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  1. Faaark yeah. In other news, the club is in turmoil apparently ......
  2. Yeah I saw it was nothing in it after the bump just a 5 second show of strength wrestle.
  3. That rugby player was certainly mixing codes last night. Outrageously great performance
  4. Gus past few weeks have been outstanding in the back flank role, he's one of very few that have improved on last year's form. We'd have lost by several goals more in the past 3 losses without him playing this role. Not against him playing Mid but can't see Goody changing this current setup.
  5. We're seriously banged up and we've lost our mojo. Bye could not have come at a better time.
  6. Crowd was eerily quiet in the first quarter even when up by 4 goals. Was quite bizarre. Almost like the crowd is holding their breath waiting for something to go wrong
  7. Hard to argue with any of that. They have the skills and the pace to break our lines. We looked really slow against Freo, maybe it was training loads like last year or perhaps flu that we appear to have been hit by!? Always match up well against us.
  8. Yep I remember this and front of mind when you see the way Lever has been hobbling round for a month. Definitely keeping same strategy.
  9. Beat me to it. This is a huge factor next week. If we have our standard premiership 3rd QTR the Saints will be spent come the last.
  10. I pity the team we play 4 quarters against. I don't think we've played more than 2 quality quarters in any match this year and we are still light years ahead of the competition. Remember when you'd be nervous at the footy?? I haven't felt it all year, I trust we'll get the job done.
  11. 6 Oliver 5 May 4 Gawn 3 Petty 2 Bowser 1 Langdon
  12. I haven't read much of this thread so apologies if this has been raised. I've been to 3 games live this year and paid close attention to opposition kick outs from our goals. We are absolutely toying with them. We allow them to do almost what they want inside our 50. It's once they get to half back/ wing where we clamp down and literally wait for them to make a mistake. They have to take some risky kicks to get through or they kick to a contest which is what we want. I used to get frustrated with the ease teams would run the ball out, but now just watch and admire how much faith the players have in their system.
  13. Saw a Blues player raise his arms in protest against a decision in the dying minutes against Port. Nothing to see here according to that umpire, right in front of him.
  14. Saw a Blues player raise his arms in protest against a decision in the dying minutes against Port. Nothing to see here according to that umpire, right in front of him.
  15. Weid did some really good things last night. He was playing BBB role to a tee and got up the ground regularly, even brought the ball to the ground. He was a F50 target on many occasions but didn't clunk a few he should have. He will be stiff but he ain't no BBB sadly.
  16. We are currently enjoying the 2nd best winning streak in the history of the club with 12 on the trot. Record is 19.
  17. I stopped parking years ago OD, but I do often see people in cars not moving when walking to station post match
  18. Hard to do votes but I thought that was Steven Mays best game for the club. Would have been a different match without his dominance particularly the first quarter. I suspect anyone actually at the G last night would be giving him BOG
  19. It was utter chaos getting home. A while platform shut down at Richmond and all Pakenham line punters had to get off at Caulfield for buses, and their were none to be seen. I walked away from the masses and was lucky a lovely taxi driver noticed me with my 2 kids and went out of his way to pick us up. Disgraceful scenes at Caulfield, imagine if this was a 50k crowd!
  20. There were a lot of highlights tonight but that is just an amazing piece of play by Sparrow. Got a standing ovation by many at the ground. Superb
  21. M12 would be real good on the flank. Anyone else having trouble with MFC app to access tickets? I can’t open the app at all??
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