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  1. These guys make a lot of clangers because they are contested beasts who get the hard ball in high pressure situations more than anybody else. Clary also accumulated over 80 more contested possessions than his nearest rival this season. Law of averages and degree of difficulty dictates they are going make more than most.
  2. As long as Jordan maintains red hot form on the bench he remains sub.
  3. Brown could have turned the ball over and the dogs score the other way. Scores level. It is what it is.
  4. Well that Brown incident primed our 3 goals in 45 seconds blitz. If Cordy hadn’t held Brown down like he did it would never have happened. Thats Karma.
  5. Having Gawn drift forward when Jackson is rucking has also been a weapon. Hugely advantages Brown as well as letting Fritsch find acres of space. Also compensated for Tmac’s indifferent form.
  6. At Hibberd’s age, he will be placed on the spare parts list next season. Petty has a good chance to permanently lock in his position whilst Tomlinson is still out. He won’t be ready to play in the first half of the season. Hunt is a valuable player but his Achilles Heel is his ordinary disposal and sometimes questionable decision making. Bowey was far more valuable at half and rarely makes a mistake. He bookends nicely with Salem. Elite disposal and coolness coming from both half backs is a rare strength. Tomlinson and Hunt will get their best opportunities as replacements for injury or form.
  7. In arguably the most challenging season ever for the AFL competition we were awesome. Could had been a season of attrition but we were head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Richmond fans might say 2020 was tougher but it was a truncated abbreviated season and we could have won that one too if the season wasn’t shortened.
  8. Just make sure the maids knees are well protected.
  9. Just curious BBO, what do you drink your libations from? I can just picture you sipping Grange from a Stuart Weitzman Cinderella slipper.
  10. I wouldn’t be too harsh on them. How does one respond when hit by a force five cyclone? Even Luke Beveridge alluded to never witnessing such a devastating example of power running from our midfield.
  11. His real name is Scott Bowledengland but it’s a mouth full to say.
  12. I can see this guy like Dustin Martin buck the odds and become a superstar or burnout and become a skid row bum or both like Ben Cousins. I don’t see much chance of a moderate life in between.
  13. Amazing the talent we have, Gawn and Petracca would have won the B&F if they were at any other club.
  14. It appeared to me to be above padding height when it went through. Another of Sparrows massive one step kicks which is never mentioned was in the prelim when he kicked the ball long and deep with a lot of hang time to the goal square that enabled Pickett to get the sit on the contest, mark and goal without missing a beat.
  15. That last minute of the third quarter is a blur for me. It happened so fast. All I could remember was the incredible crowd noise and I never cheered so loud in my life. After the siren I walked to the end we were kicking in the last quarter and felt total calm and surety that we got the game won. I have to watch the replays to remind me what happened.
  16. Because he doesn’t have the machismo, buffed physique and swagger of a typical AFL footballer he was constantly undersold because he doesn’t do the Jack Viney stuff. I always thought he was a pretty good player. His marking, leading, goal kicking and balance is elite. Just don’t expect him to do what he’s not built for. Now I have to go and watch his GF highlights again.
  17. When do players peak? How long is a piece of string? What’s more relevant is how long does it take a team peak? in our case I would say the string is about as long as four premierships.
  18. I was very impressed by the water carrier trainers during the finals in Perth They did a great job. The studious guy with the glasses, the perky little blond girl and the cheerful stocky guy with the Mohawk hair were memorable in their roles after every goal. They had to work extra hard to provide liquid nourishment because there was a glut of goals.
  19. Fortunately they appear to be fighting it well. Always a worry at their age. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/ron-barassi-and-wife-cheryl-test-positive-for-covid-19-20211202-p59e92.html
  20. As I said before, Tom reminds me of a young Travis Boak out of all current players. Very strong, hard at the ball and a superb long kick.
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