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  1. Unfortunately that troublesome calf is back
  2. As most agree our forward line needs some work and whether it's BBB or someone else idk but something needs to happen if we are to go deep into September. Your defence can only do so much but you still actually need to kick goals when you have the chance and ATM were barely doing that, and it's getting worse. Ok that said, great win, [censored] crowd, take the 4 points and move on, nothing else to see here.
  3. Yeah I heard that, pay a free kick against him then you friggin gutless maggot.
  4. It makes the games very hard to watch
  5. Watch it without the sound as all you can hear is praise for Essendon from the commentators and a constant boo from the [censored] Essendon supporters
  6. Couldn't agree more @Jaded. Overrated, arrogant and blind to any way but his. Perfect fit for Collingwood.
  7. Opinions are like farts, everyone else's stinks, they are hard to hold in and when you let one go, at least one person will leave the room.
  8. That is dead set [censored] GOLD! Great win by all. I'm still not a believer as there is still so much season to go plus finals but that game last night rattled the cage.
  9. This is exactly how I'm feeling about tonight's game, thanks balls for putting my thoughts into words in a much better way than I could ever have done.
  10. Is there anything official about our tests yet?
  11. In: covid Out: every mfc player.
  12. I really don't understand the AFLs hesitation to make them full time. It's not like there wouldn't be enough for them to do ffs. The players are now professional, it's time to bring the umps up to the same standard.
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