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  1. Bloods culture pffttt, all a myth, your club died in 1980.
  2. You reckon they'll get a similar draw they got this year, next year?
  3. They would be hurting, a team they demolished 12 months earlier now taking the [censored] against a bunch of misfits.
  4. This is embarrassing Sydney, shocking is the word over to you Goody, Chocco, Selwyn and co.
  5. Reid had one job this year play his customarily great game against Melbourne. Sydney not on the level, have been absolutely bullied. Can't flood when you don’t have a lead. Shytehouse Longmire tactics. GF this year has been a false economy. [censored] i hate Geelong, i hope the boys are hurting watching this.
  6. Swans got Buddy for another year 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Channel 7 are the biggest T bags going around how much Geelong favouritism is there? love ins with Duckwood and the like. Over too Fox Footy thanks.
  8. Judging by this Casey were happy to swap Tmac with Melk in wet conditions and it proved a master stroke.
  9. The Deeprint The Road to Redemption 2023 Good rest for the lads( none of this training 2 weeks after the GF business). Take the necessary time to get over injuries properly, surgery, rehab, reinvigorate the players confidence. Review all fitness related programs undertaken by Selwyn and Co and see if they are in need of a updating i.e new methods of training players skills for specific roles within the team, high intensity block, low intensity block training schedules. Recruit where our weaknesses lie i.e (Forward line, Ruckman). Plans B and C to be implemented and worked on during our pre season. Promote and encourage VFL 2022 performances (Mark Corrigan, Players). Bring in fresh coaching personnel who bring fresh ideas and perspective of the game, a fresh look from a different angle. Tweak and Improve our current gamestyle nothing major required. Hunger, Belief and Ruthless attitude to return for 2023. If we follow the Deeprint we are morals for 2023. - Dream - Believe - Achieve LETS LIVE THE DREAM AGAIN IN 2023! 🇱🇮🏆🍾
  10. Mitchell is the one who will tie this all together. He's cleaning up the culture and come out like a real hero.
  11. How would Yze have a say in anything Hawthorn did he was a development coach.
  12. If there was significant damage it would have come out by now, nothing more than a stomp on the foot. I reckon the coaching staff of Casey and Melbourne have been extremely cautious with Tmac maybe a bit of bruising and no futher damage. Corrigan would have seen the weather forecasts and would have been smiling swapping a tall (Tmac) for a small/Hybrid (Melk) and its proved to be a decisive outcome.
  13. His attack on the ball was the most encouraging part of his game and his 2nd efforts especially a ripper tackle on center wing.
  14. Petty to CHF was the move to make at 3 quarter time. Joel Smith to replace a mid/small. We had no marking presents in the F50 all from R11 till the Finals series the good teams took advantage of this. Teams knew this and were rebounding for fun against us.
  15. It wouldn't suprise me, nothing does anymore.
  16. I have no explanation for it along with Touk Miller's votes against the ferals in a 10 goal loss, it defies any sort of sporting logic.
  17. absolute farce what this medal has turned into.
  18. That's why he got off the suspension folks, total disgrace.
  19. I don't dislike Touk at all but how does he get 2 votes in a 10 goal loss?
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