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  1. My son is going to tonight’s match and he said just now that it is cold and miserable tonight in Sydney and he reckoned on 2000 spectators due to crap weather on top of Sydney folks reluctance attending a match without their team playing
  2. Do it for Mrs Demonox senior You Dees My Mum died 6 weeks ago at the age of 100 , her last words were , and she was a Blues fan , but she asked my sister “ How did Melbourne do”? Sister said they won Mum , she then asked “ The Blues? My sister should have lied because Mum then passed away after hearing her answer!
  3. Cold in Sydney tonight , hopefully Lions find it far too cold for them .
  4. Does anybody have an idea how to get tickets for the match in Sydney . ? AFLs link doesn’t work , nor usual agents links 🤷‍♂️
  5. Probably get reported for head butting the Hawkins elbow
  6. Goodwin has now got excellent help now in Yze and Williams and of course Burgess
  7. The magic of the secret recipe perhaps? Didn’t last long with Ryan though , tactically inept !
  8. He seems to spend more time fighting his inner demons than playing like a demon that we all know he can if he could control his head. Alas it wasn’t to be , shame, because he could’ve been something really special indeed.
  9. Probably head coach next year after Goodwin 😄
  10. Indeed , no way Viney deserved being rated higher than those two
  11. May said after his speech , “Have a good day everybody “ as he left the lectern. it was a stitched up production for sure . Bartlett appeared to be talking from the naughty corner
  12. SG is guilty of not solving our biggest weakness and that’s 4/5 years old problem of lengthy fade outs where opposition kick umpteen unanswered goals . Solve that and we would be a far better team . But I believe he is not capable of fixing this most serious issue . Gosh they’ve had so many learnings the players should be brain surgeons or barristers by now ! Will he fix it pre season ? as things are with his random bunch of NQR assistants ? I rather think not ! Things have to change with him onboard or not . Get excellent line coaches , get the forward line fixed and organised . Go
  13. I was told by membership while they were phoning me in reply to one of my email rants about their wretched displays last year , that plainly Goody needed help in the box . And that they were looking around . Lo and behold Richardson was taken on a week later .
  14. Sorry Hell, just read your piece after I wrote the same scenario
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