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  1. Will miss the first quarter or so of this game travelling on an interstate flight. The last time something similar happened, I switched onto the footy in my hotel in Perth and saw the MFC amazingly in the game on the scoreboard against Geeeelong at Cat park in Gawn's breakout game. We know how that turned out! ...hopefully that's an omen.
  2. Opposition fan's probably never saw him as the thug, but any true MFC supporter saw the skills and talented footballer in Rodney. ...and in an era where thuggery was tolerated and perhaps even celebrated, along with a few others like Danny Huges, he was OUR enforcer laying down the law. It's a different game now, but I do see guys in our team like May & Viney (& previously Hibbo) having a similar presence for us on the feild. Doesn't get measured in any stat, but has a tangible effect on team performance IMHO.
  3. Agree with a lot of that. I think he was doing alot of defensive stuff last year as well. Like ANB, his ability to run both ways and also get on the end of it offensively is close to elite. I think an area that he's actually a bit ahead of ANB is his goal kicking, both snapping out of a pack situation, but particularly his set shot kicking, which I'd almost put him up there as elite for. Generally very reliable accuracy wise and he's also got a great range, being quite capable from 50m and even a bit beyond that. Incidentally, I think this is an area of his game that ANB has also improved as I've noted him reciently being able to take advantage of the stand rule and slot goals from around 50m, where in the past, his range seemed to be more limited to around 40m.
  4. Comparing the Crows to Port, it would be tempting to think the Crows are total rubbish having gone 0-3, as opposed to Ports 3-0 prior to playing us, but looking back at Adelaide's losses, none suggest to me they are anything near Hawthorn levels of ineptitude. Loosing last Rd by 35 points in Perth to a Freo that's flying at the moment isn't a huge loss in my mind. Quite wary of this game, particularly considering how sore Trac and Clarry looked to be in parts of the game last week. Season wise, I feel this is a huge game. Win this one and it starts to solidify our top 4 spot before our bye, loose it and we're back with the pack. We look pretty well focused and are playing with alot of fluency and confidence at the moment, so I have alot of faith in where our team is at, but this is yet another test of are we going to be genuine contenders or also rans this season.
  5. I'm satisfied that there isn't any malice, but I do think he owes other players a duty of care. Don't see how the league can outlaw sling tackles and shoulders that make head high contact, but allow other parts of the body to be used to the same effect. Broken ribs are one thing, but a massive wack with a knee to the head like that Geelong bloke copped is bloody dangerous. Does the AFL need to make a rule for every foreseeable use of the body that makes contact or just put the responsibility back on the player that they execute the way they play properly or get suspended. If there isn't already a sufficiently general rule, they should make one pronto. I like Chol, but having his knees do the damage they have in the past two weeks tells me he doesn't care enough for his fellow competitors and needs to change the way he plays or should spend an extended period on the side lines.
  6. Random Port fan -"can't see why Geelong didn't play Esava Ratugolea in the last couple of years. The guy is an absolute beast. Has a huge tank and footy IQ. Definetly worth trading pick 25 and all the cap space we've invested in him"
  7. He must take some pretty short breaths at times too, because some of those things he does are lightening fast, almost reflex stuff. Pretty amazing how skilled AFL footballers are at times these days.
  8. Also thought they were on the end of some pretty iffy ones too, so it balances out really. I don't think that free kick against Rivers gets paid every time. Max's free on three quarter time was a bit marginal, but if you look early in the play, it's there and I'm sure he has plenty of those paid against him too. I did think the umpires were equally bad for both teams at points.
  9. Said himself on an interview after the game last night I think it was that he's now having a bit more confidence in himself to take the game on a bit more, slow down and finish when he's got ball in hand than perhaps he has in the past. Do agree and think he's become a more damaging and dangerous player as a result.
  10. I did love that mark Esava Ratugolea took. Imagine being a fly on the wall of the Port Adelaide supporters forum about that one!
