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  1. I don't dislike Touk at all but how does he get 2 votes in a 10 goal loss?
  2. Selwood you [censored] you cost Clarry a Charlie you [censored] mug.
  3. How does Cripps get 3 in a 5 goal loss. Rigged.... Anyone see his name flash on the leader board in round 18 or 19?
  4. An absolute cracker of a game high intensity, courage and skill in wet conditions sure did enjoy my Red and Blue Sunday 🏆🏆
  5. I just can't see Weid at AFL level, if Grundy is recruited to the club no chance.
  6. Congratulations Casey, super effort on the 2022 VFL flag, keep building this culture within the club.
  7. If JVR isn't playing R1 AFL in 2023 im handing back my membership.
  8. Is the VFL GF being streamed on 7plus? I can't seem to find the program listing on the app? Anyone have a clue?
  9. I believe so Doc, Ross Dillon was a handy cricketer also.
  10. The players knew the way they were playing they would have been humiliated against the ferals. Our season in hindsight was down the toilet once Tmac went down and did not address it with different options. BBB and Gawny were holbling around in the 2nd half of the season in the F50 against 3 defenders in seperate marking contests, we had no plan B or C that could function to 2021 levels, well we did but did not explore those options. (Petty and JVR) This is what we need to focus on the most along with the drafting of a future key forward or under 25 y.o, fitness/ adequate resting for the players optimal performance for this time next year.
  11. Brisbane do not have a defensive bone in there bodies, will not win nothing with the way they play.
  12. Geelong have been exceptional this year and recruited well in the off season but there have been reasons for this rise in performance. It is [censored] embarrassing to the whole competition, to our whole club for the way we managed this season. The AFL for gifting them such a user friendly draw and so many games at that hole of a ground in the back end of the season. They played North and W.C 2x nice little time to play bruise free without going in hard taking the knocks. Given ample opportunities to rest so many players strategically throughout the course of the season still being able to maintain continuity against weak opposition. If you want to take shots i suggest you just go and look at there last 13 games of the season. The proof is in the pudding. No club should be afforded such luxuries knowing they have give me games to coast through without putting there bodies on the line. Tell me if this is fair dinkum from the powers that be? They have been handed this Premiership on a silver platter. They wouldn't want to [censored] it from here.
  13. One of the worst actors of all time. Sharknado possibly the worst movie of all time. Where could we go wrong? 😂😂😂😂😂
  14. Shannon Byrnes he has taken our intel and spread it like a certain virus in the 80's.
  15. Plus the very kind draw courtesy of the beautiful people at the AFL. They are a kind bunch aren't they?
  16. Well connected at Port, i think he works for the Powa in some capacity.
  17. This has not been mentioned enough in my book. Players have got to learn the value of rest.
  18. Goody will not sanction the delisting of Melk and then Rookie him, it just will not happen.
  19. We basically played with No key Forwards. ( BBB was non existent)
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