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  1. Brown of the Jonathan variety would struggle in our forward line with our delivery and game style. Fritter is struggling to have an impact most weeks
  2. The umpires are consistent in their inconsistency
  3. Hessian gloves locked onto both hands
  4. May have met unofficially in the cheer squad. We used to come down from Albury. Excited for today's game! We are in section 149 Hopefully the cheer squad end?
  5. Nice to see a few of us in Adelaide this morning. Might have to find you WCW!
  6. Sorry I should have said marking contests not standing under the ball. He's not Tmac
  7. It would be extremely difficult to be a forward when the opposition is flooding the forward line. If they were asking Weid to block that is not his go, it's Tmacs. Weid is always more productive when on the move and one on one. Most players are. I have seen him work much better as the link man. I would have liked to have seen him play in the backline at Casey. The back up Jacko role would suit him best as mentioned above. Whilst we are pontificating on Weid, I am concerned that he may have some vision/spacial awareness problems that may be impacting him. I am sure that the club would be all over this.
  8. So proud of the mental and physical strength these guys have. It's amazing
  9. Must stop bombing the ball to the pack of 6. No chance of getting a F50 mark. Not the go for weid or fritata either
  10. No I'm surre it not. The intensity has been incredible. We have definitely not switched off.
  11. This is all Richmond have. Waiting for the reset in the 3rd
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