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  1. For two first round picks you should get a player the quality of Treloar, Omeara, Shiel, Kelly. Top shelf mids. Not an intercept marking defender. Absolutely ridiculous overs.
  2. Done deal Olisik. Gill already buttering the other clubs up for priority pick. We will have pick 3
  3. If others can cherry pick their way I’ll cherry pick my way, cheers. Either way we overpaid and got shafted.
  4. Good call Olisik. Paying an unnecessary extra first rounder for Lever means we have a guy like ANB or JKH in the side instead of a Liam Ryan or Conor Rozee type. No wonder we’re crap.
  5. The point of the thread isn’t that Lever isn’t a good player. He’s more than decent and was worth pick 10 - 20. But we shelled out much more than that, another first round pick when we didn’t have to. He was out of contract. Why are we so weak at trades and get bent over more often than not? Mahoney sold off part of the farm when he didn’t have to. Bad management.
  6. The problem is no-one of serious quality wants to go there. Pick 2 got them Lachie Weller who is really just an average player. You can’t force other clubs to give up a state if they don’t have to.
  7. Two first round picks was ridiculous. You pay that for a top 25 player in the comp. Maybe. It’s debatable that Lever is even in the top 75. And he’s injury prone. This trade has cost us the opportunity to bring in a young gun like a Duursma or an Ollie Florent. Who’s making these decisions? Mahoney and Goodwin? It’s disgraceful.
  8. Roos gave us Goodwin. It’s like he built us a big new sand castle then sent his clumsy dog over to run through it just for fun.
  9. Both count. It’s quality coaching and development, culture, stability etc AND getting talented kids through the draft. You’re a much higher chance of getting the most talented kids at the pointy end of the draft. That’s just a fact. Gold Coast will get priority pick 1 to go with with pick 2 and the Dees will get pushed down to 3.
  10. Ahh yes. First mod ever to get sacked from memory. He was like Biff in Home Alone.
  11. Ben Brown been fantastic tonight if a bit inaccurate. 4.3 and 6 big contested grabs in a narrow win. Matchwinner.
  12. Sorry to blind you with another minor detail but Brown has kicked 40/60/60/50+ in last 4 seasons. How’s TMac find this year? You’re reaching Goffy.
  13. Correct. Started a Trade Petracca thread but was called a “troll” by the usual suspects and the thread was deleted by mods. One of those stalkers - @Moonshadow - has actually supported Petracca being traded in a subsequent thread. Welcome to Demonland. Aka North Korea.
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