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  1. If you have a digital TV or digi set top box like Foxtel IQ3 that the FTA signal comes through then yes you can pause and restart.
  2. So this is what it feels like to be a Destination Club, even for those already here.
  3. So, number 13 for the Norm Smith in our 13th premiership., to go with 57 years/Norm Smith aged 57?
  4. It also hasn’t been called Jupiter’s since long before the monorail went 😉
  5. Looking forward to Joeboy’s three word analysis of this one.
  6. How was he, in the back of frame, jumping up like a fan in the front row when Maxxy clunked the pack mark in the third!
  7. Just out of curiosity, what's the record for Rising Star nominations by one club in a season? I really can't imagine it being higher than our four.
  8. And we’re the only match in prime time not against the Olympics.
  9. An unexpected consequence of the changing fixture is we now get to see how all these teams go next round before we play, and know exactly what’s at stake.
  10. From the Bulldog Bigfooty. Sounds like a reasonable doggie: Melbourne were absolutely first rate. That was a benchmark win and kudos to them. We aren’t that far away though and I’d really love to see us go round 2 against them with Dunkley and Treloar back in the team. They might still roll us though. Reminded me of Geelong at their best. Hard and skilled and Gawn is a deadset superhero.
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