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  1. As a positive, there were a lot of injuries in that squad, so hopefully there are a lot of guys who are going to take those top 20 spots. He is also a project, so they tend to fall. And bar Jackson and Naitanui, ruckman really arent taken high. It is feeling touch and go now and there is a lot of season left.
  2. Knightmatre’s review of Mac in the game Mac Andrew won fans with his final quarter performance for the AFL Academy. With his getting pummelled, Andrews not only continued competing, but dominated once inserted into the ruck during the final quarter. His leap, ruck craft and soft hands stood out and screamed long-term AFL ruckman, and he routinely outleapt his Geelong rivals and tapped the ball down to the advantage of his midfielders. His touch below his knees and tackling suggested further promise. A Melbourne Next-Generation Academy prospect, Andrew at 200cm, 77kg will require time dev
  3. Farmer kicked 3 in the Colts last weekend with 16 touches.... DeClase 25 and 18 and a goal. Raak seems to be an overager? And yes Freeman is the other really interesting one. Clearly talented enough, it was always about his body. I wonder if someone takes the punt and see if he can still make it?
  4. Very interesting. Spargs had to be loving life. It kind of reminds you how very few games we’ve won in the past decade. Even Trac and Brayshaw aren’t on positive terms.
  5. He had a really good game which is when the articles were written and then has been good but not setting the world on fire. Interesting to see what happens with the championships, because he'd be a few down the line for the ruck spot for Vic Metro, but those in front of him are 19 and should be taken mid year.
  6. Yes we have traded our first round pick, but Taj Woewodin (mid) is averaging 20 disposals captaining East Fremantle and featuring in the best. Not first round material by all reports, but sounds like a good chance to be drafted. Mac Andrew (forward / ruck) is going alright for Dandenong Stingrays and is still out of top 20 conversations. If he gets bid on out of the top 20, he is ours. And then we have (worst case) pick 11/12 in the mid-season draft if there are any 19 year olds running around that we like to look of. I'm not too worried about not having a first rounder (as l
  7. North Melbourne have a review up on their website. Nothing about our players though.
  8. From facebook (his name is Trevor): After getting out ti about a 28 point lead, NM came back and Casey in front by 11 at 3/4 time. 9.8.62 to 8.3.51. No Petty after half time. Melks, Daw and Rosman amongst the goal kickers that qtr. Hibbert solid in defence. Melksham continued to get plenty if the ball as well as Vanders. Pretty slippery so lots of skill errors. Final score 12.9.81 to 11.7.73. Goals to Rosman , Daw and Bedford that qtr. I think Risman kicked 3 fir the game and impressed
  9. It smells to me like we aren’t happy with our wing options. That Baker and Harmes didn’t do what we needed and Rodman isn’t there yet. See how this bloke goes, no harm no foul.
  10. Positives are far and few between, but they are good ones. Bowey has maybe had 15 already? And only one (around his body) has been ineffective. Laurie also very composed. They are both really good footballers. They know where to go and they hit targets. Rosman is not quite there yet. His skills and what he does it good but the natural footy sense isnt there yet. Petty is outstanding in the backline - only him and Bowey back there doing anything. lots of intercepts. Farmer would look better in a good team, he's going ok. Bedford doing Bedford things - a lot of chasing. Bradke going ok. Br
  11. Nothing at all. Even the full draftee list on the Herald Sun doesn't have heights.
  12. I am a big fan of Spargo, but the side step and the agility that Laurie has is better than Spargo's. Which is fine, Spargo has a lot of other talents as well. In terms of heigh - 179 and 175cm. If we compare that to Richmond: 179: Rioli, Stack 178: Lambert, Short 177: Arts 175: Bolton, Prestia 173: Baker I was shocked to begin with, but the more I've watched, read, and thought about it, I think the boys will be ok. We do have the tall boys to help them out. I do share your excitement for Rosman though - what an interesting prospect.
  13. Very true. Played HB and wing in his underage year and was setting himself for more midfield time in 2020. Laurie was forward and wing but setting himself to go into the middle in 2020 with no Rowell and Anderson for Oakleigh. So it’s really hard to know how good they are in a range of positions for us. But there is a half back, wing, and forward position there if they want it.
  14. A nice read: https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/2020/05/27/marquee-matchups-joshua-clarke-vs-bailey-laurie/ Other thing that I keep reading about Laurie is that he set himself to play finals in a really hard team to crack last year (Oakleigh with Rowell and Anderson) and got there and had an impact. Ended up as one of the best on ground in the grand final and it was his best game all year. Clearly an upward trajectory and works hard.
  15. This is really worth a read: https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/2020/06/02/marquee-matchups-jake-bowey-vs-errol-gulden/ The more I am reading about Jake, the more I am realising, sheesh I know why he went round 1. NAB league in 2019, he was one of the reasons the Dragons made it so deep into the comp. Named in the best across the Dragons' year, including in the finals. Named in the best in the Futures game as well in 2019. And the thing I keep reading is that he is a winger, not a forward. Maybe Taylor does know a thing or two.
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