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  1. He was very good with the ball in hand, but having watched the game I can't recall him having to defend too often, and we were smashed. Is he a defender?
  2. Is the GameDay thread closed for the second game?
  3. Really need Rosman to rip this second half to bits. Baker had his moments but he's not the answer.
  4. There were at least 2 instances in that quarter where we didn't man the mark. The first was just outside 50 and resulted in a shot on goal. Bit of a concern
  5. Surely any contact on that grub must be deemed as low
  6. Tigers are very good at the subtle push in the back. TMac pretty good, Baker had some moments
  7. Lever in particular. 2 kicks directly to the opposition so far
  8. You change the rules to speed the game up, yet don't pay an obvious 50 to TMac for deliberately slowing the game down. Makes zero sense to me
  9. Oh dear, we're in for a hell of a ride with this one. The attacker quite clearly left his line to kick around the man on the mark, before he's moved. Should've been play on. 100%, games will be won and lost on this rule, and more importantly, it's adjudication (no, not interpretation, adjudication)
  10. The way we're going we'll probably have room for another 5 preseason pick ups before the cut off.
  11. The umps used to call out to the man on the mark 'back 2 metres' etc, but now they'll have to bring them exactly to the mark, as we know one step off that mark in any direction is a 50. So now it'll be back 2 metres, 1 metre right, further right, too far, a little to the left, inch right. That's it. Maybe we call it the JFK rule. Back and to the left.
  12. This has the potential to make footy unwatchable with so many 50m penalties, but the big concern for me is it opens up another option for umpires to influence results. For example if they give one team half a second longer before calling play on after the player has actually played on, the ball carrier will be off and gone. There'll be no stats on it so it goes completely under the radar. Of all the rule changes over the last decade, this one has me the most concerned.
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