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  1. Of Course, but in reality, its just not in some peoples DNA... it is in Jacks.
  2. The anti-Jackers tend to see what he doesn't do rather that what we does do. he is unconditional, that's a trait I would have in my team every week rather than some that pick and choose. He has his limitations and they can be frustrating but he will keep getting better. Trade Brayshaw, I swear he has regressed as a footballer and is nothing but run of the mill. Can't have AVB either, he is tough but slow.
  3. So we go taller and I think Sparrow or Spargo makes way or both. I hope at least 2 changes. I think Melksham needs to come in.
  4. I agree that Kozzie may need a rest later in teh year, but not now, he needs to get back to doing what he did in first 8/9 games.. he is often caught in teh middle of play, watch closely, i honestly think he needs to play out of the square, tell him he has a rope on him, not to get to far up the ground unless having a run on the ball. I reckon teams would love to see him up past HFF, hes not tackling and kicking goals from there. get him 25mout and tell him just to play on instinct again, not worry about being in a zone once we dont have the ball.
  5. I Honestly think there may be no change... and i would be fine with that, and if its BB in then ok with that as well. Brown looked better, more mobile, but maybe another week, come in choc full of confidence. Jonesy looked really good but again, i think he is a last resort, in fact they all looked good against the Dons. Kozzie has trailed off and its natural, i think he is a bit confused about what his role is, he needs to stay closer to goal i think, he needs a bit of goal confidence, ANB had had a good year, was hardly sighted on Saturday night, but along with Sparrow was our top tackler. We defended so hard that our fwd 50 structure was a bit off, both got up way to high, but i think its worth another go at that set up. Its a big game, another match we have to bank, because of our hard run home and the Dogs easy next 5 weeks.
  6. I think if its Ben or Weid or Mitch we need an extra tall in, although rain might play a part. I would play an extra tallit will allow Max to play down back a bit deeper. our strength has been our weakness in both games we have lost. Defence. We defended too deep, it allows short hit up kicks, i would want Max to drift down back when he can, deep, which will allow Lever to roam that 40-60ms out which takes away the short hit up. Match ups for Stringer, AMT, Parish and Hind will be critical i reckon in this match. We simply must hard tag Parish.
  7. I think it has to be Weid - Out / Jack In I would start Jack up forward, get him to terrorise their backs, get him to upset Hind, make them look around. Ease him back into the side. Also must tag Parish, Harmes to run with him and hurt him the other way, no teams has really tried, that's why he keeps getting touches, he is a really good clearance and follow up next possession player, lets blanket him. Get Trac h2h with Merrett, i know who will be more damaging.
  8. Yep i agree and they have been brilliant all year, its going to happen, the problem was it all happened on the same day Gawn / Oliver / Trac / TMac / Lever / May / Fritsch / Langdon / Salem all had or were very close to season worst games. It was left to way to few and young blokes especially. The negativity in this post is understandable, but we must look at the positives and at 11-2 there have been many many many positives.
  9. We cant play BB off teh back of no VFL footy, he need e a month of solid games to get his match fitness at a level, that has all but evaporated.. he cannot come in to teh side until he gets a bank of games into his legs, no footy last year, minimum pre season.. its not fair on him. He should be coming in in r16 ready to get going. Mitch Brown is the player, he is mobile, we looked better in attack when he played, mobile.
  10. We need to get our head around the fact that we will lose more games in teh run to the finals.. its going to happen, Bombers might beat us.. its incredibly even comp.. that is why 11-2 is an amazing place to be at the break. I trust us, i think we had a bad day, our worst for the year easily.. but its going to happen, all key players were down at the same time. Its a good reset, i think they need a break mentally as much as physically, we are a team that has suffered badly from expectation in the past, we have carried that burden every match, 2 intense Friday night build ups, big wins, there is a let down factor in all of that, freshen up, probably time to reset.
  11. Not a chance the Pies go for an untried coach.. that club is falling apart, they will not trust the future of a club to a first time coach. Its Ross Lyon's to lose..
  12. I like Melk for what he can do but get really frustrated by what he doesn't do.. and he ain't doing much lately. Weid stays in.. no VFL means you cant bring Ben Brown in.. he needs miles in his legs.. Weid got hands to most.. i think he needs another week or 2 to see what he can do. OUT: MELK IN: LINGERS
  13. There is zero chance of a full crowd for the big freeze game at the G, 10% chance of a small capacity crowd.. lets move it.. it deserves it after missing last year.. Neale, in what could be his last year deserves to watch it.
  14. I would not be messing with the set up of the back 6.. leave hunt where he is, he is playing his role.. no need to mess with that chemistry. This is a free hit in a way.. so lets try someone on the wing... if its baker, then lets give him a go, if its Sparrow in and ANB to the wing then lets try it, maybe its Tom Mc plays up a bit higher.. try lots of things but dont mess the back 6 up unnecessarily IMO.
  15. Is SCG all of a sudden not available because the Saints and Swans cant play in Cairns.. its all just a giant (pardon the pun) mess.
  16. i was against the GABAB originally, but get a full crowd in, make it an event, beat them at home.
  17. would be madness if we dont select a player for the immediate future rather than a long term prospect. Get Stengle, get Freeman.. they can play.. we managed to control teh HB project, he let us down but it was clear we as a club were able to handle, wouldn't have years ago..
  18. SCG is the best result.. purely based on footy. Smaller ground, our pressure will be suited to it.. it takes some of their electric movement out of it, probably neutralises no Langdon as much as any ground. We can beat Brisbane, i have no doubt, but it will be in teh middle again. Harmes to Zorko, he is in outstanding form and a real catalyst for the Lions. Clarry to take on McLuggage.
  19. Its carnage everywhere, life and footy. Its really hard to accept and take at the moment, very deflating.. Game surely cant go ahead tomorrow night..
  20. happy that ANB has showed something this year Dr.D, he has been good, he had to though IMO, i think he has been underwhelming, but a new year a new a clean slate and im happy to see him go well.
  21. In my opinion the club should make a complaint. Im absolutely sick of commentators making it all about them. Jimmy Bartel hass a really good footy brain and i like him, he was relegated to a bit player a sidehow. Its simply not good enough and the media landscape in the country when it comes to covering sport is so far below credible its not funny.
  22. The commentary was flat out amateurish, insulting and embarrassing. Its such a blight on our game and its at an all time low.
  23. Yep understand, no doubt if he has a niggle or 2 a rest should be on the cards.
  24. I would imagine they will be very cautious due to his history and at 8-0 we have that luxury. If it takes another 4/5 weeks then so be it. This is exactly why early wins are some important. Also why we should target another midfielder in the mid season draft!
  25. This is now an important part of our season.. we need to make the most of this draft. Do we need an extra back or another outside runner? What is everyone's thoughts? this is no longer just a draft to fill spare spots, we need to make sure this is used as a strategic move to add to our list and help with player management.
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