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  1. Kate Roffey is an extremely competent individual, is well connected in Melbourne and should make a great President. Exciting stuff.
  2. A good sign that that pretty much every guy JT drafts or wants to draft has turned into a good player. Let's see how Max Holmes pans out for Geelong - he could be another to add to the list.
  3. Clarry is a better footballer than Petracca, Shuey and Cripps. None of the other listed "dime a dozen" inside midfielders currently on our list come close to influencing a game the way Oliver does every week.
  4. The most unfairly disrespected superstar in the league. We're not likely going to see a better first 100 games for a long time. Well done Clarry - now sign that contract!
  5. I have a bit to do with Werribee FC and back what @goodoil and @dazzledavey36 have said above. Great bloke and football mind - I LOVE this hire.
  6. We've offered Nick Hind a 3 year deal, as has Essendon.
  7. Wrong. Delisting senior players is one thing, doing it in the fashion we did is another. Absolutely appalling way to treat guys who'd given their all to the club for the bulk of their careers.
  8. He'll play the Cam Pedersen role for us. Solid pick up.
  9. I agree, but we don't know what other sides are planning. If we think he's our guy, but think the Dogs will take him at 13, you've just gotta bite the bullet.
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