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  1. Apologies for giving my opinion... seriously. As i also posted, i dont care what he says, right now it washes over me.. i love Max and of course he has to say these things but for ME.. im just not ready to hear another spiel on how we will come back a different team and next year we will be a different side.. when i see it, i will believe it.
  2. So BnF was done last night and is being turned around for tonight.. really dont see the point in that but anyway, and apparently Oliver not happy with where he finished, below Langdon, so possibly 5th.. interesting times..
  3. I dont really understand what you mean Sue and feel like you might be speaking on my behalf and assuming you would know how i would feel. Simply put, i dont care what the y say, i care what they do.. and they are saying it and not doing it. So until they do it has no affect on me.
  4. Fair call and dont get me wrong, i love Max and i like his style and his words are great.. but until they back it up, which they dont most of the times, it has no affect on me.
  5. Hard to not see all this and just say, heard it all before and the talk has been cheap coming out of this club for a long time. i know they have to say it, but it really washes completely over me.
  6. Just keep an eye and ear out for rumblings about Luke Ball and the Demons in some capacity... An outstanding person, great leader and footy brain.. If i hear any more i will let you know.. right now its just an aside, but it might become a whisper soon and then who knows.
  7. yeah like the thinking, would be cheap in terms of trade and has kicked multiple bags. Worth investigating.
  8. Its a tough time, i get angry at the players i get angry at the club but after it all settles, I love the club and hate seeing players depart. The Wagner boys looked like great fellas, popular teammates and they had a red hot dip, good on them. Dunkley got an opportunity which is more than lots of people, he should be proud. I think there will be 3 more to go shortly and then they might sit on it for a while. Im convinced they will try and get something for Oscar.
  9. wowee.. what could have been this year had he played like that. I think his 2019 season hurt his 2020 season a lot.. looks so much fitter in 2018.. thinner, agile, attacking. Such a shame.. if we could have 2018 Tom in 2021 it would be great, however i think we are more likely to get 2020 Tom.
  10. Apologies if there is a thread on this already, i could not find it, Mods please merg if there is. I think it will be a really interesting count tonight.. My top 6: and when you look at that 6.. its hard to believe we are not playing finals. 1. Petracca 2. May 3. Oliver 4. Langdon 5. Gawn 6. Viney You can watch LIVE here:
  11. This is very welcoming news... and it is on Goodwin and the club to be "Ruthless" their words.. fresh faces and new eyes. I hope that Goodwin has an off season like Buckley did a few years ago, where he realised that he must throw responsibility to other people as the coach.. it mede Bucks a ten time better coach because he could concentrate on managing his players. Would love Yze back at the club and Daniel Giansiracusa.. he is the one for me.. sees teh game very well.
  12. I feel really sorry for Harley, imagine how he must be feeling right now, there will be a massive sense of guilt that he has let the club down, his wife and child down, he gets terminated, he potentially cost himself a year of a $100k salary, and who knows beyond that. Its just monumentally silly. I have sympathy for him, but we cant put up with that. He has to go and i know the club will help him, they do this stuff well but its over for him.
  13. Wagners x 2 Chandler Dunkley Nev* Jones* Bedford Oscar Kolo That's 9 changes straight up, that's a lot and enough to let us refresh the list. Also Pruess TRADE TO GWS Tom Mc to explore options That could be 11 changes. we dont want to many as much as we need a clean out. With Jones and Nev going and possibly Tom it allows some cap space.
  14. The McKay stuff is fanciful.. no way in the world is he leaving Carlton, especially with Curnow no certainty to get back to full fitness. Ben Brown is the one. Gettable, affordable and what we need.. a stay at home FF who takes the best defender. Did you watch Nth this year? they were awful, and he suffered as a result. Unless they are going to get uber aggressive and sell the farm for Jeremy Cameron then Ben Brown is the most likely.
  15. The thing is we desperately need another bigger body in our Fwd line.. and there is not a lot on offer.. so it could be a case, we get him cheap-ish and we welcome him back.. i cant see it happening myself.. but i guess anything is possible.
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