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  1. Agreed. I feel there is a primevil human motivation for vengeance and violence against Collingwood the next time we play them. The logical part of my brain says it may not be the right one, but the emotive part definitely feels that way. When I do think about it more deeply, what I think would satisfy this lust for blood is to categorically demolish Collingwood on the scoreboard every time we play them for the next decade, leaving their low life supporter group humiliated, depressed and bring home the flag next year in a totally dominant season from start to finish.
  2. Might as well let Patrick Cripps win one after charging front on and giving a guy concussion, or let that Maynard bloke play the next 2 games and play in a GF after knocking a guy out cold. This is the AFL we are talking about here. They will probably find some excuse and cave and give Jobe back the medal.
  3. So why is Mike Sheehan of all people leading this campaign?
  4. Totally agree and this is why as I suspected, the exchange was something of a reflection on you as well WCW. If only the media would remember the last bit. So much of the time the seem to be reported on like they are objects, there for our entertainment, the sponsors and media.
  5. Just to add one more to those saying what a great post this is WCW and how it lifted my spirits Re the mighty Red and Blue. I also think it's amazing that given all that's gone on with the media, Clarry would be so open and happy to have an exchange like that with you. Think it say something about both of you. Clarry does seem to be a pretty simple country lad at heart - just open and straight down the line, no BS. Think he and the club made the right decision to stick by each other. Can't wait to see what he and the boys can produce this season with him back to his normal self physically and mentally.
  6. We all know Rivers is a star, but I'm really excited to see where Woey can go this season as well. Wasn't really expecting him to get a game last year based on the reports comming out of his performances at Casey (i.e. some good stuff, but not setting the World on fire). But when Woey got his crack at AFL level, he looked the part almost instantly and I thought he did some really classy stuff. A bit of AFL body size and strength was perhaps all Woey was lacking last season, so he could really make an impact this year if he can work his way into the side.
  7. JT obviously keeping a keen eye on the lad. Does the quality and potential of Kalani partly explain why we haven't recruited more developing ruck depth at the recent draft and trade period? If he's anywhere near as good as his old man, he could be a genuine ruck replacement for Max not too long after I'd expect Max to be in a 'retirement window' I do fret a bit though and just hope we don't get dudded like we did with Mac Andrew, with a change to accademey and father son rules that makes it difficult or impossible for us to recruit Kalani.
  8. So I just wounder how important the seemingly good state of the keeping the past players engauged has been to this? From what I understand Rod Ginter and Paul Hopgood? have been very active and really revitalized that group. Also woundering if family are invited to the events and if not, would that be a good idea?
  9. 100% and full credit to him (and others like Oscar and Corey Wagner). That never say die attitude and personal resilience not to drop your bundle when the chips are down post being delisted is the sort of attitude and culture that we want at the club. I think this is also sensible in respects to getting a bit thin for mid - key back depth with Hibbo gone, Petty poised to play mainly key forward and some question marks over the availability of Joel Smith. Smart move by the club in my book and good luck to Marty second time around in the mighty red and blue.
  10. I also like the graphic the MFC used for the signing of Melksham in is original U18 draft kit. We did pretty well this recruitment period and picked up 3 first round picks - well done to JT, Lamb and the team!
  11. His spot on the list could be considered very marginal, purely from the likelihood he'll spend much of it injured, but I'm stoked the club as kept him on. Seems like a great character and I think this move is a great way for the club to repay the faith to Jake. I don't think it should be forgotten, that Melksham was one of the first developed players of quality that sought out a trade to the MFC, at a time we were pretty much rubbish on the field. In the years that followed, we picked up Hibbo, Lever, Langdon, Tomlinson & May, but perhaps asides from Bernie Vince, Melky was one of the first. If he can get back to his 2023 form, that would be a bonus, but I think this shows how far the club has come from the dark era, when guys like James McDonald, Robbo and others were pushed out the door not on their terms. Similar for guys like T Mac and BBB, how we treat these guys will have a big bearing on how we continue to move forward as a club.
