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  1. Demons sell 3 seasons worth of merchandise in the months before GF including 10,000 road to GF T-shirts. Collingwood and Tigers only sold 1500 and 3000 of similar T-shirts in previous GF’s for comparison. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-sold-three-years-worth-of-merchandise-before-grand-final-glory-20210928-p58vi7.html Also Channel 7 are very happy with us helping to them to their best ratings for the year as well as lots of finals series goals which translates to an advertising revenue bonanza for them. We will be prime time queens next season.
  2. Has a great penetrating boot to go with his powerhouse play. The more like him the better.
  3. Nev is a great team man. Will be well remembered. Best of luck for the future.
  4. Hope to see him getting a game next season. Good luck to him.
  5. Good, he was very useful in his only game. Can impact and play a role.
  6. Then it was a semi pro suburban competition. We were great then but this is the greatest ever for the reasons you state and it’s a national competition now with the best players in the land playing.
  7. Norm Smith Medalist on pretender Norm Smith Medalist?
  8. I don’t believe I have ever seen a player crumb his own failed speccy attempt for a goal. Must have happened but can’t recall seeing any.
  9. If Nostradamus had predicted we would win our next premiership in Perth some of us would have thought we would never ever be alive to witness it.
  10. Going back earlier in the season, something must have happened when the players were stuck all day on the Gold Coast on a plane. Where before we depended on our great defence to prop up a barely adequate forward line we turned into an awesome offensive scoring machine that destroys the opposition in a matter of minutes.
  11. I say Fritsch was the turning point. Great play has to be converted. He made a tricky must make set shot under pressure then followed up with a superb individual effort to make an improbable goal.
  12. Well at least now they know they don’t have a monopoly on fairy tale GF wins.
  13. Plays as deepest forward who moves to find space. Expecting sublime defensive work is a moot point because most times he’s out of position to impact.
  14. We were on the ropes and ready to crack up half way through the third quarter. Bont was tearing us apart. Keath and Naughton marking everything. Gawn dropping easy marks. Then the most extraordinary 15 minutes of footy I’ve ever seen by us. Absolutely amazing centre clearance work by the tag team beasts of Petracca and Oliver.
  15. I believe most supporters want to chill. No point bringing the tension to an early boil.
  16. Been trying not to think too much about footy for the past fortnight and pursing every distraction I could find. Today however is Dee DAY.
  17. I’m hoping for a strong start by us. Then we can apply the shackles on our terms. Very few sides have been able to manage any meaningful catch up footy against us.
  18. It has been extended for another two seasons till 2059.
  19. Training at Optus this morning. Meanwhile a stupid woman flew in to Perth from NSW on Tuesday without a G2G pass and tested positive. Luckily she was still at the airport and swiftly dispatched to quarantine and will be deported.
  20. Our new flag coming soon. Actually the word may be originally from Chinese Ke-chiap which is a type of sauce.
  21. Deserved another chance. He’s taken his bad year on the chin and ready to move on to right things. If delisted I’m sure some another club would have picked him up cheaply and got a bargain.
  22. Was always going to be hard to drop anyone after such a dominating PF performance and no injuries of note. Hunt will be disappointed but he’s had too much time off recuperating for the biggest game in decades. Smith is still just too fragile for consistent appearances.
  23. That would be Greg Healy. Not the brother that ditched us.
  24. The bulldogs giving the heads up that they may target Gawn is likely a false flag. They have already alluded they are confident of sharking Gawns work. Everyone will be on the lookout as well as the umpires with the entire country watching. I suspect they will target either Oliver, Petracca or our younger guys in defence to induce errors and break structure.
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