  11. Just imagine how different it would be if we'd lost by a goal or two.
  12. There was a period in 2020 (perhaps the preceding years as well), when he was very much on the fringe. I actually think in 2020 he was very harshly suspended for 2 - 3 games for what was then a pretty marginal suspension for a sling tackle or something - would probably clearly be a suspension now (for everyone but Collingwood), but back then I think he was made a scape goat out of it. Really intrupted his oppertunity to establish himself in the team at that time. I recall watching both him and Jayden Hunt then play great games in our practical dead rubber game against Essendon at Metricon in the final Rd of 2020 and thinking they were both definate goers that had something to offer the team, but I think at that time, there would have been pleanty of our own supporters more than happy to throw ANB to the wolves and delist or trade him.
  13. To be fair, I think they've also relaxed the rule to allow some 'natural arc' rubbish that pretty much means you can run off your line the same as if you are playing on and make it almost impossible to umpire as well.
  14. Still look more civilised than Collingwood supporters - at least they have some teeth.
  15. On another note, I've been looking at some of the post game stuff with Jack and it's mentioned how he had alot of family, uncles etc come over and watch him for the game. One of the guys hovering around Todd in the background has a considerable likeness to Todd and I've been woundering if it is 'uncle Jay Viney' (a fairly handy player who made it into the red and blue for the MFC on a few occations. When I talk footy with a professional connection I have over in Adelaide often tells me one of his claims to fame is that he played local or school footy with Jay and recalls him as being about the stongests, hardest guys he's every played with. Also, looking a the photo of Todd with Jack after the game on the MFC socials - please someone buy the guy a hair brush and an iron! Personal grooming not befitting of the great man, warrior and servant of the MFC.
  16. Thought Jack played a decent game for 200, probably wasn't at his absolute best, but I'm sure he did alot of hard in and under stuff that didn't really show through on TV. One of the posters mentioned how Jack keeps improving - an area of his game that I think he has really improved from early in his career is his ability to navigate or burst through traffic. Remember he had a stage where it seemed he was often trying to do too much an got caught holding the ball a fair bit. Over time, he's really corrected this, I think through a combination of knowing when to release the ball to a team mate, but also sharper evasive skills and getting stronger and perhaps better technique to stand up in tackles and barge his way through (wounder if the Judo helps with this). Put on a great example of his step and composure and disposal under pressure with his very handy goal in the third quarter in last night's game.
  17. I would have loved to have seen Ben's reaction after that goal. Alot of other players would probably have gone and got right back in their face afterwards, but I bet you all Brown did was get arou d his team mates and smile.
  18. Just thinking about some of those far easier shots that Freitch missed at times this season - maybe he just needs to have big moments like this to focus his aim.
  19. Really enjoyed that win. Thought it was slipping away a few times, but we came through with the chocolates in the end. Very Goodwin win we kept them within reaching distance for most of the game, gritted it out and came away with the victory. ANB - great game. Always puts in. Just keeps getting better. Lever - very glad he came up, because he was solid as a rock when we really needed him to be. BBB, T Mac - proving the neah sayers so very wrong and winning us games of footy. Chin - guts, determination and did some very handy things as well. Winsor - great find. Another JT special (No surprises here). Rivers played a very good game and seemed to really make up for the goal he gave up from the free kick he gave away. Lingers was really good to key parts of the game as well. Clarry and Viney, weren't at their absolute best, but really stood up when the side needed them as did Max. Judd Mc Gee, just keeps on being his solid self. Thought Woewodwin was both impactful and executed really well when he got on the ground - starting 22 next week? (I hope so). Rest of the team Howes, Salem, Trac, Petty, Kossie, Freitch, Sparrow all had some good moments as well. Keep rackking up the wins and building the belief boys. GO THE MIGHTY DEMONS!!
  20. Less Steve May probably accounts for a bit of that.
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