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  1. How is Brown ahead of Weideman? Weideman (may) be our future but there is now way Brown plays in a game that counts at the end of the year. selection is an issue along with the lack of urgency to ram hone momentum when we have it. Also, these Pies are fast and hungry. Take nothing away from them.
  2. Sparrow is just a ripper. The tap back to Frisch was pure team. Awesome to watch.
  3. Might be time for the Any Given Sunday speech. go Dees! my 13 and 10 year olds were hard sells when they were born into the mire but I trust tonight will be worth it.
  4. There is no such thing as revenge in my books. However it simply validates where we were to where we are to where we are going. I think many supporters of other clubs have forgotten how dire our situation was. In that era i disregarded the score and wanted to see how we went in the inside 50 totals…(as we often couldn't get it past half way). I vividly remember going to Christian Salems first game versus Sydney, they were strong and professional and he got his first kick and hit a target. The crowd went crazy. Not a goal Not a mark. A simply skill every other team took for granted. Enjoy the ride and Go Dees!
  5. I was confident but not THAT confident! That was as stress free as the last preliminary final…just the opposite. One more Demons…one more!
  6. McDonald -allowed others space tmac played his role, took a defender and competed. You are way off on this.
  7. The protect the head notion is laughable. A millimeter either way…. Selwood had choices and he chose to bump…how often do we need to hear this before a “star” gets cited. I’m not one that thinks the MFC gets a horrendous trot ( I think stars get off) but this is so clear cut. it’s shameful
  8. Six weeks is a slap on the wrist. This is disgraceful. There is talk of self reporting , however that is hollow as Tex said it without a thought and this is the problem. If the official doesn’t say anything …Tex goes about his business and the attitudes to race remain unchallenged. The AFL must increase the penalty. I don’t think 22 weeks is unreasonable.
  9. It seems to me Weideman brings more pressure when the ball is on the deck and this what Brown can’t offer.
  10. The calmness and confidence is a thing to enjoy. A great way to bounce back.
  11. Huh? Under 25 AA gun? To replace him with 2 first round picks that may or not be good? The number of 1st round misses by us and other clubs is huge and you would risk that? When you get a star you hang on. 2 x 50c does not equal $1 when it comes to footballers, basketballers etc.
  12. Yes, the aim is to win a flag but the negativity on here is ridiculous. I am hardly satisfied as a supporter and no one on here who is under 60, is. Perhaps more support for the players and club will create more positivity, which will create more effort and passion which will create more positivity and so on. They won, so in a weird way, we won. Enjoy the win, train hard and smart, keep high standards this week and repeat. Who knows we may look back on round 1 2021 as the time the Dees won ugly cementing a new era?
  13. I have to disagree. If we moved him on at the end of 2018 that would be a repeat of the McDonald situation. its 2 years removed. he is a great of the club but this leaves me perplexed. he hasn’t had an impact on games fir a long time and he is simply passed it. I will cheer him on of course but a hard decision was needed and the club again didn’t make it.
  14. Rivers? First year player is a great pick and is a real long term talent. Plays with poise, can kick and looks like he wants to improve. What did you expect from him?
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