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  1. Good signing for the future. Hopefully Kozzy is next!
  2. I suspect that by the end of the season, this could have become my favourite thread
  3. It wasn't in this article, but I found it interesting that Cal said we were trying to trade up higher than pick 13, to make sure we got Jefferson. He was clearly one of our main targets.
  4. Dogga isn’t kicking 40 plus
  5. This is going to be a fun watch this year. It’s usually just the Pies that I want to loose.
  6. Welcome to the Dees Jed! It didn't take us long at all to snap him up, he must have been a clear target.
  7. Doesn’t sound like we will be able to trade into the second round. Giant trade offer snub looms after Swans’ sneaky games; up to eight clubs in key back market: Draft late mail
  8. Happy with the pick, with the future in mind. Plus it means I could make a new profile pic 😂
  9. So hope we trade with Essendon, and you only need to watch up until pick 5.
  10. Not long ago, Cal said that he thought it might take three 1sts to get pick 4, without getting 22 back. He also said that he could understand if the Dees didn’t want to do that.
  11. Well done to the Dees girls, great game!😬
  12. Looks like he has some skills in the highlights too
  13. I think we might trade up to get him. I wonder what we would be prepared to pay. I would think we would have to trade away a fair bit. If we rated him top 5, could we part with two 1st rounders?
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