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  1. Top of the table clash, you'd think we'd have the best umpires and the game on in primetime. Disappointing
  2. God I love Demonland. When we were constantly getting smashed and destroyed by umpires, it was because we were second to the ball. On the weekend, we won the free kick count, yet we can't blame the umpires because we were second to the ball. There's always some incredible logic on here to defend umpires. I loved the one about the Adelaide umpire that was too scared to pay the deliberate oob because he would've been attacked by the locals. We don't live in South America people! Yet that same decision, when the suggestion came that umpires are corrupt, was met with a major ho
  3. There's that 40/60 green cordial come back to haunt
  4. Yes quite right. It's only our boots that are going up our opponent's ends this year
  5. Do you have any relatives named Yolanda? They'll know the answer
  6. How long before he picks up the nickname Noel?
  7. It's very low key in the commentary box, almost as if this wasn't supposed to happen, as if the commentary team wasn't prepared for a Melbourne win. What do you reckon BT? [censored] moron
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