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  1. While it is always good to see the Colliewobbles lose, it means Freo join us on 12 points. A draw would have been better. Haha
  2. I know the AFL have had a really difficult year and fixturing is almost a week to week proposition, but this is really disappointing for NT Dees fans if true. The Dees have had very few actual ‘home’ games this year, playing just one at the MCG I believe. It would have been great to have a block of games in the Territory, but other clubs seem to have been given preference. Given all the effort and energy the Dees put in up here, I feel we should have been first in line to play the NT game. Hopefully this proves possible at some stage.
  3. Thanks for the link. I’ll head over there for a read. Hopefully after we finish with the hub in QLD we can find a way to play in NT.
  4. Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster here. Apologies if this topic has been discussed elsewhere, I don’t know how to search for past topics. As an NT member, I was wondering if anyone knows what our plans are in regards to games up here this year? I saw news this week about the Dreamtime game being moved up here, which is great for NT fans, but I haven’t heard anything on whether the Dees will be up North sometime this year. I also see that Gold Coast will play an NT match. It would be disappointing if we didn’t play up here, from a selfish perspective, but also given that Dees have put a lot of time and effort into footy in the Territory. If anyone has any info, I’d really appreciate hearing. Go Dees
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