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  1. I didn’t want to start a new thread, but perhaps it is deserving of one. With announcements today by the Premier, that we are aiming for 80k by Boxing Day at the G and that by November 24th we are looking at 90% Vaxx rates, is it time for the club to start planning the celebration at the MCG for Victorian members. There was a lot of noise about this from the club early on after the Premiership, but things have gone a little quiet, obviously waiting to see how things were unfolding. So, what does Dee-Day at the G look like? A seated replay with food and drink packages? Usual seats? Players in their playing kits? Presentation of the cup at the end with a lap of honour? Merchandise stores in Yarra Park? Kick to kick on the G after? Fire away with ideas….
  2. Relax mate. Don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is this thing called COVID that’s impacting the entire world. Mail and parcels from every source is delayed. The postal service has admitted they can’t keep up. The celebration will happen as soon as it can. Go and watch the replay
  3. I know that people are probably keen to buy from The Demon Shop, but I purchased some stuff online from the MCG Shop yesterday and within an hour I had a phone call to say my click and collect was ready. I was able to stroll up to Gate 3 at the MCG and collect my goods. Pretty convenient, if you aren’t wanting to wait on stuff and deal with AusPost, who are pathetically slow at the moment
  4. A very talented graphic designer mate knocked this up before the GF. The design can be made into stickers and hoodies. If anyone is interested in having made up, let me know. Stickers are ready to go
  5. With AVB leaving , I think the number 22 should go to him
  6. Obviously a special jumper number at the MFC. Is there anyone on the list worthy of it at the moment, or do we retire it for a year? I wondered if Sparrow would want to move from 32 - he might be a candidate. What does Demonland think?
  7. I picked up a framed Mark Knight from @joeboy and can’t speak more highly of the quality of framing. Thanks again for the speedy pickup service.
  8. Huge asset lost. His work with our young indigenous players was immense. Are we going to fill that role? I was completely ok with it, until I read he was playing in their VFL side, that makes me sick.
  9. Imagine being a Dogs fan and seeing that? I’d be filthy. He has also been pictured out partying with the Melbourne players.
  10. It’s a really tough watch. Seen it many times. He was such a great man, dealt the cruelest of blows. I wish someone would combine the Dublin Jim docco and this one someday.
  11. I haven’t taken my Dees gear off since our win. I have an extensive collection of merchandise, collected over many years. I plan to wear it as much as I can. I’ve had plenty of “go Dees” as ive passed people in the street. On Sunday, I walked from Kew to Carlton in my Demons jumper. Plenty of toots of the horn. It felt amazing
  12. Can anyone summarise what he had to say about the new facility ?
  13. I disagree. The first game is the start of a new season. You can’t dwell on the previous season in March next year. Hopefully it gets up in December. I needs to be later this year, or save it for Family Day 2022
  14. Refrained from posting anything here, as I was trying to process it all. I agree with others that the feeling at the end was different to what I had expected. I think we felt removed from the celebration. I’d always imagined an outpouring of emotion from our long suffering fans. It wasn’t possible to collectively experience that. The next day was one of the best in my life. The realisation set in. We’d done it. We are the best team in the league. It’s a special feeling. I don’t think it’ll really hit us all until the boys are home with the cup and we gather as a supporter group to watch them lift that magnificent cup. I can’t wait for that day. for now, it’s the replay for the next three months!!! Go you Dees!
  15. Wow. That was some kind of a night. It, for me, felt like no other game in my life. It was just different. It was surreal. We aren’t conditioned to see us play like that. It’s magnificent. I love this football club
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