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  1. Last time I heard, Trac’s family still go for the Pies😂
  2. Just speaking the truth mate
  3. I also thought I head Trac mention Pendlebury having something to do with his good season this year. Once again doesn’t mean a lot.
  4. Family are big pies supporters, & he grew up one. Not that that means anything.
  5. People are bringing up trading our future 2nd. We can’t do that, unless we trade in a future 1st.
  6. What does “Dogga” refer to?
  7. I think Cook will be available, and we will grab him with one of our first two picks
  8. Great news! One year is a hell of a lot better than none. Just gotta make finals from now on, & would expect him (& others) to extend.
  9. I would do that, especially to get TMac off the books. Could potentially trade into next years draft to, via the Pies, if we wanted.
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