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  1. Positives are far and few between, but they are good ones. Bowey has maybe had 15 already? And only one (around his body) has been ineffective. Laurie also very composed. They are both really good footballers. They know where to go and they hit targets. Rosman is not quite there yet. His skills and what he does it good but the natural footy sense isnt there yet. Petty is outstanding in the backline - only him and Bowey back there doing anything. lots of intercepts. Farmer would look better in a good team, he's going ok. Bedford doing Bedford things - a lot of chasing. Bradke going ok. Br
  2. Nothing at all. Even the full draftee list on the Herald Sun doesn't have heights.
  3. I am a big fan of Spargo, but the side step and the agility that Laurie has is better than Spargo's. Which is fine, Spargo has a lot of other talents as well. In terms of heigh - 179 and 175cm. If we compare that to Richmond: 179: Rioli, Stack 178: Lambert, Short 177: Arts 175: Bolton, Prestia 173: Baker I was shocked to begin with, but the more I've watched, read, and thought about it, I think the boys will be ok. We do have the tall boys to help them out. I do share your excitement for Rosman though - what an interesting prospect.
  4. Very true. Played HB and wing in his underage year and was setting himself for more midfield time in 2020. Laurie was forward and wing but setting himself to go into the middle in 2020 with no Rowell and Anderson for Oakleigh. So it’s really hard to know how good they are in a range of positions for us. But there is a half back, wing, and forward position there if they want it.
  5. A nice read: https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/2020/05/27/marquee-matchups-joshua-clarke-vs-bailey-laurie/ Other thing that I keep reading about Laurie is that he set himself to play finals in a really hard team to crack last year (Oakleigh with Rowell and Anderson) and got there and had an impact. Ended up as one of the best on ground in the grand final and it was his best game all year. Clearly an upward trajectory and works hard.
  6. This is really worth a read: https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/2020/06/02/marquee-matchups-jake-bowey-vs-errol-gulden/ The more I am reading about Jake, the more I am realising, sheesh I know why he went round 1. NAB league in 2019, he was one of the reasons the Dragons made it so deep into the comp. Named in the best across the Dragons' year, including in the finals. Named in the best in the Futures game as well in 2019. And the thing I keep reading is that he is a winger, not a forward. Maybe Taylor does know a thing or two.
  7. Maybe he will get an invitation to train (as he seems to already have one) and he can try and make the list as we can add 2 players to it now at any time as we have the spots open. I think that a few clubs will have 3-4 guys training at the start of the season to see if they can make the list. Not a bad way to do it if you have a group of guys that are speculative. Or maybe he is going to uni in Melbourne next year and looking to play for Casey.
  8. Cal really needs to get closer to the Melbourne team as he always seems to be guessing what we are doing, and he gets much better mail from other clubs :p All seriousness, picking the draft looks like a dart board right now. I've read up all the bios, there are plenty of players that suit our mix at the picks we have and any combination will be great and a good addition to the team. I know that we are keen to trade out our second rounder, but I'd love to see us take the 3 best kids we can and see what happens.
  9. As he is a father son my understanding is that he can only be a rookie listed if no one places a bid. Looking like rookie at best at this point. which is not bad - see what he can do in the system.
  10. Where we stand: 35 players on the senior list (max 38) 3 on the Rookie A list (maximum 6) 1 on the Rookie B list (max 2) We can have up to 44 players, we have 39, so 5 spots open - 3 senior list (3 draft picks?), and then 2 rookies. But we can just take one player in the draft and then we have hit our minimum number. The minimum list size for each club will be 37, which can be made up by as little as 36 senior listed players and one rookie. To reach 44, clubs can carry 36-38 senior listed players, four-to-six Category A rookies and two Category B rookies.
  11. Thing I'm learning from the NBA draft - no one knows who is taking who and top 5 picks are ending up at 12, guys outside the top 20 in some boards inside the top 10. And the NBA has way more vision and way more scrutiny then we do. Good luck anyone doing a phantom this year...
  12. We have pick 50 and 89 as well. This year you can as many picks as you want into the draft and only use one of them if wanted (NGA stuff) all because of list sizes, weird year, etc. So you'll see some teams take 7 picks into the draft but only use 3. It is an interactive set up so there is no way that I'll be able to post them all. If there are a couple that you want though I can post them up.
  13. Herald Sun have a nice little piece on the top 60 draftees. AFL are only expecting around 50 picks to be taken this year (as per AFL website) https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/afl-draft-2020-dossier-interactive-profiles-stats-and-draft-range-on-all-the-top-prospects-from-around-the-country/news-story/b6eff3e0139aed53c9867837030577cb What I noticed looking at these, then with Twoomey, Knightmare, AFL Draft Central is a lot of discrepancy between picks 8-25. The more and more I read, the more and more I agree with Mahnoey's decision to have 3 picks in the top 28 and
  14. I personally love Eddie Ford’s highlights. Tackles like a beast and jumps a mile high. I know he isn’t going to be taken early - but I’d love to see him make it.
  15. I think it was Mahoney which said that due to the lack of exposure of players this year, players that we rate at 7 might still be there at 18, 19 because what we saw at age 16 can be very different than others. Cal Twoomey joked he isn’t going to do a phantom because he has no idea who will pick who and who are the top performers. great point about Oliver and Bont on trade radio. If they were in this year, they wouldn’t have been first rounders because they used their final year to press their claims as top picks. my guess is that Taylor believes that he has a couple of guy
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