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  1. I've had a beard for 10 years. I shaved the bastard off when we won. Nobody recognised me
  2. True Melbourne spirit not knowing his name lol
  3. Brayshaw was the turning point
  4. Three goals in 50 seconds. The third best time of my life. After the birth of my 2 sons
  5. There's a few bulldogs copying from this thread and posting it on bigfooty. Hi guys.... 👹👋👋👋
  6. He's like Mitchell to me. Lots of touches but goes hardly anywhere. We don't need to tag him. We just need to do our jobs better than they do theres. Which we will
  7. Not hard at all if you stop the video
  8. This thread is redundant.... the video on the mfc Facebook page putting the logos on the jumper clearly shows a blue back. Everybody was jumping at shadows
  9. Not every listed player. Only players that played at least one game
  10. They could wear fuchsia g strings for all I care. Just win
  11. I bought two copies for Christmas presents. Not touching them until then
  12. I would rather play a bunch of midgets than give him another chance
  13. When he has that cup in his hand to give over to Max I'm gonna bawl my eyes out
  14. Getting unsolicited messages from newbies wanting barcodes is not cool
  15. Don't worry about her. She's from Geelong and knows nothing about any other teams in the comp. She's complete garbage
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