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  1. and First Prize goes to WCW - the Cup will be deeliverd tomorrow.
  2. Watching that bought all the horrible memories of that day. I know Sheehan said that someone should have flown the flag but my memory was that Schwarta came flying in to "fly the flag" and was subsequently suspended. Sorry to hijack the topic. No more from me.
  3. Watch the arms go up as soon as they drop the ball. Holding the man. Watch for the continuous calls for deliberate out of bounds. I hate to say it but we need unfortunately to be a little more proactive when it comes to these ugly "tricks".
  4. What got me was Wallis I'm sure retired after that GF so he couldn't care less how many games he was suspended for. Sheedy would have known and thuggery was a tactic. I hope its not used on Maxy on Saturday.
  5. I like this. Just have to make sure Gawny has his kicking boots on. Stef will be cooked by first quarter given how Dogga moves.
  6. I got my Lombards delivery x 2 in a couple of days both times.
  7. Can anyone advise where to buy the GF MFC tee shirt that everyone is talking about. I have looked on line at the Demon Shop and they dont seem to be there. Thanks
  8. The existing rooms are if looking at AAMI are to the right of the building and down the side. The gym, pool and meeting rooms are down that side. I have been told that the feeling is now it is too crowded with Storm and Rebels using the facilities. If the players need to use the pool they have to book it etc. I mean how long have we been using the same facilities together so surely this has been a problem for some time. I just drove past AAMI and I cannot see how that side is a better option. There is a little bit of land behind the current AAMI building which is used by delivery trucks but to the side definitely a smaller amount of land (currently player parking) compared to the other side. On the other side you could also definitely scrimp some land where the current pathway/bicycle lane stands.
  9. Maybe a bit of karma for giving them Jesse Hogan.
  10. Sorry all you tech freaks but it should have read" the 1964 Cup - we need another one" Woops
  11. I now feel confident enough to put this up. 1964 cup. We need another one.
  12. I see in the West Australian that there is a petition to have Neale Daniher at the GF to hand over the Cup. Does anyone over here know about it.
  13. I'm getting teary eyed with every demon clip I see and I've got two weeks to go. Well done to Sue, Ryan and Sophie. They have done a great job all year.
  14. Or so they claimed. Couldn't face getting beaten and was that the game they had already organised the parade for when they won the cup. Arrogant doesn't even come close.
  15. Stefan looked very slow last night and I think Jackson has it all over English so I don't think the rucks will be a worry. It is getting it out of the centre bounce which concerns me. Why don't we tag the taggers for the first 5-10 minutes or what I really liked was starting Kossie in there.
  16. Spargo is a different player now.
  17. Agree OD. I just want to plant a small seed in the ump's minds.
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