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  1. A very good team. Maybe I would have swapped Bruce and Junior on the bench. Not sure Fritsch has earned his place yet though. Wonderful GF performance but he has not quite reached these lofty heights of the others yet.
  2. Typical Ron. Beat anyone on the football field and one stubborn virus. Keep it going Barass, a living legend of the MFC.
  3. And such a worthy winner. He had a wonderful season and his play in the GF was outstanding with his goal assists with pin point passes. Shows so much passion and obviously loves the MFC and his team mates. Congratulations ANB.
  4. Watching for the thousandth time the magic 40 minutes section I was wondering if the Bulldogs defender might have had trouble touching Sparrow's monster kick even if Tommy hadn't prevented him.It was quite high when it crossed the goal line. What others think?
  5. My true belief that we were going to be premiers was when ANB put us 7 goals up. I thought then even lesser Melbourne teams of the past wouldn't let this one get away. Something that remains entrenched in my memory was Trac's look of steely determination after he kicked his magical dribbler. (Bloody hell it even went over the exact centre mark on the goal line! ) I have never seen a footballer looking so focussed and determined. The look on the guy in the crowd after this goal never fails to move me also. He looks like a lot of us were thinking. "Are we going to be premiers at last." So proud of this team, they really play for each other. The chemistry is good. Roll on 2022.
  6. I do. There are a few other number plates like mine around the Perth area. I have also seen a couple in the Woodvale area. Cheers.
  7. Good questionQD. Around $110 if my memory serves me accurately. Nothing like todays price which I think is in the $450 zone. I think my design is better than the latest but that is debatable.
  8. It was great to hear Dennis Cometti's commentary on Triple M, So accurate and precise and he definitely has a soft spot for Melbourne.
  9. When I bought my personalised MFC number plates ( 57 MFC)about ten years ago, I didn't know 57 would be so significant. At the time, I chose 57 as it was the third of our hat trick of premierships. 55,56,57. Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if the latest 57 number would be the START of our next hat trick of premierships? Very possible I would think. Anyway, here's hoping. Go Demons!
  10. 'Sparrow in the treetop' he is indeed. Older members will remember this Guy Mitchell hit in the 50s.Tom is starting to reach new highs in very tall trees. Going to be a star.
  11. I had a similar experience. Very easy to chat to. Gave Melbourne 120 per cent in every game he played. So passionate and was a spent force at the end of every game. Played his guts out. Sad to see his departure from the club he loved and I'm sure still does just quietly. I dont think he was ever reported in his many games and a most respected player in the AFL.
  12. Very witty Tim. No apology needed. Cheers.
  13. No surprise to see that Ed and ANB were our top runners in 2021. Loved watching ANB running off after his GF goal. He was running so strongly and looking like he was just starting the game.. Also looking pretty pleased with himself and his mates. ( And so he should.) He and Langers certainly are super fit boys. Christian Salem surprised a bit. He seems to cover territory inconspicuously. It was great too to see that our baby Jake Bowey has a tank at the tender age of 19. Augers well for his future and ours.
  14. Yes, I agree. Mitch is a very capable back up player. Plays with great passion too. (When he gets a chance!) Hope the VFL functions normally next season and he can show he is no plodder.
  15. George Bickford was a champion centre player in the early fifties.
  16. I admire Alex very much. His performance for the whole season was amazing. He is always hard at it and he can run all day like Ed thanks to his high level of fitness and sheer hard work on the training track. He has the ability to find space and is now feeding the forwards with pin point precision kicking. He is a real team man and has red and blue dyed in his blood.Always encouraging others and egging them on. So glad we kept him. Well done mate on a wonderful season.
  17. Donny Williams would have no problems adjusting to the modern game with his speed and class. Barass too.
  18. Not a bad looking team at all. A good blending of the past and the present. Maybe swap Stuart Spencer with Beames.
  19. That GF moment you mentioned was mine too.As cool as a cucumber he handballed to himself and gathered loose ball and deliver perfectly.(Like all his other disposals) This kid is a gun. Just turned 19 which is hard to believe.
  20. This one without a doubt. It was something very special. Until this season I always believed the 1956 team was the best Melbourne side ever but now the 2021 group take the banner. So young and talented with the potential to have a lot more success in future years.
  21. Thank you Dockers. Ed is an amazing talent. And boy, does he love his new club and teammates. He delights in kicking a goal or two and that happy grin of his is very uplifting. I am sure he is very popular with all the other Demons in the team. His running capacity with combined speed and endurance is unbelievable. Definite gun and should have been an All Australian. Owns the wing on a football ground.
  22. My happiness stems from the long, long wait and seeing people of all ages showing joy of immense proportions. Also, it is wonderful that I can now revisit at any time, the 2021 GF on my dvd in glorious colour. Something I haven't been able to do for the other 7 premierships I have had the good fortune to be around for. The other factor that makes me so happy is the group of young kids in our champion team( 9 under the age of 21). David Neitz and Nathan Jones must think, "Gee, I played over 300 games for my beloved Demons for no premiership medal while Jake Bowey has one after just 7 AFL games." These youngsters play with the composure of a veteran. Look at Bowey, no signs of nerves and 14, 17 and 19 disposals in his three finals appearances. Amazing. Tom Sparrow too thrilled me with his strength and beautiful, powerful kicking. Not to mention the brilliance of Jacko, Rivers and Kosie. Roll on season 2022.
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