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  1. So it's last day of the school term today and instead of free dress, it's wear your footy gear day. MFC supporters out numbering every other team in the outer east. This is the future - I love it! GO THE MIGHTY DEMONS!!
  2. Except Spargo is one of the best in the league at hitting a target inside 50 - totally sensible in that regard, trying to rectify the issue that we were so deficient in last week. I'm also hoping we can play Patracca forward more this week with Jordan in the side as I also think this will help both or goal scoring capasity and inside 50 connection.
  3. I didn't quite read it that way, but I suspect that it could be that he's either struggling to fully run out games at the required level and/or finding it that much harder to back up every week that led him to the decision to call it quits. He was showing the signs of this earlier in the season when he needed to be rested/managed for a game here or there. Still if he's able to capably play out 3 quarters, or 2 games out of every 3, I think he's still more than handy as a substitute or backup depth, because the thing you know with the Pig is that he's a fierce competitor who won't shirk a contest or leave anything left in the tank doing his bit for the side.
  4. Great call from random St Kilda supporter in a video shown on The Front Bar: "Please do something about the umpires, because we don't understand them and they're bloody [censored]" Couldn't agree more.
  5. Add to that a defense that keeps us in games and gives us the opportunity to win games alot wouldn't still be in.
  6. If I recall correctly, we were the team to knock off Collingwood mid season when they were riding high, everyone was suggesting they were undefeatable and we were struggling for consistent form. I think we're just as capable of beating Carlton now with our backs somewhat to the wall now as we were Collingwood mid season. This team has grit, determination and ability.
  7. Uninsipiring maybe, but flags arn't won by superstars. All the ins are quality, solid players, more than capable of playing a role in my mind. Our depth is certainly being tested, but we're still in the flag race because we have it.
  8. No, Bondi or Coogee beach if the rumors are right 😉
  9. Like the selections and I've got a good feeling about this game. A key man down in Brayshaw, I don't think our forward line could have functioned any worse and or we have missed soo many gettable shots at goal. And yet we nearly still won it. Listening to the likes of Gawn and Patracca, I think there's a determination and confidence that we can turn our performance last week around, just like we did with our form from around the mid season point when the outside football World was writing us off. Jordan a no brainer. Hopefully he plays like a star and cements himself a spot for the rest of the finals series, but even the standard Jordan solid output and gut running is what's required. Tomlinson has shown enough that he's still more than capable on his day. Perhaps the retirement announcement from Hibbo during the week was a concession that he can't quite play out a full AFL game at his and/or own standard of intensity and Tommo still can? Also think Tommo will be playing out of his skin at this chance to play in big finals. While Spargo's form this season hasn't exactly set the world on fire at times, something that does need to be remembered is that he's amoung the elite in the league at hitting a target inside 50 - something we sorely lacked last week. I'd love to see Hibbo be the sub and it's a role he may still be well suited to, but equally I think we'd still get good returns out of Grundy or Schache if they get given the nod. I think it's highly unlikely we'd have Laurie as sub again based on his lack luster performance last week, but also as we've gone fairly small in the main 22.
  10. Thanks that's a better way of expressing it. If you look at my original post I stated and/or after the men's game, because I did want to avoid the connotation of being just a 'curtain raiser' but probably didn't do that so well. To be honest, I'd like the opportunity to more conviently watch more the women's games live at the ground. Buying a club membership should get you membership to both teams. Getting more exposure via game attendances and hopefully corresponding rise in TV ratings should also booster the justification for more and/or equal pay for the women's players too.
  11. Katrina I get where you are comming from but I think you have at least partly misinterpreted where I'm coming from and actually show some biases of your own. I don't think I stated that they should be regarded as the reserves teams. I've been a big supporter of the rise of the women's competition and my suggestion was more so based on them getting to play at venues and an audience equal to the men's competition. I look at the second tier ground and small crowds the AFLW play at and think they deserve better and to play on a stage equal to that of the men's team. There's a bit of elitism in the assertion of different crowds too and I also don't think it's the solution to the issue. If there unacceptable crowd behavior at the men's AFL games, then that's the issue that needs to be addressed, not insulating the AFLW games from the mass support they should get more exposure to. P.S. I've never been to watch a Casey game since they cut out the reserves competition, but I don't regard them as unequal or second rate and I'd also gladly have them play more of those games at the major AFL venues, but would prefer they gave that oppertunity to the AFLW comp.
  12. Agreed, but being the elite player that he is, soild for him is good form for your average player and then he still has that potential up side. I think his reliable kicking out of defense is also probably something that it structurally pretty import to our backline, contributing tobthat element of stability.
  13. Yeah, maybe, but from what I understand he also played like a thug, so I'm not sure he'd be of much use in the current circumstances. He'd probably fall in behind the Jono Brown Neanderthal 'can't avoid these incidents in football' brigade. But I agree with everything else in your other post tiers.
  14. It's disappointing in a lot of ways, because he looked red hot when he first came back in mid way through this season and I thought he made a real impact. If he had have kicked that goal on the run against Carlton a few weeks back it would have made huge difference and it was the sort of kick you'd normally to expect him to nail, but I guess everyone is human. I think he's been solid of late, but it could be a real boost to us if he can find that other gear we know he's got over the next few weeks and really tear some games apart.
