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  1. I don't know why we don't control the MCG. Football brings.in more money than cricket does. We could change it to The MFG, have many rooms and bars to socialize in before and after games and throughout the year hold numerous fund raising events.
  2. Any chance we can get Peggy O'Neal on the board? She has done wonders at Richmond. Maybe we could poach Brendon Gale too!
  3. Any chance we can get both feet? How many successful years has he been with us?
  4. Just moving the deck chairs. Does anyone know how many premierships Pert, Richardson, and Mahoney, having either played, coached, or been an administrator?
  5. And how many flags have we won for all these so called good trades?
  6. Very well said, and accurate. Maybe Goodwin was more comfortable in having an understudy with less credentials and little chance of taking his job!
  7. We got him because we like to continue with a losing fashion and he has form.
  8. I am not surprised by those figures of 0-19. He was removed as Saints coach for a reason. What could/has he been bringing to the table for us? I am very puzzled by that appointment. Mahoney has to go, he has been there far too long for what benefit?
  9. Very well said. A great bloke and an excellent footballer who should be still with the club. With him playing this year, I am sure his class would have gotten us those extra wins and had us in the eight!
  10. I am with you. Our club needs a Graeme Richmond ruthless type. Anyone out there that fits has that quality. We have been a nice club for too long!
  11. GWS has two thugs in Greene and Mumford. Do we have any?
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