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  1. I am not surprised that Tmac is still with us but IF he can get back to fitness he will be a better version of Pedo. I am hoping that a rotation of TMAc., Tomlinson. And Weeds could create some problems for the opposition with all playing back. Wing/lead up forward and resting on the bench. Maybe a little ruck relief as well!
  2. Thank you for that sealing goal in the EF! Hope that you enjoyed our standing ovation, we certainly did!
  3. God help any opposition who pick up the ball with viney in our forward line!
  4. Where's the Jack GIF?
  5. The supporters should have a few recommendations!
  6. I really think that the answer is lack of continuity over the past 2 years. Our backline has nearly gelled but we were hurt by injuries last year but this year we were hurt by not being able to train to our system. We were only able to train in line groups. I think that we need 3 new players in our 22. A key forward, a specialist winger and another top quality crumber. I don't think that we are far off.
  7. I think OD has an excellent point. This year has underlined the need to be a progressive, aggressive club. We can't afford to be like north. The time is now, we are all getting older. Only the strongest will survive. We need the best coaches and the best list manager. Im still not sure what our "brand" is But it pizzes me off that Carlton seems to have so much love. I have felt sorry for them!
  8. Be able to train as a group. Haven't had the opportunity through injury last year and covid this year.
  9. The hub life would have been extremely difficult for him
  10. So you're saying there's a chance!
  11. He is a quality human being
  12. Would like to have seen him tried as a forward. Better kick and more agile than his brother
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