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  1. A question for Binners Who should come in for Max given the change to the ruck rules? Do we need a run with ruck as we got taken to the cleaners when essendon played us in adelaide Is Fullarton and Shache basically the same? Cheers Shane
  2. Any chance of following the play with the camera?
  3. Was it joe daniher who got fined when he went full superman a few years ago?
  4. I would be nice not to play all night games. Difficult to attend from the countrx
  5. Looking forward to KB Bringing our one wood
  6. I didnt think id be happy that Bonza was flyi g us to the Alice for this game
  7. It has taken awhile for me to realise that there is only room for 3 gun mids. Perfect strategy to manage the mids by rotating and reducing burn out If we get an A grade mid it will be as viney retires or Tracc plays 70/30 forward We need 3 mid kids thatt will compliiment our 24-28 y.o group and keep us iin Contention ala Geelong We are ahead of tbe curve. If Petty leaves we will clean up
  8. I believe that he has sought sanctuary in the church of the poisoned mind
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