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  1. I am sick of the 5 bloke circle jerk adds around betting. Can't remember it being this bad with beer and smokes
  2. I think that both are behind Viney and Harmes. They will be too good to be reserves
  3. Gus said on the latest podcast that he had made a play list for his dad called sticksy 2.0 on Spotify. I have been enjoying it all week. The songs have new meaning knowing that they have been selected by gus for his dad
  4. I would have liked him to be mentored by May. He needs to learn how to compete and to be physical. I have always believed that Weid would make a good CHB. Petty looks a chance to play FWD with his physicality. It can't hurt to have multiple strings to your bow.
  5. Just had a look back as well. Thinking that we were not quite out of our loading phase. Not a Melbourne performance at all. How important was Viney! Brown not there yet. Completely different form line now. The player we need to quell is Bailey Smith. Viney for Norm Smith. Go Dees
  6. At least they won't roll out of bed!
  7. It looked to me like an injury when your pelvis/ hip rolls forward when you accidentally step off a curve or in a pothole. It just creates a tightness and discomfort. Disappointed that it was not paid a free for a deliberate push in the back. Hoping it was just a twinge for Maysies sake.
  8. If the gathering of people are allowed by the GF can we go to Marvel and watch it there together?
  9. The AFL'S pet projects success or integrity of protecting umpires. Pass the popcorn!
  10. Well done! Swans were much greater threat 6 behinds to finish the game!
  11. I had a woman dressed in full swans gear cheering for Collingwood against us at the SCG. I will be happy if they go out today. Go Jessie
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