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  1. It's really hard to even care with the latest stuff that's come out, I'm just about done.
  2. No fumbles tonight please, cost us so many clean possessions and halted a surge forward numerous times because they couldn't hold onto the ball or pick it up clean hands guys
  3. Tbh I don't think they gave the gawndy combo a real chance. How many games did they play together in the dry?
  4. But how many has he cost with his brain farts or good selfish attitude? No Fages wouldn't buy that still didn't mean I like him lol
  5. You're a legend whatwhat thanks so much! See ya there 😁
  6. I think it is the stars of other teams that people tend to hate. My list: Cripps - dog that gets off any suspension. Daicos bros - cocky [censored] that I want to punch their smug faces off. Fyfe - the day I saw him kick a goal at the g, fall to the ground then start doing push ups was the day I decided he is a [censored]. Zorko - has little man syndrome. Danniher - has done nothing but thinks he's the greatest of all time. Buddy - have it from great authority he doesn't have the time of day for us plebs and was a massive drug users and womaniser during his Hawthorn days. That's it...... For now.
  7. I didn't actually realise Paxman changed her name to Paxy Paxman, commentators kept calling her Paxy and I'm like WTF 🤣
  8. Yeah I hate this new fly for everything from him, he should be front and centre while the talls bring it to ground, so frustrating.
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