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  1. yeah I’m not sure the link I’ve posted originally shows the full clip of them walking the cup in to him. Need someone more tech savvy than me… see if this works? https://fb.watch/alcS-NkNmy/
  2. Apologies if this has been shared but I couldn’t see it anywhere? Not sure this link will work, may need some IT gurus help. Just when you thought you couldn’t love this club any more. Get the Kleenex ready https://fb.watch/al8RBR1mxT/
  3. Same! Was wondering if I’d ever see it and just checked mailbox and there it is, my Premiers Tshirt, stoked!
  4. Bailey has been very open about his own battles and panic attacks and become somewhat of a spokesperson about mental illness. He played for my boys club and is still a regular down there even helping with running water at times. He made my youngest boys day at training this year when he waved and said hello to him. A quality young man, down to earth and likeable despite his image. I wish him nothing but the best.
  5. I met and had coffee with Reece about 5 years when he was a regular for The Tiges and mostly spoke about life after footy. He actually was hoping to use his profile to help disadvantaged children. He may still do this later in life but I’m rapt he’s joining us. He was a humble, down to earth character and I’m not surprised Choco endorsed him having spent time with him at the Tiges. Welcome Reece!
  6. Just a thoroughly enjoyable occasion. The crowd re-lived every goal like it was live. There was so much joy and emotion, even seeing grown men hugging during the replay. The roar when Wiz and Schwarta got their hands on the cup was awesome but the standing ovation for Neale stole the show for me and was a tear jerker. I’m so stoked he got to see a flag and enjoy this occasion today. There is a serious sense of belonging to this club at the moment, and it’s not going to go away any time soon. Thankyou MFC
  7. Similar, however I got my premiers cap 2 weeks ago but no sign of T-shirt ordered same time!
  8. Caught up with a Dad at my boy’s first cricket match this morning. His 15yo footy mad Tiger son was in a boxing gym last week for fitness not really knowing what he was doing and throwing haymakers at the bag. It wasn’t a staff member, but another gym user saw him struggling and came over without prompting to give him advice for a few minutes. The kid didn’t need an introduction, he knew it was Jack Viney and couldn’t believe his luck. Class act Jack, great to hear!
  9. I had a beer with Max’s parents at The G the day he debuted. They were nervous and just rapt that he got to play a game. To think that he has gone on to become the first premiership Capt in 57 years must be mind blowing for them. I doubt they’ll remember me but it’s something I won’t forget.
  10. So has Liam refused pain killing injections to get him through a game before or has he trusted the science of what is in the said painkiller??
  11. Cap arrived today order Oct 6th, no sign of tshirt ordered same day. Oh well, worth the wait, how cool is it to wear a cap with 2021 Premiers and our logo!
  12. Franky, put the bottle down and step aside…..For the love of Lucifer, WTF!!
  13. As many of you fellow Victorians would attest to, over the past week we have endured some of the strongest winds I've ever seen in my life other than sitting through a category 3 cyclone 20 years ago in Cairns. Houses have wilted, multiple massive shipping containers have collapsed on each other , 100+ yr old trees destroyed, towns without power for days. My Dees scarves, tied only by the tassels at each end to my flimsy tree in the front yard have not moved an inch .
  14. Was stiff at the time Papley got the nod ahead of him, seems absolutely staggering now!
  15. Tend to agree but Jordan Lewis has huge raps on JJ! Both well exceeded my expectations. Big futures for both!
  16. He said it himself on Gus N Gawny podcast when asked what his nickname is. There were a few others too but I can’t remember them.
  17. I couldn’t have been more impressed with Spaz for his entire finals campaign. I, like many, wondered how he’d get a game in home n away let alone finals but he has proven he belongs. Kept his close friend and housemate Jordon out of the team in finals, both have enormous upside….. but can’t see either getting Trac like standards ( yes I know you said close!! I walked past the 2 of them having a stroll mid year, he is built like an absolute brick sheethouse!! Has a 200+ game career ahead of him. We have a ripper on our hands!
  18. Lounge only just returned to normal this week, leaving a few scarves tied to my tree til New Year! ❤️💙
  19. No that’s it, but I hope Bailey Laurie gets a good run injury wise, imagine if he comes in and impacts the same way Bowser has. Still 19 years old so could be another to the list. Petty was superb but I’d argue he has another level to go to like Dogga and Kozzie. Hard to believe he’s only played 30 games, plays like he belongs and even starting to show a bit of swagger which I love. Tough nut !
  20. Watch again. Harmes had an even more obvious high free kick ignored immediately before this incident. Couldn't believe it, then they got a softer free given straight after Kozzies
  21. Agree 666% And remember…. There is a apparently a “ nasty” rivalry between the club
  22. I’m sure this has been discussed before but one thing that really stood out for me and gives me enormous pride, was how all the playing list celebrated the victory on the field straight after siren and in the rooms afterwards. It was pure elation from every single one of them and I really feel this is because of the way group all year long spoke of unselfishness, team first etc. Maybe it’s because the entire list was there and I might have the blinkers on but I can’t remember seeing such unbridled joy from the non playing group after a Premiership! They are such a close unit and it’s awesome to see.
  23. From whipping boy to a brilliant role player in the blink of an eye. Has become someone you love having the ball in his hands as he often creates something from nothing!
  24. Have you met him PF? He’s a quality young bloke, goes to his local junior footy club which my boys play at on a regular basis in his own time and has even run water for junior matches. He’s very approachable to the young kids. Bailey Smith is a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. No doubt his looks will attract the attention of nuffies trying to make a name for themselves out and about in offseason
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