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  1. Great work today @WERRIDEE much appreciated by all on Demonland.👍❤️🇱🇮
  2. Im sensing a telepathic understanding between the two.
  3. We've strengthened significantly in our forward half for 2024. Hopefully Jefferson comes on leaps and bounds this year and Tommy Fullarton intergrates well and takes his chances. We have a really exciting forward mix now anything is possible even Tmac or BBB might suprises us but i will not hold my breath on that. (Tmac always does well in a end of contract year)
  4. He really didn't want to mingle with the common folk did he Sir Robert?
  5. I think Chris is onto something he championed JVR last year all of this year he has been championing Jefferson to come up big this year.
  6. That was a friggen outrage when they just blatantly robbed us of Mac Andrew straight after JUH. Can't let the Dees get too strong 💪 otherwise Collingwood and Carlton might have a 💩 Fit about it.
  7. Still developing into his body young Kynan, excellent hands out of traffic, can work on his kicking, tank looks good and can win and find his own ball which is always a good indicator. Might have another Judd Mcvee type development project on our hands. One year to develop down at Casey and another solid pre season in 24 and the world is his oyster. If Kynan has the appetite like his old man, he'll be another great rookie success story for the club.
  8. Dont want to moz the lad, This kid could be anything. Cant wait to mutter the words Tholstrup what grab. Our Forward line is starting to look very, very dangerous with the inclusions of Billings, McAdam and Tholstrup all of a sudden. Going to be a very interesting pre season.
  9. We trained at North Adelaide Football Club before gather round last year. As for where the players im fairly sure they might of stayed at Crown Plaza just off Rundell Street. @WalkingCivilWar were you aware of where the players stayed during gather round?
  10. Us Adelaide Dees will get roarted this year also. Gather round Thursday night aswell.
  11. Would always murder us at every opportunity Sam Reid, If im not mistaken kicked 7 against us and did plenty of damage. Extremely injury prone the lad is unfortunately, do we really need another body that can't stand the rigours of AFL footy?
  12. Don't mind this as an on going fixture.
  13. Rather a big game to channel all our energy into. AFL do us a favour and send us to Perth again before Gather round.
  14. Not sure its been mentioned but one of our major sponsor Jaguar will no longer be continuing in 2024. I've just been told this from a contact who has input in the manufacturering of our guernseys. Hertz will take on the back of the gurnsey major sponsorship. Club looking for Short sponsorship to replace Hertz.
  15. When Collingwood and Carlton are involved. 🤢🤢🤢
  16. There it is in a nut shell. Nailed it @Little Goffy Go have a look at out Forward spine in the 4 Finals we played in from 22 to 23. Then compare it to 2021 it tells you everything you need to know.
  17. AFL is the most corrupt competition in the world bar none and FIFA is not a competition its an organisation. But we still watch and wait for the fixtures to drop and buy our memberships.
  18. You can also add OMF plus the little jingle in-between.
  19. Best operator in the business by the length of the Flemington straight.
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