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  1. Uh god...even with a year like this, I still feel like I'm more likely to die from the second jab than I am to see us win a flag - and nobody dies from the second jab (sorry - just joking but jeez it's been a long time - when we won our last I was barely old enough to know what it was all about)
  2. Hey Walking - no need to be apprehensive. Every report I've seen says if there is any danger (and it's a minuscule risk, nothing compared to the risk of actually getting covid) it will show up after your first jab. I heard Professor Sharon Leuwin say this morning nobody has died from the second shot. I had my first AZ a couple of months ago, and I was thrilled. Still am, really. I just wish everybody would get vaccinated so we can get out of this.
  3. I didn't see the interview, but I notice that three more women have come out and made allegations that he behaved inappropriately. That's adding up to a lot of women. Sounds like a creep, if nothing else. Hardly 'fighting for justice' - fighting for his own reputation. Also, I never like it in these situations when the alleged perp says he (usually a he) was 'proven innocent'. I know nothing about the law, but surely he was found not guilty on the grounds of insufficient evidence - a lack of proof? So many alleged sexual predators get off because there's 'no proof' - that may be because t
  4. jeez, wish I could get my 8 hours of paid work done in 16
  5. I know everyone has says this, but we've had nobody like him since the early Aaron Davey.
  6. No dog? Bit harsh. He's got Eric.
  7. Er...right. Thanks for that.
  8. I wouldn't try to persuade you that Morrison allowed it to escape into the community - he obviously didn't (although, interestingly, as the article Dieter just posted says, ultimate responsibility for quarantine control is a Federal responsibility - the States had to take it over in a hurry when they realized Morrison had done nothing about it, as is his wont - maybe Dutton should resign?) All I'm saying is that Morrison had responsibility for infection control in the aged care sector and that he failed that responsibility miserably. Sure, there was an existing Royal Commission whic
  9. Yes, I get it perfectly. The Andrews government set up the hotel quarantine system and did it poorly. The responsible minister resigned. I also think Pakula should resign. What you seem completely incapable of understanding is that 80% of the deaths occurred in places for which Morrison was responsible for infection control. He failed this task miserably, putting the profits of the owners above the health of the residents. He bears much of the responsibility for the deaths. He understands this, even if you don't, which is why he won't call a Royal Commission into the overall pandemic.
  10. Hmmm... maybe - we'll see which gets bigger headlines in tomorrow's Herald-Sun
  11. Just one further point - O'Brien calling for Royal Commission into Hotel Quarantine - you'll never see him calling for a Commission into Victoria's overall response to the pandemic, of course, because he knows who was responsible for infection control in the aged care system. Notice the timing of Morrison's review into aged care - same day as the Coate's report. What a coincidence.
  12. Yes, I tend to be a Labor voter, but the hotel quarantine was obviously poorly handled. At least the relevant minister has resigned - unlike her Federal counterpart, who was responsible for infection control in the area where 80% of the deaths occurred. Enquiry report released today: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-21/victoria-coronavirus-aged-care-report-contains-damning-findings/12996532 Makes grim reading - staff unqualified, often couldn't even speak English, minimal infection control, etc.. - all because Federal government handed the system over to
  13. None of your juvenile anti-vaxing BS here, thanks. Not even a whiff. Lives of our health care heroes and old people - in fact, all of us - depend on it.
  14. Yes, that's what I was thinking. I asked him a while back how old he was. From his posts, I figured he was about fourteen. Even the conservatives among the rest of us can usually mount a cogent argument.
  15. Many of the swing states had Republican legislatures which forbade the counting of absentee and postal ballots until the upfront ones were counted. This was because they knew that Democrats - quite sensibly wary of the virus - were less likely to vote in person. Diaper Don's plan was to win the first day, scream fraud as the absentees rolled in, then try and sue his way to the Supreme Court, where he thought he had the numbers. This litigious technique is how he's conducted his whole career. The result was cartoonish. I've lost count of how many morons I've seen fuming: 'Trump had
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