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  1. We certainly broke "Premiership Hero" Eastonwood, who immediately retired after Fritsch kicked 6 on him
  2. Don't jump the gun. They'll get us when Geelong are given the right to host a Preliminary Final against us.😅
  3. Only team to play GF teams Brisbane and Collingwood twice
  4. Back to backs at Adelaide Oval but no trip to Geelong
  5. Just an old man’s quirk, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Demons number 23. Some of my favorites - players who had a bit of X factor or were fan favorites in their day: Geoff Tunbridge Kelly O’Donnell James McDonald Kevin Dyson and of course Clarko when he was with us. James Jordon certainly fits the enigma of number 23. Will be the only player ever in V/AFL to win a premiership without setting foot on the ground in the Grand Final.
  6. It’s a bit of a conundrum because many of us have complained for years about the slippery, dewy conditions you get at Queensland twilight/ early evening!
  7. Who else thinks we should play Elyssa Bannan in the forward line against Carlton on Friday night at the G? Could be the answer we’re looking for.
  8. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but loved the gold (premiership) AFLW logo on our jumper. Gold for the next few years please.
  9. I like this. This is one of the more reasonable posters over in purple land on Bigfooty. Melbourne laughing at us. Langdon for peanuts now Jackson for 2 firsts (one looking low!) plus they had some more laughs when they saw it meant we couldn’t afford Acres and Logue and even more laughs when they got a better player in Grundy on the cheap with Collingwood paying a big chunk of his salary. Carlton also laughing as they took Cerra and Acres, latter cheap as chips. Forced us to pay high for Henry. Left us with a young undeveloped kid from the draft in exchange for Cerra. In doing so weakened a club that was expected to challenge for a flag at the same time as them. Kudos. Well done Belly. You made us worse and strengthened our competitors. This from a guy who was drafted by Freo for free on inception, cut, went on to win a flag at North, came back at the cost of picks 6, 8, 37 and Jess Sinclair. The irony is mind blowing. How much can one man cost a club!!! (plus Hogan for pick 6 that became Ben King)
  10. Precedent is there, Grand Final replay.
  11. So without kicking a ball in anger yet we’re now equal premiership favourites on Sportsbet and TAB.
  12. Yes you point to two interesting pieces of evidence Doctor that were troubling me slightly. Definitely 87 or later. 1990 feels too late. If I may tender more evidence, I do have in my possession a coffee mug I bought at the Junction Oval at the last training session before the 88 Grand Final. It has “Demons” in that same flame-like script, so we were definitely using it by then. I also wondered if the gent near the door you can just make ou wearing a tie is young Todd Viney, which obviously also puts it at 87 or later. On the balance of probability I think 1988.
  13. Incredibly, and promise this in true, I’m in that photo. Bottom centre, blonde/redhead kid in the royal blue Melbourne jumper. They guy on my right in the blue top was my only Demons-following mate, who I only remember by his nickname, [censored]. It was a different time, but just to clear, he was not indigenous to any extent or anything else, but I have no idea how he got that nickname. My mum bought me that jumper from Venture as a special treat when we changed the blue. I was able to find it and wore it for the first time in 35 years to the MCG premiership celebration in 21. It was a tad tight! This photo must be around 1986.
  14. UPDATE: I've looked it up, the Bulldogs have had two players wear 54 in an AFL/VFL match, Jamie Barham and Glen Sampson. Interestingly, they were born within months of each other in 1960, are both listed at 179cm, and played 7 games between them.
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