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  1. Who knows? I think it’s the ticketing system. Ppl can’t be arsed. It has been a disaster
  2. Absolutely pathetic crowd again this week. We will be outnumbered by Swans fans at our own home game. Incredible
  3. Another ex ‘ologist here. This made me smile. Loved Demonology between 2005-2013. Wonderful memories that have been resurrected by reading this thread.
  4. I can’t believe there hasn’t been more noise this afternoon around this. The Swans should be down here tomorrow afternoon. If not, it’s just poor management from the AFL.
  5. Any chance that we could make a left field selection and go with Majak for Tomlinson?? He plays his best footy in the backline. I watched Casey and he didn’t look amazing, but if it’s going to be a wet night, I think he is better at ground level than Petty. Just throwing it out there
  6. Really ? Great for you, but judging by social media backlash and the fact that they suspended sales, you are in the minority. It’s a joke of a system
  7. Spent 2 hours getting kicked out of the Ticketek website at the final step. I eventually gave up. They have suspended MCC ticket sales until the problem is fixed. It’s bloody hopeless. I spoke to the MCC, who assured me the seats are not sold out, but the sales were suspended until they rectified the problems. As others note, this is sole reason that crowd attendance is down this year. People do not have the patience to engage a flawed system. If you aren’t tech savvy, it’d be even more of a nightmare.
  8. Kicking 6 goals makes him a superstar
  9. Yep, but you can swing your elbow back in an unnatural action when being tackled and hit a 6 foot 6 bloke and brake his eye socket
  10. Fritta will get a week. The media witch hunt has already begun. Unlike the accidental elbow Hawkins delivered, which was universally excused.
  11. I thought his possessions were fairly sloppy. Didn’t kick to the advantage of leading forwards on a couple occasions. Laying tackles because you are second to the ball isn’t often recorded as a stat
  12. The midfield look lazy af. Tackling is down.
  13. They are indeed. One of my mates plays in the band and you’ll be pleased to know he is a massive Dees fan. He reads this forum from time to time.
  14. Is TMac potentially getting a week for his hit to the face behind play on Grimes. It looked open handed to me, but I wouldn’t put anything past the mrp
  15. I’m absolutely buzzing still. Just finished the replay and ate a large pizza. I reckon I’m gonna watch the replay again. What is this feeling??
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