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  1. I think the rest of the league are actually catching on to how good he is.
  2. Congratulations Jack - love your work. Just an absolute beast of a player. One thing I distinctly remember that Todd was renowned for (assides from being as hard a nails), was for being a consummate professional in his training and preparation and I get the sense that has well and truely rubbed off on Jack as well. It's like the kid was born and raised to be a gladiator or perhaps like a Spartian warrior for the Melbourne Football Club.
  3. And fearless workhorse when we were battling for control of the game back as well. Far better player than Sellwod and he got 6 AAs. But then I don't see Jack as being the type that wins so many popularity points with umpires or the AFL - that's the beauty of him.
  4. Rookie draft wasn't he? Has been at the club 5 mins and already has shown way more than Laurie. Don't get this rubbish that we wouldn't likely get a player better than Laurie at pick 80. IMHO, Laurie has few weapons or rare qualities such as pace, size or tenacity that would justify such an early and substantial commitment. His one wood is supposedly poise and being a good ball user, but I've seen very little of that at AFL level and you've got to actually get the ball to use it well. We've also got plenty of young mids his type, such as Bowey, McVee, Howes, Woewodin, Brown, Winsor, Chandler, Kossie, Rivers, Spargo, Sparrow and potentially Kolt, that all have better weapons and/or potential. If Laurie hasn't show something decent by half way to 3/4 the way through the season, we'd be far better off recruiting another key position type, where we have more of a need to develop depth and less young players at our disposal on our list. I respect JT's ability to pick winners, but surely the decision to retain Laurie is less in JT's remit and more in TL's. I'd rather give JT the oppertunity to find a few raw key position types and stack our investment in that type of player in the next few years. Similarly, I'd rather we'd gone way harder to keep Toby Bedford, but no use crying over spilt milk I guess I hope Laurrie does become an AFL standard player, because 6 years is a long time to invest in a solid VFL player, who sometimes plays a great game at that level.
  5. Seriously, what's the need for a 20th team? The AFL season has two byes with an even No. of teams as it is for player management/welfare purposes, so a 20th team without any real justification isn't a necessity. Further, I think adding more teams, just dilutes the oppertities for the existing ones to taste ultimate sucess of a flag - on rule of averages, each team now has a 1 in 19 year oppertunity to win a flag Vs a 1 in 12 years in the old VFL. I actually think this sucess starvation could ultimately end with the least successful of the existing Melbourne based teams becoming financially unviable.
  6. Was discugusted by listening to Gerard Wheatley carry on the other day on AFL 360 that politicians in this country should 'grow some spine and get behind these new stadium builds' with reference to the Gabba/Olympics and Hobart stadium funding. Geez Gerard not everyone can be gifted taxpayer gazillions like Geelong to rebuild thier boutique stadium. While I'm all for appropriate investment in stadiums such has occurred to the MCG over the years, in the current economic climate, I agree that it's not really appropriate. WA/Perth are rolling in mineral royalties, so thier recient upgrade isn't such an issue. The Gabba is still a great quality stadium, although possibly 10,000 seats too small at times. If there is really so much wrong with the Launceston and Hobat stadiums, the AFL should stop Hawthorn and North playing there imeediatley and give back the Tassie govenment all that sponsorship funding. What I think the new Tassie govenment really needs to do is get some gumshum and go to the AFL CEO bloke who replaced Gillam what's his name and say "Hey AFL we've got 100,000 members signed up her now give us the F@#*ing team we should have had 10 years ago when you poored millions into a team in Western Sydney that still only has 20,000 members. We'll play games at the existing stadiums in Hobart and Launceston until we're good and ready and maybe you can put in somd cash to upgrade them to persevere the game in a grass roots football state."
  7. Have really liked Kossies games since he's been back. Hitting the scoreboard regularly, but also been really busy and impactful all around the ground. If we'd had him against Sydney, it might have got us over the line. Anyways, will be good to see if he can maintain this kind of form through the season - if so, I think he might have come of age and taken that next step up to being an elite of the comp, rather than soley a freakish talent who can turn a game, but perhaps not to be relied upon to do so every week. Have also been super impressed with Winsor who seems to be getting better and more confident every week. In particular, I noticed that against Hawthorn in particular, he was landing and sticking tackles alot better, where in some previous occations he was chasing players down, but being brushed asides too easily. Is great to have another nippy player to hassle, harass and put both real and implied pressure on the oppositions ball carier around the ground when we are not in possession. And just love the way he glides through and around traffic like opposition players are just standing still. And what a great get Billings has turned out to be so far. Wasn't really sure if he was going to be a find or a bust, but on the evidence to date, he's been a really schrude pickup.
