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  1. I think we underestimate how a few preseason can really build a players strength. He often got brushed off when tackling in his first couple years. Not anymore. Great skills, huge footy IQ, always front and center. We need all of Spargo, Kozzie and ANB at the moment.
  2. Rarely gets beaten in a one on one. Must have been learning from Jetta. Doesn't look it, but is super strong
  3. Did you see him sooking when Spargo did the same to him? Been doing it for years but can't cop it when it goes the other way
  4. Wasn't that long ago we struggled to win two or three games in a row, let alone the first four of the year. Pity about May, hopefully it gives Petty a chance
  5. Couldn't watch live; still don't trust us not to lose a game like this to those bastards. Now watching the replay with no stress!
  6. Good player but pretty happy with Jackson
  7. He hits most of his warm up kicks. Not sure it's technique that's his problem, seems to be mental
  8. Sorry, but are they the same position? One is media replacing Larkin, the other is commercial replacing Mahoney.
  9. Higgins also out with a hammy
  10. Pleasantly surprised to see this thread was bumped to pump up Riv. Has copped a bit this year on here but for a 2nd year player he is cool, calm and collected. Is developing very nicely.
  11. Gawn Kozzie Langdon Salem Tracc Tomlinson
  12. Just got back from the game. Took my 3 young ones who wanted to leave half way through the first, and after that first quarter who could blame them. But we took control from there. Clarry copped a heavy tag but great to see the others trying to work out how to get de Boer off him. Max was enormous, Kozzie just about brought the stand down on multiple occasions. What a win.
  13. Announced the other day they are expecting twins as well. Big few weeks in the Jones household if he holds his spot.
  14. Heading to this game. First game in person in nearly 5 years. We should be sniffing a wounded opponent and really go in for the kill. Not get ahead of ourselves and just assume it's going to happen; really get ruthless and grind them in to the dust. We'll see.
  15. I think this is actually really important. Previously, he would have been upset he wasn't starting in the guts. But he sees a clear role for him on the wing and is happy to just play his part. Same as Trac. He plays a lot more midfield but also seems happy playing wherever we need him. A bit of maturity/team first attitude creeping in, maybe.
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