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  1. Set this up at my work station. By the way, I am deep in enemy territory.
  2. Especially torn on this, Jones will be capable of running through brick walls if he is selected. But our GF victory is along time coming and no player is bigger than a club.
  3. Game in April, early in the season. Only 22,000 and sitting on the old wooden seats in the MCC members.
  4. First game: Melbourne vs North Melbourne 1991 Worst Game: Our 1000 game at the MCG. We played Hawthorn. I never left a game no mater how bad it was, until this day. Best game/result, 2005 Rd 21 vs Western Bulldogs
  5. I stood in Weids corner from day one. A change of environment would do him good and if he does come good at another club would be quick to scream, "We should never have traded him" but it's amazing what a different club can do mentally. A new club can also have the reverse outcome and no one will bat an eyelid. My personal opinion, Sam needs to move on to another club and I don't think he can handle a club putting pressure of, "if you don't perform the club will fail". MFC has a history of putting that pressure on young players, it's not intentional but some kids just don't thrive on the "look at me" culture.
  6. I'm not talking about the ones who line up, I'm talking about the ones who rock up 10 minutes before the bounce hoping to get a seat 5 to 10 rows from the fence. You hear them grumble as they drag their family up to the nosebleed section. I look at them bewildered that they think a final would have 4 to 6 seats available that close to the start. Have you never witnessed this? Don't worry, I am lining up there with you. I like to stand in silence with my thoughts and you can't help but eaves drop on a few conversations around you.
  7. I think it's funny because I heard so many in the MCC bellyache in 2018 how they had to line up in the finals. Too many old supporters like their creature comforts of walking up 10 minutes before the bounce knowing their seat is their every game day. 57 years without silverware will do that. With success comes more bums on seats and clubs don't survive without supporter growth. AFL is a business after all. We play to a schedule, not a draw.
  8. Defence look panicked. Trying to do too much
  9. Anyway, you are never going to change someone's mind attacking them but good luck with that. I don't come to Demonland to have serious conversations. Go Dee's and I hope Kossi can rise above this BS.
  10. @Webber Racism is a creation of fear, jealousy and how someone has been brought up. It's an easy way to get to someone psychologically in life and competition. Low hanging fruit insults. Babies have want in an early age, they see something and if they can't reach it they cry about it. Is this the start of jealousy? A baby will see another baby with something they want, they try to take it by force and if unsuccessful they will cry about it. Is this where babies learn jealousy to begin with or is it in their nature to want something. Advertising companies rely on this human nature.
  11. Welcome to the witch burning. 🤣 It's right out of Monty Python here.
  12. Not saying it's fixed but humans are all different. Reprogramming someone is inhumane. Humans have different experiences which create the person they are. You may not agree with how a person is wired because their God tells them to act a certain way but it is wrong to PUSH your God (not just in a religious sense) onto others. Treat others as you would want to he treated. And there will always be evil in the world. Not that this is wanted, just it is illogical to think EVERY human is nice to eachother.
  13. @Lord Nev which bit you face palming now? The bit where I say online bullying is abhorrent? Careful mate because what you are doing is bullying.
  14. Tell me how you like to be misunderstood and labelled something you are not. Attacks are all one direction here.
  15. Yes this whole thread is out of scope to what I thought Demonland was about. Yes online bullying and targeting someone online is abhorrent, what happened to Kossi, Eddie and all indigenous players online should never happen today. But people who troll as a hobby have little care for the burner accounts they create. Talking about them doesn't discourage a troll and thinking you are hurting them this way is laughable. In Kossi's situation the club should handle it, giving him guidance and support. Issue a statement that a member of the club was targeted and reaffirm the club does not tolerate online bullying. We are not helping the situation, it could have been someone with-in Demonland for all we know. Someone with a sick sense of humour creating a burner West Coast chat account to make the West Coast fans look bad. They have caused more damage to the young player. These are people lives you are toying with, it's just football after all.
  16. You are a little misguided in what a troll is. Do correct me if I am wrong but I have not attacked anyone, I just a differing opinion. Just thought a few would be open to getting an understanding of the correct way to deal with trolls but its too far of the textbook you follow so "burn the witch" aye pagans?
  17. Let me give you an insight into the troll, the very thing this is all about. The internet troll has no connection to his account, he has little care for the account. The troll is probably rolling through comments with 3 or 4 accounts. Troll would have multiple Gmail emails and yahoo emails, all the generic easy to get email addresses. How are you going to stop this? How are you going to get to know the person directly to stop them. There is no free speech as long as there is consequence to speech. You can't go around blocking and banning accounts as there are too many and more will pop up. What, is Demonland going to become invite only? That drains the pool a little, stops conversations that challenge you. (Something like echo chambers) There is a reason we grew up in the era of "ignore the bullies and they will get bored and leave you alone" and yes we all copped a few sluggs in the guts for trying. Prepare for the world or it will swallow you up and spit you out.
  18. So you got nothing racist... typical. Another so ready to call someone a racist and you ask them to show where and they give the typical " if you can't see it I'm not going to waist my time in showing you". 🙄
  19. And Daisycutter made a good argument, I acknowledged this.
  20. You can't do that without causing a mass genocide. Look how Germany went removing Jews. That is not the way to go. You will never get 7 billion people to think the same until 7 billion people have a common intergalactic enemy. Human nature is to be the best at all costs. You and I may not have the "at all cost" attitude but someone in the world's 7 billion population does and when we are all tra-la-la prancing in the daisy fields, this 1 in 7 billion will promise a group of people power and wealth and smear us into the earth. Handling the internet may be criteria for player recruitment in the not so distant future.
  21. Dieter, the title of this thread is "MFC player racially abused on social media - club statement"
  22. The point I am making in this thread is you are handling the internet trolls incorrectly. You can't stop the trolls making comments because they always find a way. You need to educate the players, give them the foundation to handle the talk. No it's not easy or a perfect solution and it's not the result alot of you will agree with. Don't talk about what the trolls say and they will get bored and move on.
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