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  1. Way off it i'm afraid. Possessions as a measure for a full back is not a good measure. If he scores high on possession the team is not functioning well upfield. The team is functioning upfield, so he doesn't touch it as much. The thing with Turner when you watch him, as I have all year, is that his class/poise and disposal are already elite at the VFL level - and without doubt stand out. You then add to this his clear mongrel bastard attitude and reading of the game, and it's really no surprise that he is in the AFL frame. Speaking of frame - his is one that can really develop in an AFL environment, and while much is said of JVRs weight gain frame etc, I think that ultimately TURNER will be bigger and stronger than him - the gains Turner has made since he came into the club looking like a McGovern type are extraordinary. I have no doubt we are looking at another country kid ala Jordan Lewis who in a professional environment (winning environment) will really really grow well. He's gone past Tomlinson - who also unfortunately has ZERO upside.
  2. Howes is every bit that player tbh. He looks very special in the way he reads the game. Just has a knack of popping up in the right spot. Good over head, good kick - just need to work on the tank.
  3. I selected n14 - and it gave me M14 - grrrrr. Still got my tickets GO DEES!
  4. How many things can this bloke win - it's getting ridiculous.
  5. You are amazing - thanks mate ! So so helpful! GO DEES!
  6. Can anyone help me - i'm wondering how to orchestrate a whole bunch of non-member Dees and Member dees sitting together. How would we go about this? I've got membership, but my other seven friends don't - can I purchase a whole bunch of tickets togehter and they pay me back?
  7. Can I please ask a question of tonight's pod crew. " Have we shown our hand too early? It was clear from the game that the Dees were playing a different style of attack going into forward 50 and also exiting defensive 50 (shock horror May kicked to different points of the ground often to Langdon's wing). On numerous occasions entering f50 we took the dangerous inboard kick into leading lanes (vis-a-vis our usual mode of operation kicking into the pocket for contest). Does this help or hinder us? Or was it a good chance to give it a hit out before we deploy the similar style against Sydney? "
  8. That's the right attitude. I've rustled up 8 Dees supporters to come along - go dees!
  9. No I don't think he has trained with that group - I think this is a much longer term piece for Jake, if he stays at the Dees.
  10. I think they see him and Bailey Laurie as replacements for Neal Bullen and Spargo - I am just not sure that either of them has the running capacity of ANB to be able to work up and down and help the half back in defence. There is no doubt in my mind that they would be able to link as well as Bowey. The really exciting one is Howes, he looks very special.
  11. Is there a disadvantage to kicking the ball straight over the man on the mark? In golf, there's a theory of choosing an "intermediary target" between your ball and the hole when putting. The theory goes, if I can get the ball to "roll over" that much closer - and easier- target then I the ball should continue on to wherever you want it to eventually go. As long as the players can line the man on the mark up with the centre of the goal, I am unsure why they wouldn't use it as a "helper"?
  12. A few observations on the mental "strength" of our team: 1. Gawn seems to have the yips, and never looks confident kicking set shot. 2. The above applies equally to the following players, Petracca, ANB. I don't think I am projecting when I say that these players appear to have zero confidence. 3. Resilience to finish off games - when ahead - mental drop offs. 4. Attitude/body language at times appears off or "flat" - which is unnecessary. Does anyone on DL know whether the team has a staff Sports Psychologist, or if this is indeed something that can be worked on. I don't believe our lack of ruthlessness is physical or system based, I think its between the ears with our team. Do the professionals put effort into this area, or are they putting too much effort into it? A couple of parallels (in the set shot space) in other sports, which i'd be intrigued on whether anyone has insights on: 1. Penalty taking in soccer - arguably higher pressure - same dynamics as a set shot - What Percentage of Penalties are Scored? [Stats Breakdown] (sqaf.club). Some interesting insights appear that there is a statistical skew towards older shot takers, kicking with medium power. 2. Conversions or penalty shot taking in rugby - is there anything we can learn here from mental attitude of players who can kick at 80%+ when in a routine set shot? I'm not sure any players can kick at this level in the AFL?
  13. I'm a strictly numbers man mostly myself, but couldn't help but feel like there was some footy god intervention in that Collingwood game. I felt like we dominated the game for long long periods - but things would refuse to fall our way - an errant miss, Collingwood goes the other way and kicks a 50/50. It was uncanny. What was worse was a deep seeded feeling that we weren't going to win, and tbh it's something i've felt throughout the year. So, what have we done to anger the footy gods? And how can we turn it around ?
  14. This is on the money - I was at the game, and you could see them set up for the kick. Honestly, it's that predictable that teams are setting up for it now. People are making a large amount about the lack of f50 tackles by our forwards. These tackles are a direct result of splitting aerial contests - if you think it through it's hard to tackle a player in AFL unless you are in close proximity to that player. Close proximity occurs in two scenarios in AFL - stoppage, and crumbing situations. The reality was that we were repeatedly unable to bring the ball to ground in predictable ways for our crumbers to either win possession or make tackles. That fault has to lie a lot with Sam Weideman, as this is his role when playing forward of the ball in our system. It's also the main reason why he doesn't look good in our system - i've no doubt in a different (say Carlton model) he would look a lot better.
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