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  1. Agree with that. Particularly with a bit of a cloud over Gus present as well. We're only an injury to Trac, Viney or Clarry from be exposed for midfield depth.
  2. I actually think Harmes would be a good option for a club like West Coast that has bottomed out and needs a few players with mature bodies and good training attitudes around to help establish culture. I'm sure his mate Jayden would put in a good word for him.
  3. He was best 22 in a premership team a few years back. At his best he's a compeditive and capable player. Agree that this year his senior games were rubbish, but mainly because I think his confidence was completely shot that resulted in him making some mind bogglingly bad decisions and skill errors.
  4. The player that hid his Norm Smith looked embarrassed and didn't want to be there tonight. I think he and everyone here would be much happier with another premiership medal around his neck. Locky and Daicos can have all the Brownlows they want.
  5. So the other anomalies here: We have the best backline in the league and they only get 4 votes between them (8 at the very generous end if any of Gus's backline work counts). Out of a total of around 90 votes. Jake Lever gets 0 votes? Jake Bowey 0 votes? Seriously please take the voting off the umps.
  6. I had to check that Bont actually hadn't won a Brownlow, because I'd sworn he had. You can add Max and Clarry to that list that should have won one.
  7. So Cunrow can hardly score a vote all season and Fritsch gets 2 votes for kicking 4? ...Well I guess consistency isn't exactly a strong suit of umpires is it.
  8. For a side that finished 2nd, the umpires couldn't find another player to give votes to. Apparently even Ashcroft who was gods gift to football in much the same way as Daicos couldn't even score a vote. Similar story for Collingwood for that matter.
  9. Rather he wins the Norm Smith again. Didn't cost him that one. Just needs another season like that. 2 Norm Smith's Vs 2 Brownlows?
  10. Great result for the MFC. If it's not Max or Clarry taking votes, it's Jack. Great season from both of Cristian and Jack. Jack in particular. How Trac didn't score a single vote in that game says something about it being rigged though.
  11. Good to see Viney getting some recognition for his great season. I expect Max to take pleanty of votes from Trac late in the season.
  12. I wasn't actually going to watch tonight. Feels kind of hollow. It would be ironic if Trac does win it tonight when he probably had a much better 2021. Similarly Clarry should have won last year. Seems such a shame that the league and media still makes this the premier players award when the voting is so flawed. AFLPA or coaches awards should be elevated to become the Brownlow replacement. Letting the umpires decide the league best and fairest is such a waste.
  13. So are we actually asking the right question here? Do we need an Yze replacement or a forwards coach or both. For what it's worth, I think Yze has largely escaped criticism for the lack of forward connection in the past few years, when perhaps he was actually due some. Was a part of our 2021 premiership, by all acounts a great coach and a great player in his day and for both those things I'll be forever greatful. But maybe he has past his usefulness at the MFC and I think this actually presents a great opportunity for renewal. Just throwing some names out there as potential expert forward coaches Garry Lyon, David Schwartz, Mathew Lloyd, Brad Johnson.
  14. I'd be blaming Ticketek too. Their systems are a joke. When I logged on for the Carlton game and finally got through, it kept rejecting my request for category 2 or 3 seating, on the basis of insufficient tickets, despite saying they had tickets available in those sections. Session ended up timing out and in the end I was lucky to end up with a category 4 seats behind the goals on the 4th level after waiting in the que a second time. I was only after 3 seats. If you pay for a grand final day guarantee, you'd expect more than standing room. It's time Gil and the AFL got up Ticketek. They've got a monopoly to print money and it's time they provided a service that actually works properly.
  15. Ah, yeah. For any band wagon jumpers. They'll also get a Medicare rebate for the lobotomy required to become a fully fledged supporter as well.
  16. Wasting their time. I think Collingwood supporters prefer the toothless look.
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