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  1. How’s the loser that think he is Bailey Smith, glad we didn’t draft that bloke
  2. 1st XVIII Vice Captain at Xavier. Played predominantly as a Full-Forward and as a CHF. Good moving. Solidly built, hard to defend given his size. Played up in the country when APS Football was on break.
  3. Not from Mansfield. Played at Mansfield for a few games. From the city. Solid kid. Very well-built.
  4. Freo and West Coast already plotting the way to lure him home.
  5. It was looked at by the club and then nothing more was heard about it.
  6. I do not mean to be a Debbie Downer, and have full confidence that this kid will make it at AFL level, but those 7 goals were not exactly the result of pure dominant play. 3 came from infringements, two of which were iffy. A couple were Joe the Goose goals, and then there were some impressive lead marks and pack grabs, which really impressed. I have heard that his key asset is his sure hands. This came from kid who played alongside him in the NAB League. Obviously he is skinny and will need a lot of time to 'fill out'. Hopefully he does that over the next 2-3 years and can be a wonderful FF for the MFC.
  7. And now the MC has botched the calling of our player’s names to receive their medals. Amateur hour. They must have banked on Brisbane winning
  8. Another 15 minute speech from whoever this is… you lost…jog on…and now she drops the F bomb. Wind it up
  9. Wow, first the Brisbane captain talks for 15 minutes as if they won the game, then the best on ground goes to the losers. Unbelievable
  10. The entire 3/4 time break had been an analysis of Brisbane
  11. Suck eggs umpires and Brisbane and the commentary team. One sided muppets, the whole lot
  12. Holding the ball…the Brisbane girl stopped. She knew. The umpire allows the play to continue.
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