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  1. Weid Gus Fritta Whoever plays on the opposite wing to Langdon Lever If those five get going, along with the usual suspects in Gawn, Tracc, Clarry and May, watch out.
  2. God forbid he is the one kicking inside 50...
  3. All of the draftees look like they have a bit of muscle definition. Little bit more strength and they'll be good to go, physically
  4. Would love to know where JT sees the new draftees starting their career, position wise. Would also like to know if he thinks they are potential round 1 starters (pending a good pre-season), or if they'll need a bit more time.
  5. Cats obviously thought we'd take Holmes
  6. 28 for their future 2nd (if they have one)?
  7. How good's SEN? "Matty Rendell thinks Sydney will pick Grainger-Barrass here" Sydney pick McDonald SEN deletes tweet 😂
  8. Can someone explain why, if a club like Essendon really rate an NGA player they wouldn't bid at 7 rather than 9? Surely that gives them a better chance of actually getting them, and if not their preferred players are still there and the matching club has to pay more. Why bid at the end of your run of picks?
  9. Barlow plays at Werribee under Williams.
  10. Steven May has commented on the first of Ralph's posts, asking for Michael Barlow's thoughts.
  11. I think Burgo is Performance manager, not strength and conditioning. For memory, this role was filled by someone who left earlier in the year (Alex Sakadjian?)
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