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  1. Long did a lot of good work in opposition to racism over the years, but he'd have to do a damn sight more before I'll ever forgive him for that. Happened right in front of me. Sickening.
  2. Not sure what you're trying to say. I'm in favour of the public health rules, so of course I'm against public protests for virtually any cause right now. Professional epidemiologists may vary slightly in their views, but you'd have to go a long way to find one who'd support the anti-vax gibberish a few people have posted on this thread.
  3. Hear hear. Please get this anti-vax crap outta here. Vaccines are the only defence we have against this disease which - as well as killing millions of people - is preventing most of us from watching live the best team we've had in fifty years, not to mention removing our home ground advantage. Anti-vax jerks are the reason we're in this mess. Interesting article by epidemiologist on the ABC website this morning pointing out that both of our recent surges have occurred in the wake of those massive fruitcake protests in the city.
  4. I knew it was coming but it still hurts. Been a supporter for 60 years, member for over twenty. Best chance we've had for a flag in that time. Somewhere inside me was a quiet little prayer that the numbers would come down and we just might be able to sneak into The G. All gone because Morrison, unlike just about every other leader in the developed world, couldn't organize a vaccine and Gladys wanted a bloody picnic.
  5. Hey Goffy Give your wife our love. What a job. Mine's doing similar - works as a midwife in a major hospital's Emergency Dept. My god, they're doing it tough. She's asleep right now, getting ready to do a night shift - and she'll have to wake up and see on the news that a bunch of morons are out there protesting for their 'liberties'. Liberties ...jeez, what's that even mean? Their god-given right to infect and kill their own grandparents.? You could add all their IQs together and you wouldn't get Tom Scully's father (sorry, I don't think I know exactly what that means either, but you get the gist - he was just the dumbest person I could think of when I wrote that sentence) Cheers
  6. Love this comment. That's about how I feel (including the bit about often feeling under-qualified to comment) Good luck to you (and to us all)
  7. The genius who closed the Fairfield infectious diseases hospital? The Elliott [censored] on 3AW is worse. Dan Andrews could discover a cure for cancer and Elliott would be bagging him for putting oncologists out of work.
  8. I'm just catching up with the day's news. Lemme get this straight. Berejiklian is suggesting we have to learn to live with covid? Ie Let it rip? This just after her state's been given the majority of the new Pfizer doses? Jeez... I didn't mind the extra shots going to NSW because that's where the worst outbreak is (even though that was partly her fault because of her pathetic lockdown), but it's a bit rich if they're going to vax up then let the rest of us suffer - especially Victoria, whose residents have suffered more than anyone.
  9. Good luck, friend. Lockdown/s tough, but the alternative's worse. As someone else said above, the footy has been a pleasant distraction. Maybe we'll even see Max holding up the cup.
  10. Good points, Binman. Most telling stat I've heard about our Federal leaders lately: Morrison made around 55 calls to world leaders trying to get Cormann a job with the OECD but not a single one to the head of Pfizer trying to get more vaccines. I was dismayed by Morrison's complete lack of moral support for Victorians during last year's outbreak. Barely a syllable: just send in the attack dogs. Not that I had very high expectations of Morrison anyway. I'm a CFA volunteer; while we were out getting overwhelmed by those monstrous fires in The Black Summer, he was swanning around Hawaii. His Churchillian war-cry? I don't hold a hose, mate.
  11. Jeez ... just heard today's numbers. 29 - none of them in isolation. Sorry for any people in hospitality etc but... thank god Andrews went for the snap lockdown.
  12. Just looked at today's numbers in NSW. 44 in ICU. None of them fully vaccinated. Draw your own conclusions.
  13. Anybody who's hanging back from getting the jab - toughen up ya wuss!
  14. Bit harsh for the poor front-line health workers who have to treat them (I know I said this somewhere back in this thread but my wife's an emergency nurse - recently she was caring for a patient whose partner was refusing to wear a mask properly - in the end had to get security to chuck him out)
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