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  1. Fair call. I noticed the goals, but not so much the other stats. Didn't really jump out at me amoungst the overall routing which the Swans were given, probably because I lost interest and was only half watching the game.
  2. 100% agree and Tom Papley heads the list. So sick of the Sydney champions, always compeditive [censored]. Not so compeditive in GFs (though I'd also love to have won a second premership within my lifetime). I'm sure other teams supporters would probably say and think the same about the MFC, so I guess that's an opposition supporters right to have that kind of pejorative and perspective on the enemy.
  3. Isac Smith should throw his into the river. Just about the most undeserving of a Norm Smith medal I can think of. Just because they share the same last name. Sheeesh.
  4. Just about fell asleep watching the game this afternoon. Now to get my pulse going again watching the epic that was the 2021 GF / MFC premiership glory!
  5. I'm both for and against playing Petty forward in 2023. Pros are that he a great grab, reader of the play, really attacks the ball, has presence and is a decent kick at goal. The big con for me is that I think he's our best imeediate and long term backup for Steven May. As much as our attack was defficient in the back half of 2022 in particular, defense is critical and the consistency and stability we achieved down there in 2021 was one of the keys to achieving premierhip success. Play around with Petty forward and we may upset our defense too much and become uncompetitive in that area of the ground. That said, part of me does wounder if we could have taken control of some the games we lost in the second half if either May or Petty were allowed to pinch hit forward for some time earlier in the game and get some more reward for our efforts. Would also like to see more Joel Smith forward in 2023 (assuming he can remain fit). I feel his football immaturity / somewhat lack of footy smarts may be too much of a liability down back, but his pace, marking abilities and reasonable goal kicking could make him a satisfactory second key forward.
  6. Some nice symmetry about that list, with Yze taking out the honours in2001 & 2002 and then returning as a premiership assistant in 2021. Overall, I do like the contribution and support of some of our ex stars of that era of the club to the continued character of the team. Lyon, Stynes, Robertson, Grinter, Green, Hopgood, Viney, Davey, Swartz, Neitz, Stretch, Woewodin, Wheelan, White and others have also all stuck by the club and maintained some level of connection support.
  7. Why didn't we just start tanking in Rd 15, so at least we could pickup some better draft picks? FFS We've worked our butts off all season, finished 2nd and earned the double chance. I'll admit we're not exactly cruising but no way am I throwing in the towel yet. Still pleanty of oppertunity to have another crack at a flag.
  8. Great example before of the inferiority of Brisbane's game plan and the superiority of ours. Lions had the ball at half back and chipped 20m instead of driving 50m towards the wing/half forward. Very lucky to end up with q goal after they turned it over in their back half.
  9. Media - watch out competition, here come the champions Richmond to win the flag again. Fox Footy at half time - Richmond have lost their best midfielder Dion Prestier for the game. I rated Dion back in the day, but when he's now your best midfielder, you team is rubbish. Come on Lyons, put them away. Edit - put them out of their misery!
  10. I sold the house these were attached to, but the flags were definitely not a fixture. They look a bit faded now after 4 months of Qld UV, but really hoping I can drape them over the boundary fence at the MCG with absolute pride. Come-on Max, Jack and Co - bring it home at the MCG for the Demons faithful. 4 more weeks. GO THE MIGHTY DEMONS!!
  11. Really glad for May to be finally getting the recognition. Could have been 3AAs for him as he was pretty bloody good in 2021 as well from memory.
  12. It could be said that Gus has played multiple positions over the season and perhaps that could have cost him. ...not that it made any sort of difference to the Hawkins selection. Agree though. Gus is very stiff.
  13. And how does Andrew Brayshaw get the AFLPA MVP award and only a position on the bench of the AA team?
  14. Watching a bit delayed here to many of you and literally Tom Hawkins quote when being interviewed since being awarded AA captain "I don't think I've ever been a captain before" (does he mean like not even for a single game at some point?) - wow. All the gushing of the Fox/360 commentary team over him being captain. I think I'm going to vomit. I don't have such a problem with the Tomohawk being picked as a forward - he's a beast and freak of nature to still be performing so well down there in that role at his age.
  15. Watching Dangerfield and Jezza Cameron try to crack a joke between them earlier in the evening - totally cridgeworthy. Almost as crindgewothy as Hawkins would be for AA Captain.
  16. Yeah, nah. Best club song going. No change reauire - full stop.
  17. Further to my last statement, if the MFC makes thr grand final, MFC members should be given double the allocation of GF tickets normally provided after missing out last year. Would be a great gesture from the AFL - are they capable of such generosity I wounder?
  18. Glad the AFL has upheld the suspension of Cameron Rayner (...so far, legal action still possible/pending). Not that I hold anything personal against Rayner, quite the contrary as I'd like to see him be a good player in a Brisbane side that finishes 2nd to the MFC every year, but I'd feel it would be a huge injustice to Kade Chandler who got rubbed out for the full 2 weeks for something quite similar in nature, if not less neglegent/more accidental earlier in the season. It's good to see something vaguely resembling consistency from the AFL match review/tribunal for a change.
  19. Can we have the 2022 captains day photo too please?
  20. I've certainly found this year and to an extent most of last year to be lower stress and more enjoyable than any other time of being a MFC supporter as well. The moments of sheer emotion and elation from Rd 23 onwards last year were something to behold. Getting to share that with everyone on this forum has been great. This season has been so different to any other I've experienced as a footy supporter. To be honest, I've almost found myself being a bit bored and apathetic towards footy at times, which is something quite new to me. Alot of the time I haven't felt a burning desire to read or contribute to D'land either. However the losses we had through the middle part of the season have reminded me that it's not all peaches and the wins somewhat against the grain against Carlton and Brisbane in recient weeks have got me excited for what we could produce again. Look forward to riding out the next month with my fellow posters / Demon faithful. Would love to be wearing a MFC jumper with 14 on the back that represents both a few of my favorite players and the number of flags we've won! (P.S. my son has a jumper with BBB's playing No. on the back!!). P.P.S. hope your health is on the up Litd.
  21. Great bastion for the No.14. Congratulations on 100 sensational, gutsy games in the mighty red and blue Hibbo, including the one game that mattered most so far.
  22. I thought we might have been better giving match time to one of the younger guys this season, not because Hibbo wasn't up to it, but because it was more important for them to be playing in the seniors and that we have such an abundance of backline depth, that Hibbo wouldn't have been required. How wrong was I. One -- two week injuries to May, Lever, a promising looking Turner and our backline and team in general was looking alot less than solid and stable through the middle portion of the season. Enter the Pig Dog, who has been bloody brilliant and solid as a rock. Critical part of our defence right now, is an absolute lock through our finals campaign and gets a gig for next year and however long he wants. He's actually getting faster you know.
  23. I do realise it's not in the club's direct control and I'd be loath to shoot the messenger from the club's membership line operators, but I think it's about time the club went in to bat harder and louder for our membership base to the AFL. The AFL is taking club members for granted when so many of us kept the faith and kept buying memberships during COVID and the many years before that too. In my view club members should be given pretty much exclusive first access to finals tickets outside of the AFL members area and MCC reserve.
  24. Wish I was. Had tickets at the back of M51, but then got royally screwed by Tickettect
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