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  1. We have both rejoined this year. Will be at the back of the cheersquad V the dogs!
  2. The naysayers have no idea how much we missed a fit frittata last yr
  3. Tomlinson and TMAC could be the difference if they can get fit Petty is crucial
  4. Perhaps he will be cherry ripe for the last 4-6 weeks of 2024!
  5. The opposition We are moving the ball too slowly and bombing it in
  6. BB should be the long option in the square. The other forwards should be on the move. If we can get the smalls to crumb to him it would be a good plan. Must be quicker with our movement The flooding in the forward line is killing us
  7. Hi All There are cheap flights with bonza to get to the treager park game. Where should we stay? We have joined the demon army (cheersquad) this year after a long absence. Can you walk to the ground. We are also looking at spending the 5 days in Adelaide to see both games there. Thanks in advance Shane and Margaret
  8. Seems to have weid covered for marking which means he can get to the ball Eg. Contest. Looks to be a reliable kick also Needs more time
  9. Just got through after 2 hours! Should have had times allocated for each of the games
  10. Any chance we see Kolt 45? AMW to give up 45
  11. West coasts future 1st round + our future first = Target player next year
  12. I would take the future 1st in order to get a ready made like the May Lever trades. Who is likely in our sights?
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