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  1. Anyone else notice brown only goes up for a mark with one arm
  2. Brayshaw is a restricted free agent, Why cant we be the first team to use the rule and match any offer he gets and he has to stay with us. What's even the point of restricted free agency?
  3. Expect announcement for a 2:30 Grand Final
  4. Injury List Kade Chandler Quad | Test Jake Lever Foot | 1-2 weeks Michael Hibberd Calf | 2-4 weeks Harry Petty Calf | 2-3 Weeks Daniel Turner Foot | 4-6 Weeks Christian Salem Knee | 5-7 Weeks
  5. Bowey is already better then Daniel at the same age
  6. Looks like we will be playing the Bulldogs on Friday night round 1 !!! Bring it on. https://twitter.com/agerealfooty/status/1450728493055025153?s=20 GO DEES
  7. Son of a gun and East Fremantle colts skipper Taj Woewodin putting up some seriously quick times in the 20m sprint. 2.906 and 2.898 seconds in his first two. Melbourne get priority access to him in the draft. https://t.co/OtjD5oGytK
  8. Trent rivers had his tonsils the other day. Expect him to be right for day 1 of preseason
  9. I believe Eddie Betts mentors him now.
  10. Have it on good authority that he was just helping one of his mates out. Nothing to see here. Move on!
  11. Do you think Bowey or Laurie could take up that position
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