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  1. What are our intercept marks like? Happy to stand corrected, but it is where we generated a lot of our play from. It seems like teams are putting the ball in quicker and to ground to keep May and Lever out of it. That’s my observation. I reckon in the Hawks and Dogs game, both May and Lever were quiet, although holding their direct opponents, due to the quick entries and chaos balls
  2. We will be lucky to win 1 of the next 4. Let’s be quite honest with ourselves. Rd 23 in Geelong could get really ugly. We will get towelled up in Perth. The Gold Coast are running well at the moment and will be a chance. We a just an average side with a good defence. That’s being realistic. Teams have worked out has to overcome our defence and we can’t score enough to win games. It’s curtains for this season. Might win a final, but we aren’t going much further
  3. First four minutes of the quarter Viney was at half forward flank and we won every single clearance. He goes back in and what do you know - he fumbles. He is done as a mid
  4. Gawn taps straight down Vineys throat and he fumbles it. He is [censored] cooked
  5. This does my head in. And then gets pushed off balance at the end. Mix it up. Seperate yourself. Get separation at the bounce then attack the football. He gets consumed with grappling
  6. Yeah over the boundary line out on the full
  7. This gave me the s5it$ last night. It’s not the reason we didn’t win, but the hawthorn players constantly dove onto ground ball and driving their head into players standing still and were rewarded with free kicks. Then there was the goal they kicked when Lever so obviously had his jumper pulled in a marking contest. The free kick against Ben Brown to McEvoy is so ticky tack. Again, not the reason we didn’t win, but the Hawks got an armchair ride.
  8. If his name wasn’t Viney, he would be everyone’s whipping boy. He is starting to become the whipping boy around here. His kicks inside 50 are appalling and he has slowed to the point of being considered a plodder. He constantly gets caught holding the ball.
  9. Yep, noticed it and multiple long breaks with this [censored] finals draw has me worried. We could come out flat as tacks.
  10. It’s his [censored] run up. The little hop and skip and ball moving all around. It’s horrible. he actually reminds me of Jesse Hogan. Same weird [censored] he used to do!
  11. The Lions are cooked. What a waste of money Daniher is. Lazy footballer.
  12. And the constant flashes to Mia Fevola and Brendan were unbearable. The AFLs answer to the Kardashians.
  13. That is the worst free kick I have ever seen in my life. The bloke is running back with the flight and he calls front on contact. Disgrace!
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