a vital role in any future success they might enjoy at the drafting/trading/free agency table. It's win win really. The blues get their man and Neeld gets to install his recruiting man. Everyone's a winner
  14. Satan did you have anything to do with adam and eve's fateful choice?
  15. Timely article: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/afl/expert-opinion/the-demons-most-pivotal-draft-day/story-fncqi979-1226332168836
  16. Top of the Ponsford. With a crew of Melbourne and some bombers mates. Sitting amongst a sea of rabid bomber fans. After that first goal i yell at the top of my (quite loud) voice PERCENTAAAAAGE!!!!. Big mistake and one i was reminded of very vociferously. My percentage calls after that have generally come about the 29 minute mark when we are 6 goals up (and i don't get many of those opportunities either)
  17. This is absolutely correct, in fact the whole drafting system is based on this very premise. All the money in the world won't change a spud into a decent player, though of course a lack of (well spent) money may mean decent players turn into spuds. I think we can ll agree that there has been poor player development over at least the last 10 years at Melbourne, which in large part is due the lack of financial resources in the FD. However its very important to note that money aint everything. For one thing it has to be used wisely to be of use. Also there has been examples of clubs in the same time period (last 10 years) who have had similar FD spends but have been much better at developing players IMO. Bulldogs, Sydney Swans and North come to mind. You could probably include Richmond, at least in the last 2 years. Club culture also plays a key role in the development of players. For example what Melbourne fan would not love to have a bit of the Shinboner fighting spirit North are renowned for. Players coming to that club are immersed in that culture and develop accordingly. I shudder to think what young players have been immersed in at the dees since Northey left. Love him or hate him but Scully, if rumors are true, made it clear that something was wrong with the culture at Melbourne. And Neeld will try to develop a better, stronger one.
  18. I reckon this lens should be applied to anything and everything put out by the media. Applying this lens should be a fundamental skill taught to every kid going through school. It constantly surprises me how few people (no one on Demonland of course) seem to apply this lens. To this lens i'd add it's important to always ask - "what's the agenda" - because there always is one, benign or otherwise. The 2 recent Mifsud palavers would be excellent case studies to use in a class teaching kids how to analyse the media. It's funny with the explosion in media (24 hour news cycles, blogs, internet, social media etc etc) and the drop in editorial rigor there seems to have been a corresponding decrease in the communities 9perhaps read young people's) capacity to analyse what is pumped out in the media. Perhaps i'm just getting old.
  19. Good point. We are going to need more than one or top shelf two players so won't be able to go silly with an offer for a superstar (or we won't have the cash to get more than one decent player - we certainly don't need more spuds) And realistically which players would actually want to come to the dees at the moment. There's every chance free agency is going to hurt us as we won't be able to attract anyone, though i suppose Jamar could be the only demon likely to attract attention from other clubs (and his star is fading). Correct me if i'm wrong but there will be compo picks for clubs that lose players through free agency, which could cause our picks to be bumped down the order in the (increasingly unlikely) event teams other GC and GWS finish below us and lose key players
  20. Is that a clinical opinion? If so can we claim it (the bottle of JD) on medicare under the mental health plan?
  21. Yep, i watched part of the quarter last night. Pictue pretty fuzzy. What a game. Cool site. Like you avatar by the way
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