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  1. If Grundy wants to come to the Dees, fantastic. He has been the number 2 ruck in the league for the last 5 years. Hence the massive deal. It’s the same with Jackson and Freo. We don’t need him, but you don’t say no to good players (ala Cerra last year)
  2. I thought the same thing too. I’m not sure all the touches were recorded (Rosman was on 0 touches at one point, but had had at least one kick, Hunt had a chain of 3 touches but only given 2). Also it was a long down the line game so not that many touches needed when you are only taking three kicks to get it to the other end.
  3. This seems like a silly thing to do - but not front page of the herald sun worthy. Shouldn’t have done it, but not like he was speeding / drunk etc. just driving
  4. Still a long way to go, but it would take a miracle for Daicos to lose as he plays in a really friendly position. Bowey somewhat the same, but he has to defend. one injury and it’s wide open. Bowey will have the stats to go with him, and as posters have said - get a heap of 3, 2 and 1 votes. I’d love him to end up with a podium finish.
  5. I think(?) it’s got to do with the system and rotations. We don’t have a regular midfield brigade out there like we have with Trac and Clarry. I will say that Dunstan has been in and under in the first two rounds so he should be the exception. Laurie got a good run through the guts in round 1, less so in 2. I guess just learning roles and system and it’s about how we play, rather than player X getting 30? I’ll be keeping an eye out this week that’s for sure
  6. There is one other - a Brisbane guy who’s name escapes me.
  7. That’s a table set to keep an eye on as the year progresses. Spargo has one of the best win loss records in the comp right now (min 50 games). And didn’t realise Hunt has played 96 but none in a final.
  8. That is insane! I didn’t realise it was such a winning record. I’d love to know what the most games before a loss is if anyone knows.
  9. Be interesting to know what the drop off was in the last 2 years - https://www.afl.com.au/news/134122/afl-eye-catchers-u16-all-australian-team maybe position? Maybe he matured early? But great to see he is a Dee
  10. It’s a real I hope it doesn’t come back to bite us scenario. I wonder if we go get a rookie (the tall that’s been linked to us) or if we keep it open as a train on spot.
  11. No - but you can list them as Cat B if no one bids on them in the draft and you nominate them. If you don't nominate them, you cannot put them on a Cat B list.
  12. When I was going through the highlights a week or so ago he was the first player that just looked like a Taylor player. Hard at it, loves what he does, runs both ways, makes good decisions. While I'd love Sinn, Sonsie, etc. I think that Wilmont might be the one on draft night.
  13. Its insane to think that there are maybe 5(?) players who were touted as top 10 picks at the start of the year that might be on offer. COVID has really messed with peoples season. Sonsie, Sinn, Chesser, Van Roey,
  14. He has had his one obligatory year of performing better than the AA squad, so now they will take notice in 2022. I have no doubt he will be in the AA squad next year and hopefully cement his position in it for the better part of a decade. Cameron, Papley and Greene were the only smalls to kick more goals that him this year, and they all play one-out in the goal square at different times (and are 5-8 years older than him). It just feels like Kozzie has the world in front of him and wants to be a great. I love Weightman and Serong looks like a gun player, but Taylor essentially bucking all the form guides and saying "this is our man" was incredible. Just as good as the pick 3 on Jackson. Damien Barrett asking Twoomey if there was 'group think' now in recruiting and Twoomey tended to agree. Feels like Taylor is the only one who hasn't got that message. Everyone else: "Weightman is the no. 1 small in the draft" Taylor: "nah - this kid that the media has ranked in the 50s is". Kozzie: "Cody, hold my beer".
  15. Absolutely miffed. From what Taylor has said, he let the AFL know exactly what he thought about it, especially considering the amount of work we put in for Andrew compared to the Dogs with JUH. Last year's draft was an absolute nightmare so they had to do something, but the ones that are committing daylight robbery this year are the Saints. 2 NGAs who are ranked 20-25 and will get them both this year, but if it was 2022, no chance as the rule changes to the top 40. But full credit to Andrew, in every interview he talks about the development and opportunities given to him by Melbourne and wouldn't be here without us. He might cost too much draft capital to bring him back to the Dees later in his career, but glad he has had such a good time with us.
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