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  1. Harris was great. Physical all game, got a couple too. Paxy, really bounced back after a quiet week. Was pleasantly surprised with West. Thought she did some good things. Also thought Goldy played well, given she missed last week. I know we were low on numbers but can't see Magee developing enough to become a regular player. Just doesn't have the footy IQ.
  2. Huge quarter from Zanker. Hore not sighted. How good is Ellie Blackburn?
  3. Maybe because it's pre-season, maybe because it's a highly controlled environment, maybe because he's had a huge weight taken off his shoulders. Goody seems very relaxed, and more assured with his speaking.
  4. I wouldn't be trusting the Demon store to ship things. I've had to follow up all of my order multiple times, and the last email I got said the were having issues with the warehouse not shipping back orders. They said the issue was fixed but again, it's worth chasing up.
  5. The Weid also had stress fractures under Burgo at the start of last year.
  6. They hold the GPS trackers in the back. Most have been too warm to have them and shirts/jumpers (plus what in-shape footy player doesn't like getting the rig out?)
  7. I know Pert said he hopes by the start of next year we'll be further down the track with the AFL and State Government re: permanent home, but he also said he'd seen the designs and it looked wonderful and would be worth the wait (7:50 minute mark of the interview). Definitely seems like things are moving.
  8. Ha anyone received their premier's beanie yet? Just working out if I send the club a hurry up email
  9. Traded 51 for St Kildas 2022 round 4 pick. Clearly happy to just match the bid for Woey
  10. DeeSpencer pointed out it's because we were trying to trade 36 and 39, which we'd traded with Adelaide in the trade period. Can't retrade the same picks to the same team
  11. The whole 'can't trade multiple future picks' is to stop a team trading their future away. Not sure how the AFL thought that was an issue with us
  12. Wasn't Rivers struck down with Glandular fever also? Maybe that's our recruiting theme, rather than competitiveness.
  13. 34 goals in 9 games, apparently. But not many at WAFL level.
  14. Yep, we have Thommo as well who showed he plays very well as a key back. With may, lever, petty, Thommo and Turner, we are stocked for current and project backs.
  15. Going to suggest Fake Footy do a 2021 re-draft before the actual draft takes place. How you can meaningfully re-rank a draft after 12 months, as Fox Footy have done, is beyond me.
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