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  1. 1. 2021 GF v WB Hands Down Greatest Ever Footballing experience. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang." After 57 years of pain, its coming home." 2. 2021 EF v Brisbane- Dominated from the first bounce absolutely smashed them, our complete control of this game flattered them. Coaches and players absolutely blown away with the support in Adelaide. 3. 2018 EF v Geelong- First final I've ever attended Electric atmosphere. 93k in attendance the G was rocking. 4. 2006 EF v St.Kilda- First Final I've ever attended and it didn't disappoint, St.Kilda and Grant Thomas sent packing. Also remembered Peter Brock passing away that day. 5. 2017 R8 v Crows The night Tmac and the Dees went bezerk, Clarry kicked a check sider in the Betts pocket won by 40. Silenced alot of crows fans that night and got some back for all the torment over the the years.
  2. 11 years of being absolutely shizenhouse will do that, it was a memorable night.
  3. I wish things would still be that cheap now, bag of hot chips is $6 now, can of cola now $3.
  4. Absolute joke. Do the Government want to drop another $100m into Geelong so they can build statues out of gold for the likes of Duckwood, Tommy "Booger" Hawkins and Danger? While they are at it they can build a Church outside of Kardinia Park just to top it off.
  5. Josh Carr will be the next Port coach, already in the pipe line.
  6. They just copied exactly what we did last year with there defence. Healthy list, proper resting of stars, the inclusion of Stengle (added 50 goals to their bottom line), De Koning and Atkins into key areas of the ground. Cameron played out of his skin kicking 60.
  7. Just go and be proactive Dees that's all the fans want to see improvements all over the board and address our weaknesses.
  8. That would be awesome, but he might want to get to Victoria.
  9. Would he still want to go to Whorethorn after the developments and reported toxic culture?
  10. He infiltrated us KGB style.😂😂😂
  11. Agree with your comments, but you obviously missed or skipped my comments admitting they were too good this year also that they managed their squad extremely well. Belittling them far from it, they are an extremely well liked by the powers that be. Let me put it this way Geelong made the most of their good fortune this year. I will be staggered if the competition is not a little stiffer for them in the 2nd half of 2023.
  12. He [censored] us royally that little pip squeak.
  13. The boy can finish off his good work, terrific kicking action. A must a AFL level next year.
  14. You failed to highlight the rest of what i said i gave them credit for there management of their players. I stand by what i said mo64, We weren't good enough i have acknowledged this fact on numerous occasions, Geelong have won it this year too good well done, but you are a fool if you think they haven't had piggy backs along the way to this years Premiership. You mentioned we could have rested/rotated players in R9 and R10 yes but Geelong got given a gift from the heavens deeper in the season from the AFL in R17. I also could have mentioned Geelong playing a Norf side that was going through the motions at feral land, a stroll in the park game before their next game against us off a 4 day break again at Feral land. Whilst we had to travel to Adelaide and back from a tough physical encounter against the Crows. Do you actually think that is fair mo64?Which fair game administrators would come up with that brain buster. I could sit here and pick the eyes out of there draw but do yourself a favour just go and look at there last 13 games compared to ours, then you understand what im going on about.
  15. There is no way Geelong rest players the way they did if they had a draw like ours. How a team that finshed top 4 and in a prelim the year previous recieve such the softest of draws WC and Norf 2x and games at home in the back half of the year is absolutely criminal. As good as they were all year they have been gifted this years Premiership, they just needed to manage and use squad depth at the right intervals in which they did.
  16. I want this to happen but can you see Goody allowing this? Another defender has to be found for this to come to fruition.
  17. Sydney got absolutely bullied and smashed by the bigger bodies in the contest. Up forward effectively Sydney played with Zero Key Forwards (Buddy finished), ( Reid Injured, injury prone and only plays well against MFC). Their Forward line has been built on hybrids there tall stocks are unproven i.e Hickey, Reid, McDonald, Franklin (Finished). The Bloods are a bunch of misfits who got put back in there place today.
  18. I switched off did Selwood say this the [censored] little twerp?
  19. I expect them to have an extremely tough draw in the 2nd half of the year.
  20. Papley you weak as plss [censored] where are you?
  21. Swans don't let them beat our GF total of 140.
  22. It's a nothing culture and based on today it's absolutely correct.
  23. Swans lost to Port and Essendon in the back half of the year 2 powder puff sides. Our club is to blame for this years GF debacle.
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