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  1. Where were our last two goals of last night’s game kicked from?
  2. It’s going to be a lot harder this time around because last time, they had Bailey and Zorko out. We had Max out which was offset by Luke Jackson’s excellent game.
  3. I would normally agree with those who say we shouldn’t whinge about poor umpiring but we’re due to play Geelong at Kardinia Park in 5 day’s time and the crowd will be just as partisan as the one we had at Adelaide Oval. A quiet word from Goody to the umpires advisor asking him to look at the adjudication won’t hurt. And yes, it’s the clash of the top two teams so we can expect some competent umpires to run the show.
  4. 6. Christian Petracca 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Ed Langdon 3. Angus Brayshaw 2. James Harmes 1. Jack Viney
  5. The ruck is definitely an area that the club needs to be focused on and irrespective of what happens with Luke Jackson, we probably have to bring in two players who can play that role - one as a development player who can be moulded into a top line ruckman in years to come when Max retires and the other, as a back up ruckman who is physically ready to play in the ruck as cover for any injury to our main ruckmen.
  6. He was so good!!! Why are we still not looking out for more talent from that part of the world (apart from the AFLW players we’ve recruited)?
  7. Ha, ha … sounds more like he lives rent free in yours. WJ has always been fair in assessing Mac Andrew. Didn’t have to say anything about how they played that day because nobody hyped up the way they played. That’s the point he made.
  8. Can’t agree with that. I think it’s almost certain that we’ll be in a position to trade out some surplus players and there’s always a chance that we’ll be forced to lose a player to free agency because of salary cap pressure.
  9. 6. Christian Petracca 5. Kysiaih Pickett 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Luke Jackson 2. Tom McDonald 1. Jack Viney
  10. Well…for that reason and that reason alone, there should be no cancellation of the game. Let the players and the team reap what they’ve sowed!
  11. Let’s not forget that because the Hawks are playing today in Tassie, Saturday’s game will be coming off a five day break. Hope the Swans give them a decent workout.
  12. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Jayden Hunt 4. Ed Langdon 3. Steven May 2. Max Gawn 1. Harry Petty
  13. Cousin in Gippsland went to the Power vs Stingrays game in Morwell this afternoon. Says the locals were far too strong but Finn Emile-Brennan was excellent for the Stingrays.
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