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  1. Please don't give him an extension on his contract unless he delivers a flag. If he decides to leave, thanks for your service.
  2. FFS! What logic is there in taking Pickett off immediately after each goal? Why Goodwin, why?
  3. Simon, If this experiment with Ben Brown doesn't work, it is time to put Majak Daw at full forward, and only there, with ruck assistance in the forward line allowing Gawn and Jackson to carry the majority of ruck work around the ground. As witnessed last week again, we have trouble kicking high scores. The small forwards need a big body to crash packs, take big marks, and score more goals. Daw is a much better kick than Max, doesn't take 100 meters to line up for goal, can take big pack marks and is well worth a try. Do it before the season ends!
  4. If Brown doesn't kick a goal, can we finally give Majak a chance as a genuine full forward?
  5. Majak may save us. We need a focus point. Give him a chance at full forward. Let him grow into it. The other options have failed!
  6. Majak is worth a try at full forward. Give 3 weeks.
  7. Our forward line is not potent enough. We need Majak there and only there to give a bigger body and target. Bailey and Macca were great today but need someone to take a big grab or make a contest for the crumbers. Kosi has lost his way, Spargo wasn't there also. We can play Max and Jacko off the bench and down back. From the beginning we didn't look dangerous enough. Give Majak a chance whilst we have games left in the bank.
  8. Apparently Majak is playing well at Casey, so why hasn't he been given a call up? Our forward line has not been settled yet and it's time for him to be selected. We have tried the Weid and B Brown. I think Daw has got something to offer. Give him a chance and let's find out how, or if he can make a difference.
  9. Did anyone see Mark William's at the game? I didn't notice him. He usually stands or sits behind Goodwin barking out orders. I hope wasn't back in Melbourne preparing his CV for the Collingwood job!
  10. I hope the coaches and Melk are putting the boys through boxing and sparring in preparation for any return match with Hardwicks Hoods. On Fox Footy AFL 360 Wednesday night, a segment highlighted the dirty tactics employed by Nankervis and Lynch against the Giants defenders. They got away with it again, as Lynch has on previous occasions. No free kicks were paid downfield for their low acts behind play.
  11. Sam has been playing very well in the VFL. I was quite surprised he wasn't elevated for this game given our injuries. He is 23, a solid career ahead, and, hopefully with us. At the end of the day, the team that scores the most, wins!
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