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  1. Good to get the W. But, let’s be honest, papering over the cracks. Huge cracks
  2. Didn’t even wait until they got to the rooms. Raynor celebrating a junk win, off the back of the opposition [censored] the bed in front of goal
  3. Saints been watching us kick at goal. As I said in the thread on our goal kicking issues, why players go back 30 metres when they are 20 metres in front is beyond me. They run it with an unnatural run up
  4. He was always getting off. Look at the fact that Carlton were given extra time to get the appeal in. Then over 5 hours hearing. They waited until most were asleep to sneak the decision. It’s as corrupt as it gets.
  5. I still never understand why good field kicks like Gawn and Petracca go back 30 metres and run in with a completely different action to field kicking, when they have marks from 20 metres out. It gets all awkward and they end up missing. Guys now kick off two steps around corners, but continue on massive run-ups when kicking 20m directly in front. Dunstall would tear me a new one for this opinion, but I’d be pushing back off the mark as far as ai would for a field pass, and aiming to ‘pass’ it over the umpires head. I reckon it’s far safer.
  6. I understand why we go to the pocket too, it's safe. If you don't mark, you get a f50 stoppage from a ball in. However, that relies on small forwards working at the stoppage. Kozzy starts too far off the contest and hops a ball will squirt out to him. He needs to get in and win the pill or draw a free. Same goes with Spargo. We don't hunt inside 50, a large reason we lost the game. Several weeks now without tackling pressure inside 50. In contrast, Collingwood were manic and created goals from holding the ball in front of goals, even if a few were very dubious.
  7. If he kicks 8 with a stuffed knee I’ll take it. I’d be considering him as a forward line coach. Would love him to work with Van Rooyen. We need someone down there to have a look at what is going on. If you rookied him and he got right, might be worthwhile. I believe we did something like that with Reece Conca. Apparently he is off to play country footy. His knee mustn’t be completely cooked.
  8. We should have a crack at Josh Kennedy. See if he wants a 1 year deal
  9. Cripps has to cop minimum two. Left the ground. Bumped. Regardless of whether you turn your body or not. Ah Chee subbed out with concussion. He is gone. Kade Chandler would get 8 weeks
  10. Woke up, still livid. How did we let that slip. Pretty simple. We kicked ourselves out of the game. Failed to capitalise. Won all the key indicators but the main one, the scoreboard. The forward line connection is still our biggest issue. Midfield held their end up last night, but DeGoey in the last quarter was given too much space. Would have loved to sub Harmes in for a tag on him. Gawny has to work on his goal kicking. He had a method that was working. He now runs out so far to the right in an unnatural way. Brown at ground level is useless, but he nails his shots. We miss TMAC so bad. I think we need Van Rooyen or Smith to play the half forward role to allow Brown to stay deep. Neither Jackson nor Gawn seem to be able to play forward and impact. Not in the way Peter Wright and Lobb do. I don’t see us winning the GF, but we get to finals and give ourselves a shot and doing something special. Will the manic pressure return in a final ? Perhaps! It was severely lacking last night. No killer instinct
  11. Spot on. Had a runner on the outside too. Pathetic leadership really.
  12. Kozzy Pickett was MIA all night and his mark as CHF and lousy kick to Fritta was the death nail! Drop him . Needs a kick up the backside. Has played one good game this year
  13. should be safe...they will be down in Poppy's Lane in their Bintang singlets trying to figure out the exchange rate on Rupiah
  14. They swooped on our undermanned defence and the fact Gawn was on one leg. It’s actually as simple as that. We were trying to plug holes. We couldn’t. We were in control of the game until half-time. After that, they slowly pegged it back, due largely to Cox having no opponent and doing it at both ends of the ground. He won’t be afforded that luxury this time.
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