  12. That makes 4 at the club now. Can't ever remember us having that many at any other time I've been a follower. It's kind of 6 if you include Spargs and Bowey, be it son's from other clubs past players.
  13. Sounds like a great country lad. And prononced "Tolstrup". The H is silent according to dad and gramps apparently.
  14. Apparently 'Dirk' is the go. Old mate called him that in kindy and it's followed him to every club since, so we'd better keep it going.
  15. Are we there yet? How much longer does this bloody draft thing go for?
  16. So to put a full stop on the tread "we can use 42" ...for Billings ...sort of. BTW @DeeSpencer - DO WE HAVE ANY MORE LIST SPOTS?
  17. Yeah, I also wounder the logic of this move. The only thing I can make of it is, that if we weren't going to use it this draft anyway, then perhaps it will have something is more than nothing currency next year in case we have an academy or F/S in play then.
  18. Many have written BBB off from making a meaningful contribution to our season next year. I must admit I've also lowered my expectations somewhat. Clearly the man himself still has the desire and some belief that he can get his body right and get out on the paddock again. If we can get even a few good games out of him while Petty retuns, that would be a great bonus. It's probably an ideal scenario in some ways for it to be clear to the likes of JvR to have a mentor still around the place, but one he knows shouldn't get in his way and be keeping him out of the side when he's fully ready to be one of the main men.
  19. Luke Jackson helped win us the only flag we've ever won in my lifetime, so that puts him in my favorite MFC 22, but agree Jurrah was bloody incredible to watch.
  20. While I feel she's spent much of her career somewhat in the shadows of Dasiy and Paxman, with respects to external recognition, I feel this season in particular Kate Hore's star has really shone and a third AA would be a true endorsement of great player she's become.
  21. I can also attest to what a great tonic it is watching games from 2021. Have re-watched the GF and PF in recent ( @Demonstone) weeks and it is food for soul. The 'veil of negativity' that has started to descend back here on Demonland since late 2022 is becoming quite unenjoyable. Here is my take on things: 1. You only need to look at what has happened to the other teams that were in our GF and PF to some extent to see how realitively good our form has been since 2021. The Bulldogs have fallen away badly and Geelong certainly wasn't able to backup as being a true compeditor in 2023. 2. I actually think our forward line and ball movement was starting to get back to 2021 type level in the back quarter of our 2023 H&A season. The game against the Tigers when they were making a late charge, but we still had all of Petty, JvR and Melksham up and about our willingness to share and seek good options around goal was back. Very few teams would have even remained compeditive as we did with the consistent churn through our forward line this year. Max and Goody are in my view exceptional leaders. Their ability to be both positively focused, while still being harf self critics, compeditive and always looking for improvement is exactly what is needed. Sucess isn't final, failure isn't fatal, it's the corurage to continue that counts is the sort of mantra I think the epitomize well. As an asides, I was reading a few days ago how Trent Cotchin and his wife hoasted Dusty Martin for a period following the chopstick assault saga in 2015. Perhaps this bodes well for Clarry's stay with the Gawn family.
  22. He was pretty good at connecting with targets inside 50 as well. As you suggest, I think he had alot of the attributes that could have made him a valuable contributor to our premiership in 2021 if only he wasn't so scarred and had learnt the right habits from the start.
  23. Have read the article and think it's about time that the media take note and exercise some 'duty of care' of their own when reporting on issues of a personal nature to players. Some of the stuff on Clarry and Joel Smith has been ridiculous. The same story rehashed multiple times over with a different headline just to get a few extra clicks. It's money for jam for the media outlets, but has a meaningful impact on the people at the centre of it, that they are selfishly profiting at the expense of.
  24. Take note West Coast - this ups the risk factor for you ten fold. Time to reconsider that trade of picks with the MFC.
  25. Yeah, we need some of what Brisbane are cooking up. Neale has two Brownlows! ...and a whole bunch of finals fails and a lost GF. Give me the bang bang bang Trac, Tommy, Clarry any day thanks.
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