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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Pretty easy, if Adelaide wants it one of their team needs to bookend it. Port or Adelaide play the first game and the last game, with all of the short turnaround that comes with it.
  2. Disco is injured. Not too worried with Petty, TMac, Hore and Tommo to cover. Hore can play that interceptor role
  3. It better come out that Max is sick because he is copping a hiding
  4. I assume it's due to his concussion, but the issue with Gus is not where he plays but how he plays. You only have to watch his efforts on the wing in the GF, pushing back in to packs and getting smashed, to know that he'll put his body (and head) on the line wherever he plays
  5. MFC socials seem to indicate she's a 174cm defender
  6. Interesting pick. On the coverage, they said she is 3 months in to an ACL recover after having previously done one. A 184cm ruck, but was only at the draft night to support a friend.
  7. @picket fence did Tholstrup do something during training to end up in the Rehab group or did it just look like a conditioning thing?
  8. Looks like Clarry has spent a lot of time in Ceduna with Kade Chandler
  9. "Whilst there was $0.5m in legal proceedings expenses during the year, the net cost after recoveries is $0.1m. It is regrettable that the Club is required to incur this expenditure." "Whilst the Club has been unable to achieve its aim of commencing construction on a new Melbourne home base facility during the strategic period, all involved in the Club are working tirelessly to deliver the vision of a world class primary facility that can be enjoyed by players, staff and supporters, and are confident this vision will be realised in the term of the Club’s next Strategic Plan. We understand the delay is frustrating for players, staff, supporters and your Board, however it is a long-term project and in order to deliver the world class facilities we want we can only move at the speed determined by our key project partners and State Government given our requirement for land and funding. The Club is continuing to work closely with the Victorian State Government on our primary home base, and as advised at last year’s Annual General Meeting this includes opportunities within the Caulfield Racecourse."
  10. Primary. AFL did away with needing to announce rookie upgrades at the draft a few years ago.
  11. Looks like the AFL preseason and rookie draft is today. AFL website has us with 3 picks in the rookie draft, but wouldn't be surprised if we just pick up Brown and Melk
  12. Yeah. 1, it's draft tampering. You can't delist guys just so another team can pick them up for draft picks. That's what the trade period is for, and there's no way the AFL will let it through. 2, no way do we get 1 and 7 for 6, 11, 42 and our F1. And WC won't give up 1 and their future first for 6, 11 and what are likely to be 2 other late first round picks next year. 3, Woey is a father/son. You don't do that to F/S picks
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