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  1. You can just tell he played Forward as a junior, the way he attacks the ball at its highest point is very unique. Try telling Goody though.
  2. Its official Welcome Grunds. The Gawndy era begins.
  3. Cue Vince McMahon theme entrance music. We've got no chance, no chance in hell.
  4. I think you might be missing a symbol SWYL. 😂😂😂 They are a bunch of C$&@# the both of them.
  5. Im a Redleg also @Travy14 the boy can play he's won a flag with the legs time to do it at AFL level.
  6. A ruckman we should go after is the Norwood ruckman Harry Boyd won the Jack Oatey medal BOG in the SANFL GF was amazing that day in wet conditions. Turned the game for the Redlegs imposing young man i think 23 years old.
  7. The boy just could not replicate the form from that EF against Geelong, we all wanted him to be a raging success but it just wasn't to be. All the best Sammy boy on your next footy adventure hope you make a good fist of it, just don't shove that fist up our rear ends when you face your old mob.
  8. He will be remembered for being part of an engine room that produced half a quarter a breath taking football the game may never see again. Having said that Grundy is a better mark than Jacko and has a bigger tank. Jacko's clear advantage is his athleticism changing direction when the ball in on the deck. Plenty of upside for Jackson only 20 we might benefit in the next 5 years with Grundy already hitting his peak years as we speak.
  9. As an interstate member there is no way i will be getting an uber or hiring a car to watch the boys train during the season at Casey. If we are lucky enough to make and win another premiership where will the Sunday premiership celebrations take place? Casey? The Parklands? Something has got to give with the Gosch's precinct an Oval redevelopment wouldn't have taken place without further infrastructure coming.
  10. Wouldn't it be beautiful if someone started stitching on the whole operation down the Highway?
  11. I reckon if we pair JVR and Petty along with Tmac we'll rip the comp apart but i can't see this happening Goody won't have the stones to try something like this.
  12. He is a world class flogg that Mackie, friggen loves himself a bit too much.
  13. He's getting picked off by Norf or BWS forget about it.
  14. Peter Bellend : The most amazing man in footy. The upper part.
  15. My opinion of Peter Bellend has gone up 10 fold in my book.
  16. I think you might find the NB logo will be replaced with new balance on the back neck of the Guernsey, similar to this years media jacket.
  17. Pretty handy that the Cats CEO use to be Head of Football at AFL and has all the inside workings of all these trade quirks and ways to manipulate the system. How this is allow to happen has got me plucked. This wouldn't happen in american sports.
  18. He can take a grab that's for sure, his set shot kicking is deplorable, might need Tracc's help in that department.
  19. According to Sam Edmund the club told Harmesy to have a chat to Essendon, he couldn't chat to Scott on the weekend for some unknown reason. Word must have got back to Goody and Co that no discussions took place with Essendon and shut the discussions down, not happening. End of story, change of heart, deep down Harmsey probably didn't want to leave, similar to what Gussy did with Essendon.
  20. We get the players we really want, i think the last 4-5 years paint the picture of this fact. We are one of 6 clubs that can realistically win the Premiership. Name a player we have missed out on that we have gone hard for in the past 4-5 years. We are a destination club.
  21. You can't keep everyone happy as we all know, The Club offer what they are worth in their opinion, if they want to look elsewhere that's up to the players themselves. That's football!
  22. I reckon the hierarchy have identified the need for a specialist winger, this would make sense if we were in for Karl Amon from Port. A change of scenery might be good for him, different culture always helps, his footballing ability speaks for its self another weapon on the outside is what we need. Always thought he was a quality player, i believe our senior group can lead him in the right direction. Go and get him Dees, players want to play for us at the right price, we are a destination Club.
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