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  1. Having watched his highlights, one thing I like about him is the aggression he shows. He genuinely loves tackling blokes and knows how to get the shoulder low and drive the tackle. He should be on our radar. He and Kozzy would be a deadly little combo
  2. Just saw that Matt Parker has been pushed out of the Saints. A dangerous forward with freakish talent, who is on the inconsistent side. Still young. Is he worth a punt??? It’d be a cheap pickup and we are still in need of a small forward and a Hannan replacement last year’s highlights package:-
  3. Didn’t they just announce they were having a second child together?? Has this story about his wife leaving him been verified? Source ??
  4. Bruce was horrendous, as is the norm these days. How was the passage where Max King got the ball in the last quarter, ran straight into the tackle and Bruce shot his load because he liked what he saw. The guy was pinged for holding the ball. It was rubbish. I remember him doing the same for a young Hawthorn player that took on a Melbourne player in the 2018 final and got caught holding the ball, but his focus was on how good the hawks kid was for trying to take on the tackle. He has lost the plot.
  5. How good! Happy Friday to all. A favourite son back in the fold. Just what this club has been missing.
  6. So Melbourne send out a social media farewell post for this turncoat, but didn’t have the decency to do the same for Watts? Is that right ?
  7. I hope you sources are correct. All sounds positive, but this is very similar to last year when it all looked set to happen and then fell over. I really hope you are right.
  8. Any updates on this? nothing popping up in the media. You’d think they’d have wind of it by now if it was on
  9. I am confident this deal will happen. Heard from a usually reliable source that Adem was super keen to join at the end of 2019 and we were chasing him hard. Hawthorn played hardball and refused to let him break the contract that was in place and there was an understanding that he’d join Melbourne at the end of 2020. It sounds like this is very close to happening now.
  10. I think Nathan Jones as a playing coach on a 1 year reduced salary is a perfect scenario. He may play 6 games to reach 300, he may not. He is perfect insurance . Despite being in the twilight of his career, his matches this year were serviceable. He had a few poor moments, but overall he was pretty solid. I said to a number of mates throughout the year that I’d prefer Jones as a backup on the list helping younger players in the magoos than keeping players like the Wagners around. No disrespect to the Wagner bros, but they are not AFL standard footballers and were not going to take the list for
  11. I’m shocked that his mother engages with nuffies on tht page. She was regularly on the pages commenting on Facebook from the start of the season. Whilst the whole situation is sad and I feel for Harley, there is an air of “he’s the victim” in all this. He was provided a lifeline and promised not to drink. He stuffed up and cost the club $50k, then went MIA from all reports and refused to answer questions. I think MFC supporters have been super supportive of Harley this year. There was another family member on that page blaming the club for not trusting him to play
  12. No issue with all you’ve posted. However, the issue is, he has had years to work on his shortcomings and by all reports I’ve heard, does not take onboard feedback. That is an area he needs to improve. Accepting that he is not perfect and work on areas of his game. Perhaps he is not coachable
  13. You don’t have to concede everything, but your initial point was well made. I think the issue with JV is not at centre bounces, where he excels most of the time, but rather his decision making at stoppages around the ground and in general play. His willingness to step inside to initiate contact and break tackles is the hindrance in his game. Would you disagree with that ??
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