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  1. I think this is a fantastic post - thanks for that analysis. My other thoughts were that the delivery method into forward 50 was down on previous weeks. We couldn't kick to space, but seemed to kick floaty balls to aerial contests - which I wouldn't classify as a BBB strength. Wider open space, more direct kicking, and as you say drawing two defenders, let's see how he goes on the "G". It's very exciting. I think the comment that Bedford and Chandler breathing down ANB's neck is very on point, he can't afford too many quiet games with that talent in the 2s.
  2. He was very poor. Just bombed into forward 50 when he had unpressured possessions - EXACTLY the sort of behaviour we are trying to eradicate in our midfield group. Sticking hard tackles - again something we are defining brand on. It's not terrible for Oskar but he's not at the level of this group yet.
  3. I think maybe Hibberd to Papley - similarly explosive in first 20 yards. Rivers is also very quick.
  4. Much better to have had Sparrow - but he did play on Thursday. He is the like for like replacement, even improvement on Jones or Jack. Was v. impressive in the 2s and was surprised he was dropped earlier in the season, I thought his role playing through the first games was a large part of early season wins..... If this is Jack's foot now what will his foot be like in 3-5 years. I am seeing a lot of downside.
  5. What is the reason that the membership portal is done through Ticketek? It is beyond abysmal sign up experience. And working myself in digital, I often wonder what the drop off rates are in that membership funnel? Do the Demons get access to that data, or the meta data like when and from where these people are signing up to better inform our marketing activities? For example, if it is (as I suspect) that people sign up post game - probably makes sense to do targeting e-marketing in and around that time (ie promos etc). Just a thought...
  6. Agree @DeeSpencer he's not a pressure forward, that is not what he brings to this forward line. At the moment based on watching the Casey games his role (in that system), is more of CHF roving quite far up the ground. His work rate was more impressive (in terms of Ks run) in the 2s then Ben Brown was in the 1s. However, that can be system related. His efforts to get up the wing and then back to the square to split contests where a notable part of Weid's game against Norf. I wasn't seeing similar efforts from BBB, and I am not sure he has that tank and speed anyway to do that. Second
  7. Hard to judge BBB on one game at AFL in this set-up - a better sample size of three-four games will tell. An early observation was that our inside 50 entry was not good enough to use a lead up forward like Ben Brown. Reminded me of the last two years watching our players sit the ball on top of Tom Mac's head time after time. Oskar Baker, Clayton, Christian, ANB, all wasted un-pressured forward entries by being unable to kick to advantage. It seems that Charlie Spargo, Kozzie Pickett, and Melksham (one beautiful flat entry) are the only forward of centre players who can be trusted...
  8. Weidemann is a 5 year plus forward for us still building into his frame. His forward craft running patterns, marking above head, team first etc i'm a very big fan. I think we are flag contenders two years from now, and Sam is a large large part of that.
  9. Weidemann was very good and did all the team things. He could have easily kicked 7 if he was more selfish. He'll play - but let's see him play more and more footy consistently. He is so clearly far too good for this level though. It can't be good for his long term development to keep beating up on part time footballers.
  10. So the powers that be maybe have decided that Melkshams ongoing lack of tackle is analagous to playing a deep full forward and having a three headed monster in Tmac, LJ and BBB. Wow that's a tall forward line - not quite WCE tall but still v. tall. Granted BBB plays more as a leading forward. Excited to see how this affects the balance.
  11. Wow surprised that the dropped Jonesy - very brutal move. very brutal. Sends a pretty clear message.
  12. That is exactly how I felt - just proud, been so sick to death of the "meek" Melbourne - pretty winners mentality and culture that seems to have been around this club for so long. Now when one of those cheap Richmond hacks put on a shot, there were players streaming in to settle the score. And with Kozzy we finally have an aggressor and not in the Jack Viney way - we can hold our backs up straight and let's bully some teams.
  13. Ditto - was pretty absymal watching the Casey Richmond game on the livestream....looking forward to this Thursday night game. Wowee - so good watching some of our AFL boys go at it, and then some of the up and comers.
  14. Loved that too @DeeZone it's very impressive how LJ can spread from stoppage, and somehow beat midfielders to their first touch. Often that second touch following a tap out to advantage, really gets us driving forward and seems to let the midfielders to sit on the outside.
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