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  1. It was said tonight that this was the very first time that the Cats have lost at Kardinia with such a big lead in the 3 rd quarter ! Kudos Dees Heart slowly returning to normal . I thought I was about to burst my aorta
  2. I said in game day , at half time that perhaps we have a cunning plan . it seems we did !!
  3. Drop the ins and bring back our outs please
  4. He played well today but I thought that Jackson has lost quite a bit of his leap . He had the ability to float and hang , but he is young and he appears tired to a degree.
  5. Win the next 8 games , problem solved
  6. On the evidence of the past month , we are on the nose and I think we will lose the rest of our games this season . We’ve been worked out and we’ve been rumbled by too many teams our teams looks tired and I reckon a few changes need to be made re managing players . Midfield looking so haphazard . Many of Gawns taps going straight to opposition mids and another oppo clearance racked up . We look more dangerous when Action Jackson does ruck duty .
  7. The price of match tickets are ridiculous, up to $180 per plus the eye watering fares you mention . I don’t know if there will be a package set up by the club to make it a sensible proposition to go there to attend the match
  8. Out Viney , and perhaps Sparrow and in ,a tall and Vanders . Need Kossie at the drop of an attempted mark that BB is sure to spill .
  9. 3 losses to clubs in the bottom half of the ladder? WTF . Is this what we can expect, getting pants by bottom teams ? Are we a team that can’t be bothered to show up in these sorts of games ? No wonder Dees supporters are nervous from week to week . We know them so well !
  10. My son is going to tonight’s match and he said just now that it is cold and miserable tonight in Sydney and he reckoned on 2000 spectators due to crap weather on top of Sydney folks reluctance attending a match without their team playing
  11. Do it for Mrs Demonox senior You Dees My Mum died 6 weeks ago at the age of 100 , her last words were , and she was a Blues fan , but she asked my sister “ How did Melbourne do”? Sister said they won Mum , she then asked “ The Blues? My sister should have lied because Mum then passed away after hearing her answer!
  12. Cold in Sydney tonight , hopefully Lions find it far too cold for them .
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