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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. True. My god, these people. Demetriou showed his true colours when he left the game. Everything he touched (dodgy colleges etc) turned to [censored]. No doubt he's still lolling by the pool in some mansion somewhere. What were his qualifications? From memory, maybe an ex primary school teacher? Not even a decent conman.
  2. Maynard would have ripped his nose off. It was Maynard's birthday yesterday. I sent him a card saying 'Whatever else Gus does with his life, he'll always be remembered as one of the heroes who gave us our first flag in 57 years. Whatever else you do with your life, you'll always be remembered as the coward who smashed him in the skull with your shoulder when he was at his most vulnerable".
  3. Yep, it's disgusting. Max basically gets mauled every game, hardly ever awarded frees for it. Dunno how he puts up with it, really. That great fat goose Cox is the worst offender. Max is incredible - just keeps coming back for more. But surely the club could put in some kind of official complaint?
  4. Yep, sure they'll close the loophole over the off season. They fully realise it's leaving them wide open to future litigation. They've already achieved their short-term goal: of making it more likely the Filth get into a Grand Final and the AFL knobs get their bonuses. My god, it's disgusting. This bunch of corporate wankers have taken over our beloved community game, corrupted it from within. I remember seeing this lovely Leunig cartoon, years ago. It began: They're privatising things we own together, they're flogging off the people's common ground, And though we're still connected by the weather, They say that sharing things is now unsound.
  5. Uh god, the effin biomechanics guy. A Collingwood hack with a degree. Was he wearing a lab coat and a tin hat? Spent the night confusing the tribunal boneheads with science and demonstrating it was physically impossible for Maynard to do what Kozi casually did soon afterwards.
  6. His on coach said he had malice (just not much - doesn't take much)
  7. Yes, they're incredible. Taylor, Buckley, Cornes etc. Dumb as, the lot of them. Lloyd is the one I look at it in genuine astonishment. Was a good forward, but my god, this guy gets a gig on a major TV program? Using his mouth? Has absolutely zero intelligence, wit, repartee, charisma, just stares at the camera like a wombat in the headlights then mumbles some inanity. And they get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for this? Jesus. My wife is an ED nurse who worked right through the pandemic and earns about a fifth of what these buffoons get.
  8. Sorry, haven't read the whole thread. Worn out and angry. Any suggestions what we do now, to encourage an appeal? Could our club be doing more to encourage it? That cowardly thug could well have cost us the game, not to mention a premiership (I say cowardly very deliberately. Launching his shoulder into the head of a guy with a history of concussion when his victim was totally exposed and focusing on playing football, as opposed to assaulting people) . (I know an appeal is unlikely, and a successful appeal even less likely, but at least it might be a nuisance to The Filth) God, this is infuriating. We had a very small window of opportunity to win a flag and it's passing. We were blessed with a great centre group, led by Max, but I presume they're all getting over the hump now. Dammit. Fifty year supporter, twenty-five year member, and I still haven't seen a bloody premiership (though watching it on telly was pretty good - Imagine seeing one live)
  9. I must have missed the subject at Law where they taught that word. Rationonately?
  10. Wankery (I was at Melbourne Uni law school for long enough to know that the faculty was full of em, and they were full of themselves.
  11. ha Hate the way you use your faux-legal phrasing (like 'Player Maynard') to give the (wrong) impression that you know what you're talking about. You may be an ex-lawyer, but you're not in court now - you don't have a responsibility to be either on the side of or against a defendant. You're on a Demons' football fans website - you're acting like you've been appointed head of Maynard's defence. This could have serious consequences for our club. I'm sure the AFL monitors fans' reaction to events like this. Seeing such one-sided commentary on the main Demons' website could encourage them to give in to the Collingwood machine. Best you take your little peruke and disappear.
  12. The wine bottle (and the spin surrounding it) is part of the incident - it's the Collingwood machine swinging into action.
  13. This thread has been one of the most disappointing things I've seen in my many years on Demonland. How can anyone who feels 'sorry' for Maynard, or who utters a syllable in his defence, call themselves a Demons' supporter? Maynard says he's a mate of Gus's, even dropped around with a bottle of wine to demonstrate it (aw shucks, what a guy). Therefore he obviously knows how the horrors of concussion have affected Gus's and his partner's families. Despite this, he jumped late at Gus when he was at his most vulnerable, totally exposed. Then, rather than simply putting out his hands, he twisted and lowered his shoulder so that he bashed him in the skull and knocked him out of the finals. Maynard knew exactly what he'd done (indeed, he'd apparently been talking about it in the days before) . Look at that pathetic footage of him trying to show the umpire that he was putting out his hands. Er no, you vicious mongrel, you didn't put out your hands, you put in your bloody shoulder. That act of what even Maynard's coach admits was malice (see the previous post by Leave it to Deever- McCrae says there wasn't much malice in it - ie there was some) more than likely cost us the game and could have cost us a premiership. If Maynard does get off on appeal, it will only be due to the brute force of the Collingwood media machine, which sprang into action as soon as the incident occurred (oh BT). So please, anybody on this site, don't add your voice to it.
  14. This is really unsettling my internal workings (ie making me want to spew) If you're heading for a collision, you put your hands out. If you turn your shoulder into a vulnerable opponent's head and knock him out, that's four weeks. Of course with the money-hungry Gill in charge, Brayshaw will probably be cited for striking Maynard's shoulder with his skull. And why is that monster Cox allowed to run around squashing everybody with his great blubbery bulk?
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