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  1. In one of Cal’s recent podcasts, Reid was being interviewed, and was asked about potentially going interstate. He replied by saying something like he was really close to his family, and sort of left it at that. It was easy to read between the lines.
  2. Massive relief & result, gee we've become a good club. It would have hurt to loose Kozzy
  3. We would get pick 6, if the season ended today, in a so called super draft. I could see us ending up with pick 5. We would be laughing if that occurred, as we would get a good 2nd rounder too, plus their last year’s 1st rounder too. Plus a swap of Dogga for Grundy. It’s looking like a very good trade at the moment. Especially with JT doing our drafting. He doesn’t get too many wrong
  4. Yes it is, and I only watched the 4th quarter & I agree, he didn’t look great
  5. This death riding has already been a lot of fun. A top 5 pick in a super draft seems genuinely attainable. The Jackson trade, combined with the Grundy acquisition could become an amazing move, if it isn’t already
  6. Just woke up from a nap..OMG, feel like I’m dreaming! This feels all very odd, but GREAT at the same time!!!🤣
  7. Imagine if it was only 6 weeks. Stranger things have happened. I’m going to live in denial, till I hear otherwise
  8. If we win most games, and Freo loose most games, this could be a great year, and offseason, for us
  9. Nothing to do with this topic, but one of the players has been a naughty boy this off season. Not going to elaborate.
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