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  1. Yeah that's one game that despite being a loss has some fond memories! I remember plenty of back and forth with the Crows supporters that night.. My first 'away' game was at Windy Hill when Steven Clark had the kick after the siren to win.. We were robbed by a crowd invasion (biased eyes).
  2. Yeah that game helped me forever remember that 8 goals = 48 points.. The next 'safe' margin that is sometimes mentioned is getting to 100 points first.. Not sure if we've managed to prove that wrong too many times. That 2002 Semi -Final game against the Crows is the best analogy for life as a dees supporter I reckon!
  3. Oh the Cuthbertson debut game was unreal- I think he'd been kicking bags in the reserves for weeks in the lead up.. The Brent Heaver debut game was a great one too. Longmire kicked 14 on us that day in 1990- and to think we were pretty good that year!
  4. I turned up to the 'comeback' game against Freo at half time- I was at Uni and decided to swing past the MCG on the way home in case we kicked some goals (which was a rarity in those days).. I like to think this is proof i'm the most optimistic Dees supporter ever!
  5. Going back to the early 90's there was a cold wet day when we played the lowly Bears- we won by 10 points but had to rely on throwing Garry Lyon onto the ball to win.. I think that is the 'worst win' I've witnessed. I flew over for the 2018 Prelim but I have repressed all memories of that..
  6. Just showboating that the first game I went to was the 1987 Elimination Final against the Kangas. The best game I went to was the 2000 QF against the Blues. The worst game I went to was the night game against the bombers in 2013 when we got flogged and I was spewed on from the section above! Yes I am nervous about tomorrow night- thinking this will distract me!
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