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  1. I do consume the podcast on my walks as well. Their will be about 2 days to consume the podcast. Another idea, Maybe a supplementary short podcast discussing the selections?
  2. Pls consider , as a one off, recording the GF podcast , on the Thursday night, so you have the knowledge of both selected teams, and your preview can be the most up to date as possible. Thanks
  3. Brian Wilson was a very good recruit from another club Won a Brownlow
  4. Would love to have Supermicardo back as a guest commentator , and see how he is feeling now??
  5. BOM forecast - It is OK - Forget all other sites info.
  6. With our new president now a female and equality been all the rage, Should we not have a female host?
  7. I am sure they will not back to Goschs paddock this year Untill we are all vaccinated
  8. The importance about the Goal , was that one of our Stars , actually kicked a clutch goal , when it was needed, to win the game !!
  9. This more intense drilling after 3-4 months should have a Positive affect in games It is also a way of getting our players fit You can see the players are puffing at the end of the drill
  10. Also in the handball drill , they must hit the target person on the full, and also the player with ball, must not be able to be touched by a defender.If any of these happens, the ball is turned over to the other side. The object of the drill is to handball a goal, and the teams are evenly paired. This drill and others are so much more intense than LY. Even the match simulation was even numbers per team, and again a mistake meant a side losing the ball in another area, others were been showed how to tackle better, by starting lower down when tacking.
  11. Sorry for my ignorance, but who is Excuse my ignorance, but who is Anderson ?
  12. KK was slowly walking laps a long time till he is back
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