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  1. @hardtack how did you manage to post a picture? I get a server error everytime on my phone. We're up the top in the Trumper Stand...great view, no queues at the bar...life's good.
  2. Only a couple of beanies left at Bunnings Fyshwick this morning...sales must be good.
  3. We got tickets too! My special lady friend and I making the trek up the highway from CBR for the game...my first Big Freeze. Kids (and dogs) will be left at home....fully expect a disaster zone on return.
  4. Can't bear watching those plodders and I've already watched our replay twice. Thank [censored] Caddyshack is on Foxtel... In the immortal words of Jean Paul Satre, "Au revoir, gopher"
  5. That's when their coverage starts. Game time still listed as 7:50pm
  6. Same here. Assume they'll auction the match-worn ones as well. I'm a few beers in at the pub (weekend away with the better half)...perfect time for auction bids.
  7. For some reason when I read the thread title I read it as 'Swear Jar' and thought @Demonland had implemented a new plan to recoup site costs....
  8. Rumour has it they were third. I like your thinking though...Norf it is.
  9. My son's U-11 side have lost every game so far this season, until this round where they had a thumping 10 point win. While I'm a man of science and know jinxes are rubbish it's made me nervous. To offset that I am changing things up and drinking beers at a brewery rather than at home....Go Dees! Server error -200 strikes again and I can't upload my great images.
  10. People love that [censored] when a team is successful... Can't hear anyone banging on about Shinboner Spirit at the moment.
  11. Got the worst tatts award wrapped up too.
  12. This thread made me think of Knackers. A long time ago I was up very late at night (wife was in labour) and he posted that he had two copies of a book and the first confirmed MFC member could have a copy. Sure enough I was the first and sure enough he sent the book. He was @ol' Grimey Knackers by that stage...doesn't look like he's been active for a while though. I think stakka from 'ology became @Curry & Beer here...hasn't logged in for a while either though.
  13. I'm another who was primarily an 'ologist until it ate itself. Had the pleasure of meeting GSmith for a couple of beers here in Canberra a few years back...a true gentleman.
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