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  1. Exactly, and that's why it's nonsensical, let alone poor journalism, for Ralph to suggest we can't get a trade done.
  2. Just go pre-emptive on em Uncle. Drop a 'Go Dees' on em as you walk away.
  3. For sure. There'll be plenty to throw around though, and with another year in our system and natural improvement, he's the one you want to be on.
  4. This doesn't phase me too much given our recent recruiting strategy. If we like a player in the draft but don't get him, we follow up. As soon as he's first available for trade we swoop. Give Big Mac 2 years elsewhere if they want to trump us, then trade for him. Unlikely to have played AFL footy by then, but with 2 years development under the bonnet.
  5. I reckon there's a big bag on the way for BBB. Hoping it's next week, but next year hell turn it on. 2022 Coleman is his for the taking.
  6. Its a tough one, because at first point of contact he drops the ball, as all the dogs do, and you're more likely to be pinged for a lingering tackle than winning a HTB call.
  7. Let's send the dogs 'off to never never land'
  8. Borocay. Good times, just not the next morning.
  9. I'd love to compare this with their clearance numbers. How many clearances do they win with no free kick involved.
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