  15. I'm definitely not against Laurie being given a go as a sub in some of the later games during the season. And yes it's easier in hindsight, but I thought for a final the percentage play was to have Jodan as the sub as Laurie had shown glimpses, but nothing that suggested he could make as solid a contribution for even a quarter in a big game final compared to what Jordan has shown he can deliver in the past. Hopefully this may be a chance for Jordan to solidify his spot in a finals team as I think he's a player we need to try to retain for the future if he hasn't already 100% committed elsewhere that I fear he might have.
  16. I think the player really missing out of this conversation is Toby Bedford. I know hindsight is a great thing, but I always saw him as a talent with abbilty that was close to cracking it and I'm sure would be getting a game this season with us. Conversely, while he's racked up some big stats and maybe even some great games at Casey, I've yet to see Laurie look like making much of an impact at AFL level. Doubt he'll get picked again this year, so I think it will need to be a big off season for him this year and him needing to reinvent himself to find himself a role in the side. If he doesn't, I think he'll suffer the same fate as Baker. In retrospect, I'm actually quite frustrated that Laurie was picked to be the sub last week, as even any of Grundy or Tomlinson or even Schache would have given us a whole lot more output than what Laurie did and if neither are selected in the main team, I hope they are at least sub over Laurie. I think it's pretty much a given Bradshaw will be replaced by Jordan this week as I think we can be pretty confident he'll give a solid/reliable performance even if his best is not as outstanding as some of his peers that have kept him out of the side. Nothing against Laurie personally, it's just my observations of him over the past season when he's been given game time.
  17. Yeah, don't know about that one - is suspending Maynard really going to translate to less bums on seats or eyeballs on TV? If anything the controversy has gained them more media attention. Anyways, I think we are splitting hairs here Sue. The issue is that the AFL are shirking the big picture issue in favour of hoping to make the issue go away in the short term. You think it's dominated by commercial interests, I call it a lack of cougrage, conviction and integrity in the way they have acted with respects to protecting the head in just about all previous instances and scenarios in the past 3 to 4 years.
  18. Honestly, I think the best solution to this is to play AFLW games as curtain raisers and/or straight after the men's games on the main AFL grounds. There's now 18 AFLW games and having them play to the same audiences as the men's would be great. It's a big commitment for people to attend x2 separate competitions when they play at different days/times & venues. Ever since they got rid of the reserves, the pre-game entertainment at AFL games has sucked. Conversely I always loved watching the end of the reserves games and I'm sure I'd likewise enjoy watching the AFLW games, if not more.
  19. Couldn't agree more. Despite all the talk of launching here, it isn't rocket science. I'm sure the AFL are fully aware of all this, they just don't have the courage to take the actions the situation demanded.
  20. Spot on. The AFL are a joke. What's happened here is way worse than Cripps last season. Eddy is a bloody half back flanker. I'd love nothing more than for GWS to win this weekend and then go on to smash Collingwood and knock them out (metaphorically speaking) in a prelim.
  21. Thanks @Mel Bourne, but not a great time to bump the thread 😂
  22. Let's just make it clear - if Collingwood decide to put up an appeal on legal grounds to an AFL tribunal decision that rubs out Maynard for 2 weeks or more, what they are actually signalling to the rest of the league is that "Collingwoods premiership chances and our players are more important than anyone else's getting perminant brain damage". I know Collingwood are one of the 'big clubs', but the AFL should be putting a very hard word on them not to legally appeal the tribunal decision, as should the AFLPA.
  23. The AFL has made it pretty clear that whatever the action, it's principal has about taking reasonable care to protect the head. Does there need to be a rule or explicit precedent to every 'football action' that if carelessly executed makes significant contact to the head? This point seemed to be lost almost completely on Buckley and Brown.
  24. I actually do think Roo was stiff in so far as the contact was both on the more incidental side, I actually don't think it was intentional (i.e. I think he was instinctively putting his arm out to protect himself/His space or for ballance and McStay also happened to be down low) and McStay also wasn't evaluated as having received concussion. But given the borderline case and stance that the AFL's stance on protecting the head, I don't think it's worth arguing the toss with the AFL and the MGC have supported this stance by the AFL. Conversely Maynard did KO the guy - to me that's automatically easily degree higher consequence than JVR . If the tribunal uphold the suspension, which I'm almost sure they will, I think Collingwood need to think long and hard about going the legal option and I think it is a very poor reflection on them as a club if they do.
  25. Listening to Buckley and Brown talk about this and making excuese for Maynard on 'On The Couch' last night made me just question their intellect (as if I hadn't already). I generally like them as comentators and think they offer a more reasoned ballanced and insightful viewpoint than alot, but last night they lost me. In particular Buckley described the contact to Maynard as "incidental" . If blokes getting knocked out is incidental, I don't know where we go to from here. I suspect it was a mistaken word selection and he ment accidental, but that's an asides. The point well made by hoast Garry Lyon is that we've accepted there is a responsibility of the player to have a duty of care during the football actions of tackling and bumping, then why not the same for smothering? But Buckley and Brown seemed to take the dumb stance that this was an unavoidable 'football incident' inherent to the game, which I think is wrong.
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