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  1. His usual corporate speak. Does my head in
  2. They were 39 points up against Wangaratta rovers and got rolled in the last qtr. Man was it sweet viewing
  3. At the ground he was wide open all night but we didn't kick it to him
  4. Well, being at the game. It was pretty enjoyable game tbh. Clearly 2 of the best 4 teams
  5. Looks like 3 train lines are down. So 90,000 will not happen
  6. Can anybody tell me which bays are general admission, it's not on the MCG website
  7. Then kicks a great one on the siren. Good start!
  8. That kick right there is why he's in the team
  9. Massive push in the back. No surprise
  10. Maybe, but still better than weid
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