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  1. Great round up Phil, all great suggestions (I'm an Alice local as well). Can I also suggest that if you are seeking to purchase Aboriginal art while in Alice that you shop at an ethical gallery such as any of the ones (based in Alice Springs) listed here: https://desart.com.au/member-art-centres/ Also Talapi Gallery in the Todd Mall and Raft Artspace (8 Hele Cresent) are the two commercial galleries that deal exclusivley with Aboriginal Owned and directed art centres. Be great to see some Demons crew in town again. Go Dees!
  2. Demons to be wearing black arm bands this weekend. A very sad passing. Expect announcements to be made in the coming days.
  3. Mate I had trouble at first but realised that when I cut and pasted the code there was a space at the end of the code that their website didn’t like. when you redeem the code just make sure to delete the space at the end of it if it’s there. I hope that makes sense.
  4. Dr the mistake you made was in interpreting your info, nothing is ever 100% until an official announcement surfaces. Doubling down, day after day, even when there was a rising tide of information contradicting yours was silly. I'm happy for the info, keep posting, chin up and go Dees!
  5. Can someone with a subscription provide a summary of this article?
  6. Gee whizz Evil, not doubting you or your intel, but don't you want to perhaps cut yourself some slack in the chance that perhaps he may have changed his mind, or been swayed elsewhere? I admire and respect your willingness to stay the course, but maybe, just maybe things have changed?
  7. Let's get real and breakdown mail from rumours. Out's Preuss - GWS request, Player has requested. It has been suggested that his going price will be a late 30's, early 40's pick McDonald T - likely staying unless a good deal comes for him, Rumour only ANB - trade bait but heard nothing specific, Rumour only Hannan - WB interest, Rumour only Jetta - coll interest, Rumour only In's? B Brown - apparently we are frontrunners. Some rumours suggesting that Collingwood are very interested and so is he. I Smith - apparently likely to come. Reported that we have interest but so too do the Cat's. T Phillips - no link to dees that ive heard. Damien Barrett stated that: 'A left footed wingman. That's what the Demons want, and two have the bait in front of them: Isaac Smith and Tom Phillips.' N Hind - rumour. Agreed. C Hooker - read that he could seek a move possibly to Melbourne. First I've heard of it.
  8. From 12 September 2019, our old mate Barry was around the traps at the time!: The Roos have also said they will part ways with list manager Michael McMahon, and other recruiting staff in Barry Prendergast and Nick Byrne will also depart.
  9. According to Pie fans on Bigfooty he can’t kick to save himself. But according to this article, admittedly from 2018, he ranks reasonably along side the 2018 version of Andrew Gaff. https://www.afl.com.au/news/134700/determined-phillips-repaying-pies-faith
  10. Nah, my wife did though. Plenty of Dees supporters in Yuendumu and nearby Nyirrpi. Tickets to this year’s Alice game will be a premium!
  11. I’m off work at the moment so watched almost the entire AFL Draft telecast via the app. Cal Twomey said that he had asked a number of recruiters who they’d take at three and he said the majority did not hesitate to say Jackson. I know this fact won’t sway the Demonland experts but seriously cannot wait to giggle at the reaction on here to Jackson’s name being called at Pick 3.
  12. Cal Twomey tweeting three way trade for 8 between Freo, Adelaide and us: Another trade in the works. Freo poised to move up to pick 8 in a three-way deal with Melbourne and Adelaide.
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