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  1. Except it could and should have been a WINNING goal! Scored right in the last minutes of the game. Goal difficulty doesn't come into the equation. Putting us back in front was the issue and should have received more praise from his team mates.
  2. So it would be better if ANB didn't bother to tackle and let his opponent run free? He is vital to our success. Read what Max said about him in his book.
  3. I wouldn't say our boys didn't respond immediately after the Cox kneeing. Looked pretty fiery I thought. We don't want them all getting reported do we?
  4. You should have Jane. And bloody hard too.
  5. What a mongrel act by Cox. Knees Max in the guts and only gives away a free.Not going for the ball. Just a free? Surely a deliberate , dirty action like that is a reportable offence? What do others think?
  6. ANB is so important to his team with his many pressure acts. Dropping him would border on lunacy. He always does what is required and is a wonderful leader in our forward zones. Couldn't agree more with David-Demon on this one.
  7. So who was the mystery player that was cited as having concussion? Nothing on the injuries report. Stirring the pot Lord Nevr?
  8. Fair enough old dee, but he does make some ridiculous comments, one being that age has caught up with our mighty Maximus who played a wonderful game. Cheers, mate.
  9. Have faith. You don't lose natural ability and skill overnight. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks.
  10. Joeboy , you are way over the top with your extremely negative comments when we lose. Happens every time. Hardly any player satisfied your expectations and yet with just 15 seconds to go we were just 4 points behind. I wonder how your comments would have changed if they had been made when we were holding a narrow lead with 5 minutes to go. Seems you are a poor loser I'm afraid. What is known as a FAIR WEATHER supporter. Take a loss on the chin mate. Geez, get a grip.
  11. 6. Kozzie 5 Langdon 4. Hibberd 3. Viney 2. ANB 1. Trac.
  12. Well said Dee. I agree all the way. A lot of posters don't appreciate that all AFL teams can pose a problem. Ask the teams that played North Melb in the last two weeks. We are on a par with this time last year and with a better percentage.
  13. Sad to hear the mighty Noel McMahen has departed this earth. Noel was a tough, skilful defender and just charged through packs as if they were tissue paper. He was fast , strong and had a very high knee lift which made him a frightening sight. Get a bump from Noel and you would know about it. Ask Collingwood's Bobby Rose who was completely but fairly flattened by our intrepid captain. What chance did the opposition have with the dynamic Donny Williams on the other half back flank. So glad you got to see the Demons take out another flag. RIP mate.
  14. Portarlington will need a few Nathan Jones Im afraid. They currently sit last on the ladder with zero wins and a percentage of just 16%.
  15. How the camera lies. In this photo Gus appears to be standing on the shoulder of James Harmes. His foot appears to be behind Harmes head even though Gus is standing on the ground. My eyes deceiving me? Couldn't get the photo to download but it can be found in the 23-9 section dealing with the free kick imbalance v Adelaide by Blistering. Angus gymnastic show.tiff Angus gymnastic show.tiff
  16. We received more frees in each of the finals games because simply, we had superior umpiring standards.
  17. One little dot makes all the difference. Joys of punctuation!
  18. Looking at the official photo of our 2021 Grand final team, it seems to me (my eyes anyway) that Luke appears to be clearly taller than BB. Now BB is listed as being 200cm tall while Luke is listed at 199 cms. Both are standing up straight with heads up. Have a look and see if anyone will agree with me on this one. Lets hope Luke has a Grand final performance in the absence of our champion Max. Go Demons, show us tonight your true form.
  19. With senior players returning and form improving, the Eagles could help our cause to return to the top and hopefully knock off a few of our rivals. They were competitive enough on Saturday to indicate that upsets were possible. Since finals are out of the question I hope they win all their remaining games. Don't believe I wrote that, as living in Perth I DETEST the weagles and would normally want them to lose all games. Yes, I do have one red and one blue eye.
  20. Was Bowey really that bad last match to be dropped? From what I saw first three quarters he was doing his usual safe job. Does he really deserve the chop?
  21. I have only watched the first half. ANB was excellent and Bowey was his usual beautiful kicking to a team mate. They must have gone bad in the second half.
  22. Yeah, A team that wins ten out of ten would have to be a ranked as a 10 to 14 side. Strange comment.
  23. With those comments Joeboy one would think we lost by 120 points. You do react badly to a loss. Happens all the time. Only one player received a positive comment and that was for one quarter only.
  24. Jordan omitted? Are you for real? You are joking.
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