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  1. Surely freo aren't giving up a future first just to love up 5 spots. We'd tell them to give us 13 and a future first before they did that, regardless of wanting a top 10.
  2. 21 free kicks to 9 Carlton's way. Daisy scragged at every occasion, Birch knocked over multiple times off the ball. You could see them getting frustrated. But a big win over an average side. West and Purcell great, as were Tayla and Tyla. And goldie some awesome among the head scratches. She's always going to give away one or two weird ones each game, but her pressure and attack on the ball are something to behold
  3. Given he's a UFA and had a pretty good year, I think I'd prefer to keep him. We won't get much in the way of a compo pick.
  4. Fagan started in 2008 and left in 2016. Not much of a cross over there
  5. I agree they should carry the midfield, but I don't think they're keeping anyone out. I just don't think we have the midfield depth at this stage to push them out. But that lack of depth also means Chandler and Bedford probably spending more time in there than they should. That might just be my perception, but it's an issue we've had previously. As you've said, players need to play in the roles they fit in the AFL, where possible. Or we are setting them up for failure
  6. He didn't on the weekend, but has in the past. So has Bedford. But when they come in to the team, they are expected to perform as pressure forwards.
  7. My concern is that Chandler racks up big numbers because he plays midfield. He won't at AFL level. It feels like we are back at the stage we were a few years ago, where guys go back to the VFL and play out of position compared to where they would play in the AFL. It happened with JKH all the time
  8. Cripps: 'I'd rather get 0 touches and win' He'd still get the bloody three votes though
  9. The streak and his thumb will cost him
  10. I wonder if it's Longmuire or Freo list management/footy department as a whole. I thought Lobb wanted out because he's partner wanted to live on the east coast, Logue and Acres both reportedly got lowballed with initial contract offers, plus Logue is being olayed forward when he's really a key back. Plus fitting Jackson's contract in was always going to be a bit difficult
  11. I think you'll find you're in the wrong thread for that...
  12. You'd have to think that Selwood, Danger and Duncan would consider retirement if they win it this year. Maybe Smith as well.
  13. Good on Dais. This stance will always get blow back from some, and they're entitled to their opinion. But the fact the AFLW prioritised Indigenous round, and the position of the Indigenous people involved, doesn't concern me at all. The Queen has received due respect from an enormous majority of the population and society as a whole. This one act, to prioritise an Indigenous position during Indigenous round, doesn't diminish that for mine. And before people say 'it's white people speaking for Indigenous people', don't forget this started because the person doing the welcome to country was not comfortable doing it with the minute's silence. And if First Nation's people say this is a legitimate issue for them, then it's not up to us to tell them it's not.
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