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  1. No thats fine if your not a fan of long term contracts, i reckon 5 years is probably a good length, but Kanes double standards, no accountability ramblings are the thing that annoys me and most people i reckon. Anyway, i think Christian will keep playing well,, and imagine if we lost him over a couple of years to a rival side Cornes and teh like would smash us for not doing enough to keep him.
  2. The bloke really is so predictable these days. Yep, its a long contract, yep, its worth lots of money. He would be on teh radio right now saying, its a worry that Petracca signed only for 2 years.. Melbourne should have put a long term offer to him.. Melbourne are on notice .. blah blah blah. A couple in the media right now are embarrassing themselves with their rhetoric aimed at Melbourne.
  3. And as for Jack Riewldt telling Kozzie what to do, that really made me angry. Im Glad Jack Viney grabbed him and told him where to go. Im so sick of Richmond and the afl media. They are at an all time low.
  4. a lot suffered last year financially, i reckon we cant under estimate that. if we get close to 50K it will be a great effort.
  5. There was a great clip shown On The Couch about our defensive efforts form our mids and wingers, dropping back to protect space and the outside , then run fwd once we get control of the ball. Fitness in this side cannot be underrated. Also the willingness of Oliver and Trac and Jordon and Viney to get back to provide outlets for the defenders is huge.. been something that has not always happened. thats the selflessness they talk about.
  6. I agree Titan with most of what you say, especially the David King stuff, i just think the point to the scoreboard stuff is a bit overblown, in my opinion, i know we have only made finals once in 15 years.. and we have been a passive ordinary, laughable football club for most of that time, i like us standing up, i like the arrogance and the swagger of youth, and who knows what they said to Kozzie, it obviously fired him up, it was an extremely hot moment and the Coach got him and had a chat, move on. I for 1 want my club to be gracious but i also want it to be tough and relevant and play with
  7. Its crazy there is no decision on this.
  8. Exactley, and this highlights my reason why i get frustrated, as a well respected analyst of the game his distain for the club has foggied his thinking, it was brilliant coaching, gutsy coaching, and adapted for one game, we have managed to win 5 games prior to that doing something different.
  9. Im not at all, our overuse of the footy won the game, it broke Richmonds game plan up. Im not looking for faults, i understand there is going to be analysis, im critical of the double standards applied to us. Also i like to win with class as well, but its a heated game, its adrenalin, a young fella is worked up.. there is absolutely no need to make it an issue about it, things happen as you say, the coach addressed it, move on.
  10. He said that this morning, on radio, bizarre, his take last night on First Crack was negative and combative.
  11. 100% agree, im also sick of media having a go at the supporters, there job is to go teh team, talk about the team and what is good and bad, but it seems like the narrative is to take the mick out of us as the first point of response.
  12. Just felt compelled to put something down on this but the utter contempt for us from certain media types is really insulting. I know we have been awful, truly awful in the past and i get the whole trust thing, i think its totally fair enough, we have failed many test before and i get that it stays with people but my goodness, some just cannot bring it upon themselves to pay is any praise without a but on the end. The 2 main offenders are the 2 people who, have been burnt by the demons the most in the past, these so called experts tipped Melbourne to win flags in 2019 and were made to look
  13. 5 years is a great result, tipping the last couple will be back ended which allows Trac to sign for a couple of years id imagine.
  14. Jackson is flying, he is getting better each week, his groundball stuff is elite and he is getting more involved. the Marks up Fwd will come.. but he is going so well.
  15. Great call Chook, i went to the footy, noticed how engaged they are with each other, but it was my wife and 14 year old daughter who said out of the blue when i got home and we dissected the game that the "Demon players actually look like mates and that they like each other.." It shows and that's a really good sign.
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