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  1. Applying pressure, and Skills under pressure
  2. That throw to baby Ablett was a thing of beauty. Not sure how Clarrie ever got called for throwing after seeing that.
  3. Does anyone have a link to a live ladder?
  4. So two of the clubs that benefited from the dilution of the talent pool, and compromised drafts while they were at the top, are now arguing we can't support this many teams any longer, because they have finally started to bottom out? Sounds legit.
  5. At least if he went to the Pies and played half as well as he has for us, he'd finally get that AA jumper.
  6. Can we please make sure there's a pair of hair clippers in any contract offer to him.
  7. I think we need an 'Another Clown Selects Carlton' Board
  8. Sorry Pates, I hadn't seen this before I posted. Exactly what I think.
  9. I may be way off base with this, but going to throw it out there nonetheless. I reckon Covid killed his career. Hear me out. He appeared to get his life back on track, away from footy. From all reports he was on track during the early parts of the season and even post-Covid break. I don't think he's built for the footy club life, and he was able to stay 'outside' of it while in Melbourne, and had his family to get away to. Covid hubs come along and he just can't escape the boys. There's nowhere to hide. Now he's basically forced to watch them have a good time, with a few beers no dou
  10. I agree, Gil needs to waive the fine. I mean 50 grand, that's enough for an au pair. Won't someone please, think of the children.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. He fixes a major stat issue we have, frees for inside F50. But then again, would they still pay the frees if he's in red and blue?
  12. I realise previous appointments were probably dictated to by the financial position, but moving forward, can we make success a major part of the hiring criteria?
  13. Now we're getting somewhere. Think of the TV ratings, more ad breaks than ever before, the revenue Gil, the revenue!
  14. Why are the dogs always allowed to throw the ball? Every time I see them it's the same.
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