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  1. At the same age I too was comparable to Cyril. The comparison was far from flattering, however.
  2. Research? While 'epidemic' has probably been used a little freely here bing, your response is unnecessarily cynical and I reckon a tad heartless. Hidden, maybe, in that most people (blokes) don't choose to share this info with others. I never have and, given in your 'quick search', for whatever reason, you've gone all the way to Finland to downplay it's incidence, I wouldn't with chaps such as you.
  3. How did they get those Iso street shots, 2:18 - 2:43? 54 years before the fact.
  4. Yeah, what's with that? Carlton persistently treated as royalty, when in reality they're basically only Harry and that American lady.
  5. Nice touch with the Le Pine Funerals ad at the top...
  6. Start now. Try to get to R8 or R9 - Halfway mark which would be 10th or 17th May. Expect a 4-6 week break about that stage. Resume second half of season. Play finals. Dees win flag. Everyone says it doesn't count cos it was a joke of a season.
  7. I’d assumed ‘Craft’ a total wankbag word too. Over the past few years, however, I’ve been fortunate enough to share some Auskick dad sidelines time with Gil the Tall Man, during which he personally schooled me that ‘Craft’ is basically learning how to physically comport oneself to milk free kicks as opposed to learning ‘skills’. In demonstration, there was an instance when he held my arms back and I wasn’t really sure if I should call for help or not. I’m really not sure if that makes the situation more, or less clear but happy to have been able to advise nonetheless.
  8. Reckon? From that article: "Melbourne has seriously lowballed the out-of-contract key defender, who looks certain to reject that contract offer and join a third AFL club."
  9. Give him a taste and get that potentially horror debut out of the way and isolated from next season. Petty had probably the worst debut in history in R15 last year, possibly premature, he went away to work on things and has come back looking the goods.
  10. I don't have one Bingo, just reporting what I heard. I've not pushed a point on it either way.
  11. Well of course you did it doesn't fit with your narrative.
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