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  1. That’s because they expected a kick to the pocket or front of square by Gawn and positioned to go there. The Carlton defenders were all out of position as Gawn’s kick had more deep penetration to the fat side of the goal square and had to scramble back to where Melksham and Langdon were.
  2. There should be a rule for removing stupid click bait thread titles.
  3. I hate it as now he is being presented by commentators as a victim when he is a serial provocateur.
  4. Brown got more involved in the last quarter and contributed. Fritsch has a bad night but laid almost a team high 8 tackles which is great work when not getting the ball.
  5. I thought Melksham was finished and especially so after he punched May. That punch relaunched his career.
  6. We must give more frees away for goal than any other clubs. Brown flopping around like a fish on the deck of a boat.
  7. Suns checked out as they usually do for early end of season R&R. Practice game for Geelong.
  8. Hoskin-Elliot subbed out last week against us is playing this weekend as well.
  9. Callum Ah Chee now being targeted by racists. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/it-hurts-brisbane-s-callum-ah-chee-hits-out-after-racist-online-abuse-20220812-p5b9cc.html
  10. “The finding was unreasonable and did not comply with the requirements of procedural fairness,” said the appeals board chairman Murray Kellman. What the hell does that mean?
  11. My wife was walking around Richmond minding new own business after the 2018 GF and she was verbally abused by an angry Collingwood supporter. Called her a [censored] [censored] and worse. She is tiny, wouldn’t hurt a fly and did absolutely nothing to provoke a reaction.
  12. Putting on a chastity belt and throwing away the key for them.
  13. Sparrow repeated it as well for a Brown goal at start of 4th GF quarter. I cant recall similar much if at all since then. I recall that Goodwin's instructions for the GF last quarter was to take territory quickly at all cost to snuff out a possible dogs comeback. That’s something we don’t seem to do anymore. A few hack kicks forward or off the ground and less handballs adding a little chaos would have upset the pies structure against us.
  14. It was great but a shame for the stay at home fans in Victoria who couldn’t experience our premiership in person. Most have waited a lifetime for that opportunity.
  15. If you like beaches and better weather then for sure. The GF support from the locals was truly bizarre and unexpected and likely will never happen again.
  16. approx 70% of the support was ours and the noise was incredible. At the MCG the noise is loud but a lot gets sucked up into the sky. At Optus it just swirls around the stadium like a Mexican wave,
  17. The GF was easily the loudest game I have ever attended. I have to say the atmosphere at Optus is somewhat better than the MCG with a full house and a big game and the crowd was mostly ours.
  18. Yes I was. Attended both finals and every Melbourne game here since moving over.
  19. Collingwood tyres getting pumped up to nauseating levels. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/as-brutal-as-i-have-seen-why-the-magpies-can-win-this-year-s-flag-20220808-p5b84c.html
  20. I guess Goodwin didn’t give Oliver votes because he knows a lot of his touches were wasted.
  21. We got more support in Perth during the finals last season than I have ever witnessed in Victoria. It was what home games should be like. I understand they were different circumstances to regular games but it does frustrate me that many of our supporters are always too busy or unavailable to attend home games. Every other club appears to generate more hard core support.
  22. Another dumb comment follows the first. The response should have been left on the field.
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