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  1. I have personally had a terrible year. Bring on 2021. Let's move on.
  2. We were masacred by pre-season injuries in 2019. We were flying into the finals in 2020 until Cairns. The Demonland podcast gave a good explanation for our first loss there. I'll back Goodwin this year.
  3. Kobe Farmer to kick the winning goal in the GF. I'll dodge the point system if that comes home.
  4. There is no evidence because the scrutiniers were booted out. Things are hard to prove without whitnesses The closest thing is the anomities but given Covid it impossible to prove. When Trump won Florida it looked very Likely he would win. Then other key states stopped letting scrutiniers in over night and the vote magically swing out of all proportion to Biden.
  5. What happened to Cuthbertson? I remember watching him in the reserves and thinking he was going to be a superstar.
  6. When you base your game plan around, stoppages, winning contested footy , bombing in long to the forwards it doesn't work when you get taken away from usual footy grounds when there is a hurricane going. It also doesn't help picking Pruess to play in those conditions either
  7. I asked Balme personally why he has won a premiership at every other club he has been too and he said we didn't have enough patience
  8. Yeah my city gets bombed all the time. It's called Melbourne. It happens most weeks
  9. Thank you for writing something well thought out. I despise Hitler but if my daughter wrote something factually correct about him I would encourage her. Not that would btw.
  10. How is it that 1 person's testimony can lead to a Trump impeachment trial? 1 person's testimony could lead to George Pell's trial. There are over 1,000 sworn avidavids on voter fraud. They are not being investigated properly. I can see it from here. Trump is a terribly bloke but he had been robbed.
  11. I'm having as little success posting on Demonland as Trump's legal team are having in the US.
  12. One in a dees tie the other in a Collingwood one.
  13. So no fraud or just a little bit? I'm interested in your opinion
  14. Dieter my grate mate will you concede any fraud or is all just a conspiracy to you?
  15. It's actually more likely of widespread fraud than a few dead people "voting"
  16. Time Magazine which racistly named Obama person of the year has just named joint persons of the year Biden and Harris. Nevermind Trump has started getting peace in the middle east and never instigated a war What is the bet no Republican president ever wins it? You only have to be elected as a Democrat though. I'm surprised Hillary never won for trying to break the glass ceiling.
  17. We screwed up badly with Junior. It's more important to build a culture than try for a short term fix. He stood by us when he could easily have left for more money. Who kicked the crucial goal against Geelong in the 2018 elimination final? He is heart and souls Melbourne.
  18. Just re-read what you have written. There are 50 states with different democratic processes but only one state could plausibly be overturned?
  19. He lost by 6 million votes in total at the previous election but under the electoral college system won. It comes down to the swing states. He won Florida and Ohio which nobody has ever done without going on be the president. Once the Florida victory was determined 17 states shut down counting. But magically turned the result around when they started again. This isn't about Trump who is flawed person, it's about correct democratic process.
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