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  1. Thanks Jimmy, Disappointing Gunston decided to go to Brisbane. Behind the scenes we went hard. Apparently, he had some family or something in Brisbane. Unfortunately, I have nothing at the moment. I have not spoken to anyone from the club for a number of weeks. However, in saying that I like the way the trade period is unfolding for us. We seem to be working to a plan. Make no mistake we are working towards much more than just good draft picks from Jackson and getting Grundy. Just not sure who it is we are targeting outside a contracted KPF. As far as that player goes, I have no idea how things are going but there has been a small amount of speculation in the press in the last week. Cheers!
  2. Agreed but would replace Mitch Brown on the list. This would be a significant improve. Gunston is a superb kick, has fantastic forward craft and is a difficult match up. If Fritch and he could get their forward craft working together it would create headaches for the opposition and less scrutiny on BBB.
  3. My apology got the uncontracted and contracted the wrong way around. I have since fixed via edit. Gunston "uncontracted", the other key forward is contracted.
  4. Hi All, We are currently courting a contracted and uncontracted player both "A Grade" Key Forwards. The uncontracted player is Jack Gunston. We are well and truly in the race despite some contrary media reports suggesting a move to Brisbane or retained by Hawthorn. I have been told we are odds on! (that's better than 50% chance snowflakes not a certainty). The contracted player has also been responsive with quiet discussions since July. I have no idea of the chance of success. If I say who it is this has the real chance of wrecking the good work our recruiters are doing and would undermine the chances of success. Snowflakes, please refrain from abusing me...........I quite enjoy your D-Grade dibble, it's just super boring reading for the rest of DL. If you don't want to hear what I have to say BLOCK ME.
  5. Confirming some news and giving the snowflakes enough opportunity to block me. I am hearing a bit of stir. We certainly have targets outside of Grundy. Grundy a cert.
  6. This is the most boring rumour thread since 2008. Anyone one want to hear what I know? I don't want to trigger any of the mega DL snowflakes so here is your chance to block me if you dont want to hear what I have to say. Block dont abuse.
  7. I would much rather us win premierships. Our window is currently open. Our time is NOW! Grundy is a superstar when fit. He will make us a far better team and will not cost us more than about pick 20. He is currently 28 will be 29 next seasons so still should have a few good seasons in him.
  8. As you all know we are a near certainty to get Grundy next season. The only question is the trade required and the salary off take by Collingwood. With Geelong reportedly out on the race the Dees are the sole interested party and maybe able to achieve a 2nd round pick. If not a late first round will do it. Reports of $300k paid by Collingwood seem around the mark. I am rapped to be getting Grundy at this price. In the short term (next 1 - 3 seasons Flag Window) Grundy is a significant step-up from Jackson playing a similar role. More importantly the acquisition of Grundy will leave significant trading or draft opportunity for us. Never will Jacksons value be higher. He is 20yo recruited with pick 3 in the 2019 draft, has played 50 games including 6 finals and a GF, is a Rising Star winner and a Premiership star. He is the most versatile and aerobic 200+cm player ever to play our game. He has 15 years of AFL infront of him. The issue people have is with our forwardline. People forget that this was a Premiership forwardline just 12 months ago. It has become clear we have been playing Brown, Fritch injured, we have also missed TMAC. With JVR coming in next season and with a return to fitness of Brown, Fritch and TMAC I feel our forward stocks are fine particularly when I consider that there are no key position forwards that are likely to be better than Brown and TMAC in the market.
  9. It is true. WE BLEW IT! Too banged up, not fit enough and in the end simply not good enough. The fitness coach must come under pressure. He was meant to be following Burgess' plan as his understudy.......... but in January our players said they had never trained so hard and from there we went from running all over teams in the second half (2021) to being blatantly out of puff in the 2nd half's 2022. I say we went from by far the fittest teams to close to the least fit team in the course of 12 months. I feel the lack of break after 2021 was part of this. Remember all the players in full training in their holidays without a break. The body needs rest. I think this caught up on us.
  10. This confirmed. Replaced by Tom Fullarton.
  11. You clearly have not read this thread.
  12. Rubbish, I have been pretty much completely absent for at least 5 years. Just could not be bothered telling you my mail only to be abused. For some reason I have felt like taking on the DL abusive bullies this week. I must be quiet at work!!!! For the record saying who we are making a play for should never be read as we are getting. In saying all of that if Jackson goes which is likely the Dees will almost certainly get Grundy. We have made a huge play for him. But this you can read in the MSM and this does not mean its 100%.
  13. If I told you, you would not believe me anyway. Regardless clearly I cant tell you this. I would never be privy to this information again and I would destroy a good thing. Its up to you if you want to believe me or not. I will however, have a long list of abusive DLs I will be expecting an apology form in October.
  14. Yes, I said we made a play for him. It was true. I never said we would get him.
  15. Weids has a year left on his contact but was put up for sale last year and there were no takers........ not even Collingwood. Melb decided to re-sign him than give him away for nothing. He is unlikely to get any interest this year and thus likely to be on our list in 2023. Currently he has fallen behind JVR and unlikely to see senior footy again in 2022. Tomlinson will request a trade despite being in contract. A early 3rd rounder will do it. Bedford out of contract and likely to request a trade due to high competition for his spot. Baker likely to be delisted Mitch Brown a 50/50 delist or new contract, may be kept for depth on a one year contract. Kade Chandler - contracted and no whispers of him requesting trade Jake Melksham - was gone and had even secured a job in finance for 2023 but clearly now highly likely to get another season. Fraser Rossman - likely to be delisted Jayden Hunt - likely to re-sign but considering offers from other clubs. Michael Hibbert - 50/50 retire or one more season That's my mail.
  16. It is true that if he nominates Freo when Freo has no trade to satisfy us it would make a sticky situation. No doubt Melb would threaten both Freo and Dogga for a trip to the draft and North Melbourne. The point is there are no winners in this sort of breakdown. I dont believe any of the parties want negotiations to go down this path and as such Luke is far more likely to accept a 2 year MFC deal than risk the draft.
  17. No mate, I am just saying like many of us......... myself included at the age of 20yo my parents still had a massive influence on my decision making and career choices. This is normal for a great percentage of 20yo boys. It is not belittling, its just a matter of fact.
  18. Yep, I will be looking for some apologies from some of our more aggressive DLs on this and the looming trade request from Tomlinson.
  19. The rumours of Tomlinson requesting a trade are 100% correct. Obviously this will not formally happen until after the season but his manager has let the club know this is his intent.
  20. Unfortunately Luke is under his mothers full control. Mentally he is still a kid. Luke loves the club and his mates, but his mother who is a massive Freo supporter is demanding his return home. Our only hopes is the penny drops with Luke over the finals, or that Freo cant come up with a trade, West Coast becomes an option and Luke's mum tells Luke to wait another 2 years as the though of him playing for West Coast is intolerable.
  21. Harmes tagged Neale out of the game R15 and in the QF last year. This was instrumental for our midfield dominance in both games. Surely Harmes must come in to do this job again.
  22. I am off to the cattery tonight. I am confident................... but I have learnt that means nothing when it comes to the result. I feel if our mids get on top we will win. Geelong relies on a winning midfield to supply their very strong forward line. If our mids can restrict clean entry we win . Pumped for tonight!
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