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  1. I think that Max drifting forward is a great move. We will have to see how Jacko goes in the centre. Perhaps McDonald could be the break even ruck? Max looks more likely to mark and kick goals.
  2. Not a surprising result given the players we had missing. WB could play their system without resistance in the middle. That makes it much easier to control every contest on the ground. They are a full strength side. Physically more mature and more experienced. I think those younger players we have will be ready to deliver in 2024. Our 'star' players will be 29 or so by then. If we still exist by then we could be seeing something special. We didnt stick many tackles, alot of slipping over. I thought that Jones was good. I am encouraged by Jordan, Rivers looks like he has second y
  3. Looks like a weideman type. At 24 he would be worth looking at. Majak may be Casey bound this year.
  4. If petracca wins the brownlow then Clarry must have missed most of the year!
  5. All the best to Aaron. Devastating news
  6. Very dysfunctional forward set up which is due to the fact that 4 of our first choice forwards are all out injured/on leave. Richmond are a well drilled club/team. Hope that Nieta is ok
  7. Wow! The awareness from Trac and Clarry in traffic is sublime. Hope they have good health this season.
  8. It will be great to see how is goes. Good luck to him!
  9. I was looking forward to seeing 'our brand'. We seemed to struggle taking marks and hitting a target today. A lot of the games I have seen this year have shown improved skills and great movement of the ball. Unfortunately this was not one of those games.
  10. Gawn is more valuable back as the intercept tall. He also commands the ball from the kick in. I wouldn't have him ruck forward of centre. Daw could add some flexibility in a role with max and dogga.
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