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  1. It would be a bit of a tall ask (pardon the pun) given his short tenure at the ckub, but I think Big Ben Brown would be someone worth considering. We could then have leaders at all major parts of the ground: May back Brown forward Max & Viney on ball Asides from Brown, the forward line is a bit devoid of experienced leadership. There is possibly Melksham, but he hasn't necessarily impressed on me as a leader from my observations in the stands. Jones is also the other obvious leader who could spend a lot of time forward, but he might not play all games and I think som
  2. Makes him a MFCSS elite. Starts supporting the club the year after we win our last premiership.
  3. I hear you brother. My 2020 started ok, but got progressively worse as the year went on. Living in Brisbane, working in a professional role and for a company moderately impacted, COVID wasn't a big thing for me. Missing finals was a 'very ordinary' way to end our, season, but was a pleasant experience compared to some of the personal hell I've been through over the past few months. Mate of mine suggested that instead of new years eve parties, everyone should have a f#@$ off 2020 party on Jan 1 and that sounds like a dam good idea to me.
  4. MFC predictions Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: 2 Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals): 1 B&F top 5 (1 point for correct inclusion, 1 point for correct place): 1. Trac 2. Gawn 3. Tomlinson 4. Harmes 5. Oliver Leading goalkicker: Bailey of the Fritsch variety Most marks: Hore Best first year player: Rosman Most improved player: Adam Tomlinson All Australian 40-man squad selections (1 point each): Trac, Gawn, Tomlinson, Harmes, Oliver, Langdon, Viney, May, Brown, Fritsch, Hore All Australian final 22 s
  5. (copy and paste below) MFC predictions Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals): B&F top 5 (1 point for correct inclusion, 1 point for correct place): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Leading goalkicker: Most marks: Best first year player: Most improved player: All Australian 40-man squad selections (1 point each): All Australian final 22 selections (1 point each): Big Ben Brown will kick his biggest goal tally against: Biggest winning margin (exact guess is 5 points, within 1 point
  6. Took me a little bit of head scratching before working out that it's Sam Mitchell being referred to in the above rather than Tom, whom (within being tottaly disrespectful) I can't see be held in the same category as most of the other guys on that list, even though he has a Brownlow medal to his name - that's saying something. Playing in premiership teams elevates a players status more than any individual award could.
  7. Had we not lost Scott Thompson back to the Crows, it might have been a different story. He had a pretty short peak with us, but I loved watch Bernie Vince in his first few years with us. If his career was not beset by back problems, who knows the player to that Guy Rigoni might have been.
  8. Get him on the roids, so he can put on 10-15kg and get some angry in him if we want him to play like Jono Brown. In all seriousness though, hopefully he can pass on some good advice to the young Weid. It does beg a few questions for me though: 1. Is there a risk of Weid being advised and getting close to a key football personality who's not on our payroll? Questions about where Brown's allegiances are for mine. 2. How is it that it's gone this far in the Weid's career with us and he seems to feel like he has been lacking this kind of key forward mentoring that he needs to see
  9. I think this game also has the potential to turn into a blood bath for the Pies. With the young talent that GC has and assuming Matt Rowell is back, then I'd love to see an upset win and deprive WCE of a home win, which they rely on.
  10. Not counting any chickens by any means, but this is a must win game for the MFC. So sick of the excuses rolled out by sucessive MFC coaches in recent years (including Roos) that Rd 1 is just another game. Getting on the front foot and off to a winning streak of 4 or 5 games first up would setup our season entirely differently to the usual MFC act of loosing 4 or 5 of our first six games and playing catch-up for the remainder of the season to make finals.
  11. Does Williams have indigenous heritage himself and/or has he got a good track record of understanding and getting the most out of players with an indigenous background? I'm genuinely interested.
  12. Who knows where any potential rookie listing or not might lead young Kobe with the MFC and I'm sure there are those whom might take a clinical view of the world and suggest that if he wasn't taken in the draft that perhaps there is some good reasons for that and why would we now rookie list him. However if Kobe is anywhere near just good enough and ticks all the right character tests etc for us to use a rookie spot on and develop, I really do like us having some father sons around the place. Think it adds some depth of character and meaning to pulling on the MFC jumper if we can maintai
  13. Yeah, so AFL complaining about travel costs, yet scheduling preseason games completely obvious to this agenda = typical. Against MFC = easy target = typical. What have we come to expect. What our Demons need to become accustomed to is that we are favoured by no-one, loathed by and feared by everyone.
