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  1. I was there when the cheese platter thing started, my mate brought the platter. Absolutely hilarious. Who gives a fig what any of these idiots think. Every club has these stereotypes and ours aren’t as bad as some.
  2. Totally disagree. Brayshaw was brave in the air and has made smart decisions all year. TMac can kick it anywhere and has the turning circle of the Spirit of Tasmania.
  3. Median wage would be a lot more useful for this discussion than average. No idea how to find that!
  4. Not a key forward but I hope Hannan can get an injury free run, I love the guy, great goal sense.
  5. I’m actually not going to watch footy again this year. Cannot be [censored].
  6. Geez some people on the site talk absolute rot.
  7. I emailed the club last year basically saying that I want to spend the money to support them, but I literally can’t see any benefit - I thought I was missing something...
  8. You do get something for the memberships: access to buy tickets to away finals. As much of a disaster as the WC prelim was last year, I wouldn’t have been able to go without the dual membership. For the life of me I can’t work out the advantage of the “premium” add on though.
  9. Yup. Needs to retain his power and cut away as much of the fat as he can. His power is his greatest asset but he can't use it if he's not moving to the right places.
  10. Exactly why I'd hate to lose him. Can't see that pick helping us out if Viney and Oliver go down.
  11. Anyone want to access business lounge qantas in Perth tonight let me know. I’ll be doing my best to drain Perth of beer.
  12. Just woke up in Perth feeling extremely dusty. Listening to Martin’s ode to the Demons then heading to the pre game function. Go the [censored] Dees.
  13. I'm wandering down to The Game in Northbridge.
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