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  1. All fair points and well made DeeSpencer, I still think having a premiership indigenous player at the club would give fellow indigenous players a good feeling, regardless of where they are from.
  2. If we were looking at Smith, then Lewis Jetta would be a really sound pick up and would cost less than Smith. All of it makes sense really and teh club of course should offer him a spot. we should just take pick 18 & 19 to the draft, this year thats all we need going in pretty blind to the draft. If he gets 10-12 possessions on the wing, i reckon a lot of them would put us in a scoring opportunity, and foot skill is what we need, pace is great, but smarts and skill go a long way. Imagine the lift it would give Nev and Kozzi and Toby to have him there, if we took a punt on HB, th
  3. This will be a huge blow if he leaves, especially with what he has achieved in such a short time. The club simply has to hold him to his contract. It cant be happening as only 2 weeks ago he was instrumental in BB coming across. I suspect and hope its happening at the completion of 2021 ready to take the crows on for teh preseason of 2022.
  4. Interesting little line from afl.com.au Melbourne has re-signed a number of players it is yet to make public including Mitch Brown, Jay Lockhart, Kade Chandler and James Jordon.
  5. I agree with what you say deelusions, he is super competitive, had a really good year but from what i know of him he is a young 22 and that's fine, i just think he ha some maturing to do and if it doesn't happen soon, then i can see him really cracking it, he would love to be courted by other teams.. just an opinion.
  6. When i say the club i mean players as well, of course its on them, its one the coaches, the players and the football club. Everyone.
  7. Trac is locked until the end of '22 i would be blown away if he left, his work is just beginning, he could end up as a captain of the club, not only did his body transform, his work ethic increase, his dedication rise, his maturity blossomed. He wont leave. Oliver on the other hand, he could be a worry, because he simply has not matured, he is only young, that may happen. Really, its time to take Jabba the Hutchy and Barrett with less than a grain of salt, they think they are redefining the media with their self indulgent podcast that is nothing bit absolute garbage and ego massaging. J
  8. we have 2 years now to push hard for the finals. It really is on teh club to make finals, capitalise on talent we have and get the club out of the mediocrity of mid table. The club cannot expect players to stay in a side that has delivered sweet f all in terms of success. Build it and they will come (and stay)
  9. Yep it more than likely is, which is such a shame.
  10. I know there are possible salary cap reasons, but i just cant understand why teh pursuit of Phillips hasn't been stronger. Recently we have identified needs, Lever, May, Langdon and now Brown, but its not complete, and i know Phillips isn't Keith Grieg or Robbie, but neither is Langdon, but he knows how to play teh wing, is competent with ball in hand, attacking and would provide outlet kicks for us. like Langdon did. I think its terribly disappointing that the entire footy world can see he would be a great addition, yet the club seems not to have done a lot about it. Just my Opinion.
  11. So there can only be one reasonable assumption why this has not already been completed, North are digging in, they see us as weak and going to try and bend us over. This should have been done by now, the posturing and the theater really is pathetic at times.
  12. Trade week is just a giant d!*k swinging contest that only further shines the light on egotistical media and manager types that live in a constant state of over exposure and self adulation. I hate it.
  13. Im finding this trade period incredibly frustrating.
  14. Really should be nothing more than a pick in the 70s.. its security, cheap security so that we dont throw Jackson to the wolves for another year. Smart and nothing to get stressed about IMO.
  15. Maybe Phillips doesnt want to come to us but if we are not having a big go at him then its another bad decision. St Kilda last year identified what they needed.. they went and got it.. I hope we are into him.
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