  8. Pertracca's defensive spoil, BBB and T Mac back and contributing, as well as Marty Hore and there is a good vibe about the team at the moment. Early days, but good signs I agree. I also wouldn't mind betting that Jake Melksham is having a real influence on ouŕ forwards and forward entry. Our new prefered game style forward of centre taking the game on a bit more and lots of flat low passes into 50 has got him written all over it. Would be amazing if he could make it back for a few games at the back end, but regardless, I get the impression that he's being a great contributor with his mentoring and coaching.
  9. You're right. He's not a Wizard. More like a goblin.
  10. Me neither. I think it would be bloody awsome for Hawthorn to spend a decade in the wilderness finishing position 12 - 15.
  11. Home to watch the reply after spending the day at the GP. Good to see Fritta have a good day - you called it @WalkingCivilWar. Who's going to kick a bag next week?
  12. P.S. There's alot of GWS and Sun's fans here at the GP, probably more than their whole membership.
  13. Won't be going to the game today as it's clashing with attending the Grand Prix with my daughter, who's totally into that. Flying the flag with my MFC scarf and drinks bag out here at Albert Park all day though. GO THE MIGHTY DEMONS!!!
  14. I'm not that bothered by Fritta's performance last week. He kicks 3 or 4 the week before, then Bulldogs put a focus on shutting him down and all our other forwards have a bit more space and get their lick of the ice cream. Only thing disappointing with Fritta's year so far in general, including practice matches has been his goal kicking accuracy has been way off from his normally elite standards. No real probs there though, I've got no doubt he'll get his routine right again as the season progresses and he'll kick straight when it really counts.
  15. No great insights into the likelihood of this occurring, but I'd love us to smash Hawthorn today and absolutely pulverise them into the ground. My hatered of that team and thirst for vengance can not be underestimated. We were half way to doing that job last year and then let them peg back an ounce of scoreboard respect I'm the second half from where they were heading. If I recall correctly, it was also a Petty FF breakout game, before he subsequently got injured in the same game and didn't play out the second half?
  16. You Should get in with your membership, but will be relegated to about level 4, while three quarters of level 1 is empty. The exclusive nature of watching footy at the MCG via exorbitant pre-booked tickets has become a stain on the game.
  17. Was there in 88 when we comprehensively beat Carlton to make the GF. The atmosphere and mood in the outer with 5 - 10mins to go when we all realised we had it in the bag and were into a GF for the first time in 20 something odd years was close to the most emotional I've ever experienced with our supporter group. Can only imagine that's a small taste of what it would be like winning a premership at the G and actually being there.
  18. Yep, thought that made it even better. If Collingwood really want to have a cry, then whatever. Darcy Moore pretty much throws it to Higgins anyway, so should have been a free kick. Before he kicked that goal, the Ch7 comentators (BT in particular) cheerleading that Collingwood were looking like staging another miraculous come back made me want to vomit - Jack's goal shut that up pretty quickly from there on.
  19. Yeah, but in the absence of a genuine player attributed nick name, then I think the supporter group should step in. Even if they have a somewhat vanilla existing one, then I think the tribe should impose something with a bit more punch. A few starting suggestions: Jed Adams - Lurch Marty Hore - a part of me laughs at Dirty, but perhaps these days it's not quite appropriate these days, so perhaps McFly could be another option. Kind of suits his back story getting de-listed and re-listed Back to The Future.
  20. Played local footy with a bloke first name Phil who answered to that nickname. He was also known as Car City. Had a kind of wonky eye - if you remeber the advertisement, you'll get the reference! 🤪
  21. 'Learning ruck craft' under Max? Surely he's already had an A grade apprenticeship under his old man and Max is adding the final touches to that? I actually liked the look of what I saw from Verrall in the practice matches, so we could be in a position to build some good ruck depth again over a spread of age groups, which would be a good thing. One of the great playing trates of Jeff is that he was a decent forward as well as ruck and if Kalani is cut from the same cloth, that could be very useful to us indeed.
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