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  1. Wow, dinner of you guys really message a lot of sense. Maybe if enough of you contact the club with these concerns you may get some answers, especially if you hound them enough.
  2. In regards to Viney disrupting the balance, I would really prefer Gus to fill that void, definitely not Chompers. Really think Harmes has gone backwards and the less we see if him the better.
  3. Year is over in Feb, wouldn't be normal if it wasn't. So sick of our crappy luck.
  4. I'm pretty sure it will all be Burgos fault entirely.
  5. Thanks for the reports. Tmac please don't bring your don't argue back coz everytime you did it they argued and won! Face it mate, you're not a master debator like dust is. It would be nice if we could have a few years where we are all excited about pre season then those expectations are actually lived up to.
  6. My feeling on it was club knew about the swelling from the get go. They are a professional spring club, anyone that thinks they knew nothing about it or didn't get all the information need to get their heads checked. Club knew he had it last year, instead of sending him in for surgery he possibility may not of needed, as it could have healed naturally over the break, they tested it. Got him training and started ramping it up, oh look it's happen again let's send him to our knee specialist and get best course of action. But I guess in doing that, the professional sporting club,
  7. This was going to be my exact comment. No one, not 1 single one of us, knows what goes into recruiting any player, stop pretending you do. I can understand the fear of losing him long term but the truth is, until something is said we don't know. What ifs and plain old guessing you know what is going on is pointless.
  8. Thanks @george_on_the_outer, appreciate the effort mate
  9. Just do what hawthorn did with frawley, tell him he is not to kick it under any circumstances lol
  10. Hell yes, fantastic reports guys. Thank you for all your time and efforts.
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