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  1. I have a priority 2 & priority 3 barcode to give away to dees fans. Message me if you would like these.
  2. I can lip read (a very handy skill) & noticed Lever say to a few boys after our round 23 & finals win "jobs not done". This man is worth every penny we pay him.......
  3. I have 2 barcodes. They can be used to purchase member pre sale tickets, up to 8 tickets per barcode. I would be thrilled to give these barcodes away to Melbourne supporters who can get to the game. I don't see anything illegal/dodgy in it. The club is encouraging this. The email says "If you know someone who would like to attend the game, you are welcome to pass on your membership barcode/s and allow them access to the member pre-sale when it opens" Message me if you would like these barcodes.
  4. To all those SA dees supporters going to the game, so darn happy for you guys. Go proudly, cheer loudly and raise hell for all us Victorians who literally are in hell.
  5. No, I think at least 50,000 of us were doing that exact same stance at that exact same moment. Not many fully invested supporters would have remained in their chair while Gawn took that kick!
  6. Lever for me. There was a point in the game against the pies where May got first hands to the ball but the pies player was paid the mark and went on to kick a goal (TERRIBLE CALL). May was filthy. I clearly lip read Lever say to May "it's just one mark". Lever knew the decision was terrible but remained composed, focused and professional. Captain material......
  7. Anyone have a link to the interview Tom did pre game? I was at the game so didn't see it. I spent mothers day evening enjoying the replay & the commentators made reference to it a few times. Can't seem to find a link to it??? Thanks in advance & enjoy this foreign ride all!
  8. 1. Spargo's tackle 2. Everything Salem did 3. Rivers composure 4. Luke Jackson's agility 5. Hunt & ANB getting the best out of themselves 6. The ruthless and unselfish display from all players 7. The shear joy on the faces of all the demon supporters at the ground Enjoy the ride all. Enjoy...........
  9. Langdon is an absolute gem. Runs and runs all day. Energizer batteries should seriously look at sponsoring this guy. Thanks Freo.
  10. Man, talk about dampening the mood. Why not go knock over a few old people or steal lollies from kids while you're at it!
  11. Jeepers, a bit rough hey? I sincerely hope Jackson turns out to be our own Bontempelli & you fill yourself with humble pie.
  12. I have taken my kids on my own since they were tiny babies. The MCG staff & fellow Melbourne supporters are usually very helpful & nice to parents with kids. If all turns sour, leave early. Fingers crossed the rest of us Dees supporters don't have a reason to follow you if you do need to make an early exit..........
  13. We are an insanely (or just insane perhaps) passionate group of football supporters who live in hope that our years of pain will someday end in us watching our beloved team hold the cup. We want the players to hurt, but ultimately it is a game (a bloody good one). The world is full of atrocities & tragedies. That is real hurt. Let’s put it into perspective. The players are hurting in the context. Accept it for what it is. Now come on Dees, do something with this session.
  14. Poorly formed character perhaps. But how in hell was he meant to develop a “well formed” character with the abuse inflicted on him as a child & the abuse coming from all angles in footy?
  15. Pickett in his debut was our highest scorer. Don't know if I should be excited or worried about that???
  16. Show him a photo of his face when Joe Daniher was awarded mark of the year in 2017. Priceless :-)
  17. Being married to a hawk’s supporter means I unfortunately hear a lot of dribble about that god awful club! Recently the newbie at Hawthorn Wingard was on the receiving end of an on field ear bashing from his team mates for not playing the percentages/team way. Yesterday our newbie May was the deliverer of the on field ear bashing to his team mate for not playing the percentages/team way. If you had to choose one of these scenarios I know which one I prefer.......
  18. I just watched the replay & my concern is that when May (an experienced senior player) went to Frost to give the constructive feedback (perhaps a bit aggressively) Frost seemed to walk away without even looking at May to acknowledge the feedback. Yes it was feedback Frost didn't want to hear. But hey, it was valid feedback. The punch from Frost was ridiculous & cost a goal. In my work place if I refused to look at someone & walked away when they were trying to give constructive real time feedback, I wouldn't last long in the job.
  19. Send him to my place. He can get fit chasing my 2 young kids & dog around....
  20. When the demons win the flag I shall come to you with my premiership paraphernalia to be framed!
  21. I am finding this thread very therapeutic. Keep going people
  22. Personally I hate the hawks because of my mother in law. She thinks the hawks poo don't stink. And until Hodge left the club, he was god in her eyes.
  23. BInman I took your advice & have got my ticket sorted for this Friday. Hubby is staying home to "babysit" our kids unless he can find another person to do it!
  24. Yes Lucifer. I was a bit harsh. I think we are a great bunch of supporters & given the crap we have endured, good on us for trying to share the joy to as many people as possible. Reverend I will message you my brothers bar code number.
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