  14. I'm a believer in such a thing as a premiership window, it's just I think interpreting that into the probability of a flag win is fraught with danger. No one would say that any of Sydney, Hawthorn, North and Adelaide are anywhere near it. You'd have to think with the number of top ten players in their early to mid 30s that teams like Geelong, West Coast and Collingwood are about to go off a cliff in the next few years unless they can pull off some massive trade heists in the same period. Loosing all of Hawkins, Selwood, Dangerfield, Touhy, Taylor, Abblett to either retirement or loss of
  15. Ironically, having two league standard grounds /stadiums in SEQ Qld went a long way to saving season 2020. I'm a solid believer in the future of the Suns and based on the demographic, projected population growth and a strong grass roots Aussie Rules presence in that part of the world. However, I do struggle to justify the huge sums of money spent on subsidies for the Suns in the present, particularly with the general austerity measures the AFL has put in place due to COVID. It's going to be a very long term project you suspect. You would assueme that the AFL probably has set a hard ti
  16. I'm all for a Tassie team, but I think the above is a fairly flawed statement. It could also be said that the NT and to a lesser extent ACT, could also make fairly legitimate claims to requiring a team for it to be a truely Australian competition.
  17. ...with him holding the premiership cup aloft. I think I'd almost get an A0 size framed poster for every room.
  18. Pates, went to all the games this year at Carrara/Metricon. Almost always a decent breeze, with very little protection from the minature grand stands and virtually no protection at one end. I do remember Weid missing those set shots and thinking if he had just nailed one, we would have been home. But he wasn't Robinson Crusoe that night, by a long way. Harley Bennell, who was a gerally a beuatful shot on goal also missed an absolute sitter that I thought he would have nailed in a heartbeat 99 time out of 100. Our feild kicking in general against the Dogs at Carrara was abysmal, result
  19. To me, I agree absolutely with Lockhardt and Chandler ( also agree Re Jordon/Bedford whom you mentioned). I do think Mitch Brown is reasonable key position depth/insurance based on his quite serviceable performances throughout the year. I guess he is a fairly short term backup too given his age. Probably on pretty modest coin too, so ticks that box for us as well.
  20. Very happy to seal the deal with North and Ben Brown and such a good deal at that. His unruly mop always gave me the [censored] when we played Nth, but that's probably because he was kicking bags of goals against us. Now that he's with us, the mop can stay and give our opposition supporters the [censored] - particularly if he's kicking goals!
  21. He wasn't directly from North, but Shaun Smith was a super star and a great contributor for us.
  22. Watching his highlights, I don't think it will matter if we kick it to him well or not. He seems to track the ball through the air so well, time his launch and clunk the marks from everywhere, so I think that suits us well.
  23. I don't think it's quite like that. Yes the club was prepared to trade him on the basis that it could be mutually beneficial arrangement, rather than potenitally T Mac get shirty and frustrated at the prospect of competing for spots and playing twos week in/week out, but that's a bit different from 'wanting to get rid of him'. MFC footy department these days has more class than Collingwood.
  24. The big Pedo bear put in some pretty decient cameo appearances when we needed them, so if that's how it turns out, I could well live with that. Like Pedo, I get the impression that Tommy is a pretty solid citizen, so I think we could do far worse than to have an influence like that around the club. I also think he's a pretty fierce competitor and that is the exactly the kind of attitude we need to have at the MFC to be putting pressure on Side Show, Wied and Jacko and others. I am really hoping that we have all underestimated T Mac, but time will tell ...who knows, he may even be
  25. Quite happy for T Mac to remain at our club. If he can shed the kgs, then I think he still has plenty to offer. Personally, I don't get the benifit of us paying several hundred grand a year for someone else to be getting a solid mature player, while we'd still be paying an additional few hundred grand for any sort of backup worth having. T Mac's versatility is a big plus he has going for him IMHO. Can do a respectable job up forward, down back or in the ruck. If Max gets injured, I don't want us to have to be in a position of flogging the guts out of Jackson if his body isn't
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