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  1. Where do you think Geelong Falcons ruckman Toby Conway is going to be selected? He’s highly regarded by Cal Twomey who had him in the first ruck (ahead of Mac Andrew) in his draft team of the year.
  2. 6. Steven May 5. Ed Langdon 4. Jake Lever 3. Christian Petracca 2. Clayton Oliver 1. Tom McDonald
  3. If that worked for the Tigers, then why not for us?
  4. At this point in time we have four new players to add to this list:- 1. Steven May 2. Nathan Jones 3. Christian Salem 4. James Harmes 5. Christian Petracca 6. Luke Jackson 7. Jack Viney 8. Jake Lever 9. Charlie Spargo 10. Angus Brayshaw 11. Max Gawn 12. Toby Bedford 13. Clayton Oliver 14. Michael Hibberd 15. Ed Langdon 18. Jake Melksham 20. Adam Tomlinson 22. Aaron Vandenberg 23. James Jordon 24. Trent Rivers 25. Tom McDonald 26. Sam Weideman 27. Aaron Nietschke 29. Jayden Hunt 30. Alex Neal-Bullen 31. Bayley Fritsch 32. Tom Sparrow 33. Oscar Baker 34. Marty Hore 35. Harrison Petty 36. Kysaiah Pickett 37. Kade Chandler 38. Mitch Brown 39. Neville Jetta 41. Jay Lockhart 44. Joel Smith 46. Austin Bradtke I heard that Ben Brown wants to keep the number 50 which he wore at North Melbourne and Werribee before that but any idea on our draftees' numbers?
  5. Knightmare’s favourites are Jackson Callow, Jack Ginnivan, Sam Fisher, Zavier Maher, Jackson Cardillo, Max Pescud, Kaine Baldwin and Zane Trew. He also believes that Jackson Hately will be good for the Crows in the Preseason Draft.
  6. Chris Doerre puts next year's crop under the microscope (alphabetical order) ~ AFL Draft: Top 20 prospects for 2020
  7. Do you reckon Kozzy could grow a few cms as well?
  8. Money for jam: 3. Luke Jackson 10. Kysaiah Pickett 28. Jeremy Sharp
  9. Why would a knight of the realm listen to the Lesbian Hour?
  10. Very nice for someone to take a hanger in a school game but there’s a long, long road to the place of a professional football match.
  11. The problem is that the Suns have two captains with one all but out of the door and the other being courted by one of the strong established AFL Clubs. This is not only going to be terribly destabilizing for the Suns internally but it’s also going to make it very hard for them to recruit players to the club.
  12. If James was seeking a crown he need only seek out a fellow North Melbourne president Allen Aylett who was also a fine dentist.
  13. According to a local real estate agent the Bentleigh site could be worth around $20m. If you measure that against a debt of under $5m, we are traveling along quite nicely on the finance front.
  14. Meanwhile, over at Collingwood Lynden Dunn's career is on the slide along with his new number - 15.
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