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  1. The roadmaps vary obviously...but tattoo parlours can open from 15 October in the ACT. They come under the same category as hairdressers and beauticians (personal services). Apparently brothels and strip clubs not open again until 29 October though (I swear my wife told me this!). Still working out what tatt to get and where...
  2. I've felt like I've been unusually calm the past few weeks...especially reading the extreme (by comparison) feelings of other people on socials. It's hit me this afternoon though...starting with that video of the past player messages. It got to the point where my better half suggested I might need to go for a bit of a walk around the block (done). Part of me is so jealous that I'm not there...we upgraded our memberships a few years back for the Grand Final guarantee. Anywho there are tons in the same boat, and also those with more investment in the club than me..past players, players partners and families etc. We did pass our barcodes on to one of my wife's school friends, a Freo fan. She and her son are there and absolutely cheering for the Dees. She sent this photo a few minutes ago of Goody photobombing them! Thinking of turning the phone off now for my own mental health. Love youse all at Demonland, see you on the other side. Go Dees.
  3. The dogs woke me up too early after a late night... Made a big breakfast, then trimmed some branches in the backyard until I felt leaning over on the ladder to get that last branch was pushing my luck on a Demon Grand Final Day. Mowed the lawns, took the dogs for a walk. Went for a ride via the local brewery to pick up a growler of their finest to add to the already overflowing fridge. On the beers now, game time seems a long way off. Go Dees!
  4. Turns out I am way too lazy to put all those scarves up so this will have to do. Canberra here, got a few strange looks from dog walkers....
  5. At the risk of perpetuating stereotypes, and it's not a Rangey, but the the Austin Healey is draped in Demon scarves. Bloody windy today but I'll do a follow up with them all out the front of the house tomorrow. Till then, pip pip!
  6. and another... File sizes I'm allowed to upload are getting smaller and smaller, hopefully you get the idea.
  7. Been doing a lot of digging up of old artifacts in the past couple of weeks. Turns out in the early-to-mid 90s I had a penchant for keeping newspaper articles...and particularly if they included one A.Jakovich. It was quite the man-crush.
  8. All the above are good nominations...Bailey Smith for me. Could be an award winning photo if someone catches it perfectly, hair flying all over the place.
  9. Agree with his influence (good and bad)...and yet for everything he influenced and achieved when I heard the news this was the first thing that popped into my mind.
  10. Might not be quite the right thread, but what the hell... Been doing a lot of digging around and reminiscing over the past week. It turns out as a family we are good at receiving (and hoarding) stickers, but not very good at using them!
  11. 40,000 felt reports received...that's huge! Many thanks to anyone who submitted one. https://www.ga.gov.au/news-events/news/latest-news/victorias-biggest-earthquake-on-record
  12. The current advice is to Drop, Cover and Hold if you're inside. Running outside might just mean some masonry on the noggin.
  13. Support Local! https://earthquakes.ga.gov.au/
  14. Just started another thread on this...mods feel free to delete mine. 'morning all, If you just felt earthquake shaking if would be really useful to the brilliant *cough* researchers at Geoscience Australia if you could fill in a 'felt report' when you get the time. https://earthquakes.ga.gov.au/ Cheers, and stay safe!
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