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  1. We'll win the Premiership Easier draw, great run with injuries, an ounce of luck and a lucky bounce of the ball in the dying seconds sees Petracca kick the winner after we were 45 points down in the second quarter
  2. Quite possibly the most over hyped and over rated player to have ever played the game
  3. I totally get the love for him.
  4. You trade him because you realise that he’s not going to part of our next Premiership
  5. I’d trade Viney for a highly skilled, classy, fast forward any day of the week Gawn for a top 10 pick and a solid running player Very few untouchables in the quest to be the Premiers
  6. I’d be looking to trade Viney as well. I rate Bradshaw the better prospect by a fair way. Target what we need and get them. We need pace, class, skill on every line. Our smalls are a bust and our forward line needs a reboot.
  7. Trade now is what a ruthless club would do We’ll make him co captain and his form will drop away markedly Tom McDonald should also go We’ve got to get more top end talent in to get the best out of the quality we already have
  8. Jenkins.....please NO we need pace and class and pace and class and pace and class
  9. We need pace, class and players in the 22-26 bracket. Patton will go to the Hawks, a massive no to Jenkins and perhaps a new coach but that’s yet to be fully proven.
  10. Has said coach got a gambling issue?
  11. Petty has a long long way to go before anything can be said, for mine Weideman can’t be judged on this season. It was a train wreck. Has to go around next year, hopefully starts preseason training now.
  12. I don’t rate him as yet. However he has another 2 years to find himself a position in the best 22. I hope he makes it.
  13. As a father of 2 kids I’m more than happy for offensive, loud and rude fools to be tossed out. The AFL are doing this because the feed back they are getting is that people are sick of the behaviour of a minority of fools ruining their day at the footy.
  14. I’d play Stretch, Spargo, Sparrow, Keilty, OMac, and Weideman every game for the rest of the season. We need to get games into our young players I’d get Ratten in to coach the midfield and look for some changes to our assistant coaches. Petracca cannot be traded Patton must be chased as should one or two outside mids playing Jones, Lewis and Frost seems a luxury we can no longer afford be brave MFC and 2020 might just be a rippa
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