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  1. Well. A long trip back to Wangaratta. Still smiling as I got to spend the whole day with my daughter and had some meaningful talk with her partner. Spent the game waiting for the reset that never came. Seemed like we lost our defensive mindset and our system broke down. I was hoping that the tactical minds on here could describe how things turned out so Badly today. We were also at full strength? Perhaps fatigue had set in, better to learn the lesson today. 2 losses thus far for a total of just 18 points! Could have been a 7 goal loss today. Was Lingers OK, barely noti
  2. The standard lifted with my departure in 96. Had much more fun playing Sunday cricket for the mighty demons!
  3. I used to play out a milawa despite an extreme lack of ability and fitness!
  4. I was thinking that we should put our ski's out as a show of solidarity for the opening of ski season! Have to find someone who owns some to photograph!
  5. Absolutely legal. Have not been to any hotspots. Have declaration ready for inspection!
  6. Saw that too Hardtack. It's a bit difficult when you are coming from. 6.5 hours away!
  7. Yes same. I ended up rebooking as my daughter and her partner are coming too
  8. Me too seat 5 Were you involved with the Sydney supporter group? I'm sure we met on that great day when Brad Miller played the game of his life against BBB Hall and Cameron the Bruce snapped the winning goal!
  9. Woo hoo! Got my ticket for Monday and ordered the indigenous jumper! Will be driving up and down the Hume. Hoping to see u all on the road and at the G-sc
  10. Did anyone else see the forearm to the head of kozzie at the end of the 4th quarter?
  11. Weid is kicking the ball exactly where he is walking in! It's bizarre that he his lining up between the boundary post and the goal post!
  12. Did you see the half time spot with Lynch praising the blocking tactics? I thought that the tactic was illegal?
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