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  1. I’m hoping for a strong start by us. Then we can apply the shackles on our terms. Very few sides have been able to manage any meaningful catch up footy against us.
  2. It has been extended for another two seasons till 2059.
  3. Training at Optus this morning. Meanwhile a stupid woman flew in to Perth from NSW on Tuesday without a G2G pass and tested positive. Luckily she was still at the airport and swiftly dispatched to quarantine and will be deported.
  4. Our new flag coming soon. Actually the word may be originally from Chinese Ke-chiap which is a type of sauce.
  5. Deserved another chance. He’s taken his bad year on the chin and ready to move on to right things. If delisted I’m sure some another club would have picked him up cheaply and got a bargain.
  6. Was always going to be hard to drop anyone after such a dominating PF performance and no injuries of note. Hunt will be disappointed but he’s had too much time off recuperating for the biggest game in decades. Smith is still just too fragile for consistent appearances.
  7. That would be Greg Healy. Not the brother that ditched us.
  8. The bulldogs giving the heads up that they may target Gawn is likely a false flag. They have already alluded they are confident of sharking Gawns work. Everyone will be on the lookout as well as the umpires with the entire country watching. I suspect they will target either Oliver, Petracca or our younger guys in defence to induce errors and break structure.
  9. just Google “opening gates of hell gif” or “open gates of hell gif” or copy it.
  10. This is consistent with what I was told by a work friend who has a diary from his ‘respectable’ pioneer ancestor which documented regular ‘jolly hunting parties’ to shoot native people who stole sheep in central Victoria. No mercy or quarter was given. A lot of deeply horrible things happened that deserve to be outed and perpetrators shamed in posterity. Genocide was practiced enthusiastically by many and elegantly whitewashed from history.
  11. Melksham is on 197 but may not get there.
  12. Tickets sold out in 9 minutes according to The Western Australian. Over 120,000 hopefuls missed out.
  13. To me and others there was the impression that Goodwin didn't want to show the bulldogs too much tactically in anticipation of meeting in the finals. The Bulldogs had more to play for then and couldn’t hold anything back.
  14. The bulldogs are white hot. A break might short circuit it. Then again a break before the GF is uncharted territory. There are no precedents to compare.
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