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  1. Damn was hoping for a draw so neither of these 2 won.
  2. @ArtificialWisdom you were a ology man weren't you?
  3. Ffs. Chompers, you better play like you have earned that spot.
  4. Briefly went to 'ology but my heart beats true for 'land
  5. Agreed, hope we've seen the last of him. May get a few possessions but butchers it every time.
  6. God I hope Harmes doesn't come back any time soon
  7. Weren't people saying Bartlett was looking really sick at the AGM?
  8. Winning ugly, I'll always take a win.
  9. Be interesting to see how we go without Harmes butchering the ball with every possession. Oh wait it will just be someone else butchering the ball with every possession.
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