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  1. One other minor thing I forgot to mention in my post above - did anyone else feel like Richmond started quarters strongly but fell away in the last quarter of the quarter? Not sure if this is a reflection on conditioning of our team - I know that much was made of it last year - but would it have carried over? Was also impressed by the amount of run in the last part of the last quarter. We seemed to be able to go up a gear in intensity - and this was against fresh legs that Richmond had pulled on - v. impressive.
  2. Yeah I couldn't put my finger on it - but I think you are bang on. The times when he got exposed in defensive 50 was when he was kinda out of position. But that dash of halfback (loved when he ran around Lynch...d**khead) really helped us transition so well.
  3. Played four smalls forward basically - TMac and Jacko as the talls. The mix was OK. Spargo in particular was able to lay a good tackle to force a goal, and ANB was there and thereabouts. Still probably a fair assessment that none of our small forwards looks dangerous in the same way as some of the oppo forwards can. TMac and Jacko took the odd contested mark, but Jacko in particular was muscled under the ball on a few occassions. TMac was able to get some separation on a couple of occassions and as some on the thread have noted even clunked a few. Agreed that he looked a bit better.
  4. I suppose we should be thankful AFL commentary still hasn't approached the old mates club that is cricket commentary. Why can't we have people that are passionate about the game, know the players and aren't ex-players in the box? Agree was refreshing even to have none of the over the top commentary you are forced to sit through these days.
  5. Positives for me: 1. Hunt able to execute the clear game plan to use his speed off half back - looked good. HOWEVER, his lack of tackling ability was clearly exposed on a number of occasions - and I am not sure whether we should be carrying him in that way. 2. Tom McDonald - took a number of contested marks, and managed to create space on the lead twice (once leading to a goal). Was a good performance from TMac. 3. The speed of transition play and general play was a noticeable step up from last year. I'm not sure why - but we looked quicker and cleaner. Still some sloppy dispo
  6. Agree re Farmer. Freeman been good at the back. Gee this forward line looks rough.
  7. Who is 44 - he is very good in the guts and looks very strong Laurie and Bowey both look very good. Rosman - looks laconic - not a good sign. Not enough effort for me. Clear gap between the twos and threes in this squad.
  8. I feel like you get more from rotating Petracca in and out of the forward / midfield line. His fitness now warrants it as well. I think LJ may surprise some this year with his agility as a key forward - especially through his ability to create a second contest after bringing the ball down, or to even rove under another tall. Big unknown for me is his set shot. Fritsch has it all - apart from a set shot - fix that and he could be a 50 goal fwd - but we all know that. Mitch Brown, looked good when he played - although many DL'ers don't rate him. He's tough and has an engine.
  9. Just adding my two cents - Jack tackles all day - put him in the forward line and let him loose on defenders. Amazing contender for a midfield convert to forward. Love the idea!
  10. Great to have Spargo-pants signed for another year. Great football IQ, Kozzie could learn from him on how to position for the fall of the ball from contested possessions in forward 50. Tackling pressure needs to increase, but thats nothing new for our forward line.
  11. Fellow DLanders - watching the way Richmond played in the Grand Final got me to thinking about the strategic role that shepherding plays in the modern game. Why? It's clear that Richmond apply a high degree of "tackle pressure" especially inside their forward 50 through their small forward brigade. To diffuse the pressure the defending exiting team has got a few options: 1. Hand pass (requires players within an immediate vicnity - and naturally contracts the space in the defensive forward 50 leading to a higher chance of locking the ball into stoppage). 2. Kick short (pot
  12. Weideman is a very very good player. He's one of these perenially underrated players on Demonland. 19 goals from 13 matches is not a bad return, and this is with a dysfunctional forward group. I place him in that very talented 23-24 year old group that we have at the club. Only a lot of upside with this kid as he grows up.
  13. What are the strategic improvements to the MFC that you would like to see us develop to take into the next year? My initial thoughts: 1. The ability to adjust gameplan. I feel like Geelong have illustrated the ability to change gameplay to take away the strength of their opponents on multiple occasions. Whether this was keepings off with us, or their ability to get Menegola back as a wing defender. I like Plan A, B, and C. It was disheartening in the least to see Oscar Mc thrown forward or Steven May late in the fourth quarter as desperate "change ups". MFC is far too predictable
  14. I've heard that sources close to the club say that Tom injured his foot, and it was really bad, as in never going to be the same player sort of bad. And tbh, he's been running around as if this was the case. he just looks soooo immobile. Incredible given the way and amount he could move in 2018. He looks lame, and he needs to be moved on. it's not pretty, but we need to win, and we need to make these calls now. So move him on and get someone tall big and fast who can lock the ball inside the fwd 50. This probably is not Ben Brown in honesty - but until that defensive pressure increa
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